Table of Contents

Bosses and Dungeons

Skeleton Key Spiral Tour
Find and defeat every Skeleton Key Boss in the Spiral

Sinbad and the Iron Sultan
Craft the gauntlet and conquer the Iron Sultan.

Aphrodite Two Strategy Guide
Every position and strategy needed to defeat this Graveyard Key Boss.

Corporal Tenni’syn
Defeat Corporal Tenni’syn in only four rounds.

Waterworks Guide

Krampus Guide

Storm Titan’s Trident Strategy

Lambent Fire: 2 Turn Farming Strategy

Mount Olympus Strategy Guide

Darkmoor Strategy Guide
All 3 parts of Darkmoor in under 2 hours.

Underground Catacombs Guide


Wizard City Fishing
Get started as an angler in Wizard101

Grizzleheim Fishing
Summon, Charm, and put fish to sleep

Dragonspyre Fishing
Learn how to Winnow fish, Banish Sentinels, and more in Dragonspyre

MooShu Fishing
Cast like a Champion in MooShu, where you will learn how to Winnow Rank Fish

Avalon Fishing
Learn how to Banish Sentinels in Avalon

Azteca Fishing
Buoy Chests in Azteca

Shark Week 


Monstrology Guide
A Complete Guide to Monstrology

Tips and Tricks

Pets and Pet Training

Bean’s Complete Pet Guide

Pet Making101

The Piggle Method

Make a May-Cast healing pet

Make a Resist pet

Tips for more Pet Energy




Beastmoon Hunt