Alternatives For Energy Gear

The level 120+ Snowdrifter’s Set have the best energy bonus, but what are some other options for those that don’t enjoy spending 3 million crowns on packs?

Farm Waterworks

(Crown Shop Price: 7995 Crowns)

Luska Charmspeak & Sylster Glowworm can drop this full set of level 55+ energy gear, as well as mastery amulets and Rank 9 mega snacks.

Farm Mirror Lake

(Crown Shop Price: 8995 Crowns)

This full set of level 70+ gear drops from various parts of the dungeon. The first battle (Tse-Tse Snaketail) drops the hat, the second battle (Elephant Spectral Guardian) drops the robe, and the fourth battle (Starburst Spiders) drop the boots. Additionally, this dungeon is guaranteed to drop two Rank 8 mega snacks every run.

Farm Grand Tourney Arena

(Hoard of the Hydra Pack Price: 399 each)
The Grand Tourney Arena is a housing dungeon, which can be done without a membership. The last two battles of this dungeon can drop all 3 pieces of the Pixie’s Encanta Set, originally from the Hoard of the Hydra pack.
While the level of the gear drops ranges from “Any Level” to “Level 100+” based on your level and the tier of the dungeon, it’s one of the best sets of energy gear available for all levels. The Level 50+ Set is better than the one from Waterworks, and the Level 70+ Set is better than the one from Mirror Lake.

This dungeon also drops other gear and and some nice snacks. For a complete list of drops, click here.

Farm Spiral Cup Gauntlet

The Spiral Cup Gauntlet is a housing dungeon that drops the Greenwarden’s Energetic Set, which can be acquired from the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack, but unlike the previous dungeon it only drops up to “Level 90+” gear.
If you compare the highest level energy gear from each of these dungeons, the Level 90+ Greenwarden’s Energetic Set is slightly more favorable with 1 more energy in the robe and the boots. Despite this, more people prefer to farm Grand Tourney Arena for the additional snacks and other drops.
The picture for the Level 90+ Version is currently missing.
(Wyvern’s Hoard Pack Price: 399 each)

Farm the Telegraph Boxes

(Wyvern's Hoard Pack Price: 399 each)

The 5 B.O.X.E.S Event, each of these dungeons drop the Greenwarden’s Energetic Set at a level corresponding to its world. The highest level available as a drop is the Level 80+ version of the set, which comes from the Avalon Telegraph Box

While the Spiral Cup Gauntlet does go up to Level 90+, the Telegraph Boxes allow you to use the “team up” feature which makes it easier to farm. It is known to have much higher drop rates, but it is a seasonal event that only comes a few times a year.

PvP Tournaments for Arena Tickets

(Total Cost: 900 Arena Tickets)
PvP tournaments are not the most practical option for everyone, but if you love PvP and fishing, they will be an excellent option for you. The Seafarer’s Set is the best energy gear for low-level wizards, and it gives a nice fishing luck bonus as well.

If you are a member, you can pay using gold to enter PvP Tournaments. Once you earn enough tickets, you can buy this gear from Brandon Mistborn, a vendor in Unicorn Way right outside of the Arena. Each Tournament can get you a minimum of 250 tickets, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Get a Ring & Athame that give Energy


At level 56+, Wintertusk has craftable rings and athames that give a little energy.

Recipe Vendor: Ingulf the Grower (Vestrilund)

At level 72+, you can buy rings with a similar energy bonus at the bazaar.
Bazaar Price: 10,500 gold
At level 76+, various Avalon bosses drop a ring that gives more energy and high damage.
The pictures of the other school rings are currently missing, but here are the names:
– Sir Corwin’s Ring (Myth)
– Sir Malroy’s Seal (Death)
– Nameless Ring (Balance)
– Brisk Circle of Nodor (Ice)
– Lady of the Lake’s Signet (Life)
– Deep Water Rising Ring (Storm)



At level 100+, the Gold Skeleton Key boss in Darkmoor (Aphrodite II) drops a ring, athame, and wand that give a high energy boost, Additionally, she rewards a +1 energy jewels for tear slots.

Get a Dapper Corgi Pet with Energy Talents

The pet itself gives +8 energy, and can give a maximum total of +53 energy with both energy talents and jewel.

Energy talents available:
• Energy: (Star Jewel only) +5
• Big Energy: (Star Jewel only) +10
• Huge Energy: (Star Jewel OR Pet Talent) +15
• Ultra Energy:(Star Jewel OR Pet Talent) +20
The pet talents will not stack with the same jewel. The ideal combination would be to have the “Ultra Energy” and “Huge Energy” talents with a “Big Energy” jewel, as the picture shows.

The Dapper Corgi pet is not available on the Hatchmaking Kiosk; however, the talents are easily obtained from there. For example, the Pixie Queen pet (there are 2 with the same name in the kiosk, I’m referring to the one that doesn’t give a Fairy item card) has many options on the Kiosk with both energy talents, as well as some other useful utility talents. The Unicorn pet is another great option. Once you get both of the energy talents from there, find a friend to hatch a Dapper Corgi with if you want the extra +8 energy.

As for the jewels, many bosses drop them. I got mine from farming Halfang Bristlecrown while farming for gold. He drops all 4 of the energy jewels, in addition to a vast selection of other jewels, so unless you already farm him often there are probably better options.

The Handsome Formori mobs in Dun Dara, Avalon are one of the best options because they are relatively easy to defeat, you can fight more than one at a time, and they do not drop many different types of jewels.

Know any other good ways to get some energy gear? Let me know down in the comments below, or send an email to us!

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  1. Big Energy is now (8/1/19) an available pet talent. Originally from the Salty Gingerbreadman pet in the Gingerbread Pack, I found the talent on a pet in the kiosk. So 58 max energy with three talents and a jewel. Thanks!

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