How to Win: Fishing Tournament

Every Monday morning a new fish is out there for us to catch fishing tournament. When you catch one of the right size, the game will ask if you want to enter that fish in the tournament. If your answer is Yes, it will remove it from your fish basket and automatically tell you in which place are you in the tournament. If you answer no, the fish will be in your backpack already and you can sell it, or move it to an aquarium. You can also transfer it with the aquarium in the shared bank and move it into another player in the fish basket and take back the aquarium and repeat this. For the tournament, it will not count if you transfer to your other characters. Only the fish caught during that week’s tournament can be entered to the list. Only the first 100 players to have entered will win gold. Wizards who are at least Level 7 will be called by Lucky Hookline to learn the skill of Fishing. It’s important to have all of the fishing spells trained for the fishing tournament!

The most important spells to start with

  1. Catch a fish with a school lure rank, must be fishing rank 2.
  2. Reveal Whoppers and almost Whoppers and Reveal Small Fries and almost Small Fries, must be fishing rank 2.
  3. Reveal the Magic School of all Fish, must be fishing rank 2.
  4. Winnow will scare away all fish except the school you are fishing for (each school) fishing rank 3.
Continue your training with Haarek Silverscale, Frode Silverscale, Yuri Smokesnare,Timor Flamecaster , Ryoshi, and Alejandro de la Paz. Follow them from the Wizard City to Grizzleheim, Dragonspyre , MooShu, Avalon, and Atzeca.

There are three types of rarities that a Fish can come in: Common, Rare, and Epic. These rarities represent how often Fish can be found skulking around in their native ponds. Common Fish are much easier to come by, while Rare Fish are a bit more uncommon. Epic Fish are very rare. For Common fish, you can earn 120 tickets for 1st place, 2nd 50 and third 20. For a rare fish earn 1st 250 tickets 2nd 120 & 3nd 50.

Finally for epic 500 tickets for 1st place, 250 for 2nd and 120 for third place. Only one take the first place, 2 the silver place (about +/-0,5 from the 1st ) and 3 the bronze place (about +/-0,5 from the 2nd). Fish have 3 different classifications which include Regular, Tall, and Large. Regular is the most common size used by Fish. Tall generally consists of Jellyfish and Squids while Large is mostly for Stingrays and other large Fish.

For the fishing tournament, we need the rarest fish that and only the small fry’s or whoppers. All the fish have a specific limit from keeper to whopper or keeper to small fry. Reveal Whoppers and almost Whoppers spell, show and fish that are +0,10 from the limit. Reveal Small Fries and almost Small Fries spell, show, and fish that are -0,10 from the limit.

The gold for these fish will be more than if we sell a regular fish. Catching a fish for the first time gives 100 times the normal experience of catching the same fish again. Catching rare fish and epic fish will give more experience than catching common fish. Different kinds of fish are ranked differently, and this classification depends on their degree of difficulty being caught. Any Fish can be caught using any lure, but using a higher rank lure gives a higher chance of catching higher rank fish. In order to have the best chance of catching any fish, you need the right lure or more rank and the right school. Example: For a fish school of storm, rank 2, needs the “minor spark lure” spell. For a common fish, usually, we didn’t need fishing luck. For a rare fish we need at least 15-25% luck and finally, for an epic fish, we need 25-50% fishing luck. Gear with additional Fishing Luck is available from Brandon Mistborn for Arena Tickets.

Everyone who enters a fish in a Tournament will earn the badge “Medal Catcher” plus “Deep Sea Pro (Catch 1 Whopper Fish) or “Catch of the Day”(Catch 1 Small Fry Fish). Currently, fishing ponds are available in portions of Wizard City, Krokotopia, MooShu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Grizzleheim, Avalon , Atzeca as well as from houses purchased through bundles and all 7 schools houses. To catch a fish is easy: give the right lure (rank fish, school) and then when the lure sinks completely underwater, press the spacebar fast.

Sentinels will protect the other Fish by scaring away fish that are nibbling on Lures, or they may even steal the Lures.

If you want to catch a sentinel fish, when it first touches the lure, press space bar very fast, don’t wait to sink the lure.

To see the fish in your backpack press V to open your fish basket. You can sell them or keep them for your collection.

If you want to see how many different types of fish you have caught press the angler’s tome button in your fish basket.

At the bottom of the angler’s tome you will see the total fish.

  1. Total Fish
  2. Total different fish
  3. Total Small fries
  4. Total Whoppers

Do your fishing spell quests with me and discover the secrets of winning the tournament each week!

Are you ready for a fishing challenge?