Crafting Aquariums in Wizard101

A very important item for any fisherman in Wizard101 is the aquarium. They are great for anyone who collects fish and wants to show them off in their castle. But, how do we choose the right aquarium for each fish that we catch? How do we transport the fish and craft an aquarium? Join me as I explain everything about Crafting Aquariums in Wizard101!

Transporting the Fish

By clicking “V” we can see our Fish Basket. The basket only holds 100 fish. You can either sell them, let them swim around your underwater castle, or put them in an aquarium. Be careful, there is a risk of selling fish that you want or need since you can’t lock fish! 

To put a fish in the aquarium select it in the place item screen and click the fish symbol that appears. This will allow you to choose a fish from your basket to place in the aquarium.

When you click on the aquarium you will see two tabs. One is for the fish in your inventory that can fit in this aquarium. The other is for the fish that are in the aquarium already.

From there we can add or remove fish, depending on whether it’s a multi-tank or single aquarium.

To transfer fish between Wizards you need to have the right aquarium. We can transfer the tank to the shared bank with the fish inside. Put the aquarium in the shared bank and take it out with your other Wizard to transfer the fish. From there, remove the fish you want from inside the tank. After you empty the tank you can place it back into the shared bank. You can do this as many times as you want or need to!

Choosing the right aquarium for our fish

Fish come in 3 categories: Tall, Regular & Large.
These are the basic categories, so make sure you are crafting the right aquarium.
They are also divided into three more sizes, depending on the fish: Whopper, Keeper, and Small Fry.
This means that we have 3X3 = 9 different aquariums. 
By opening your Fish Basket, you can see which of the nine categories your fish belongs to. You can find the right aquarium, from the symbol next to its image, when you hover your mouse.

We must not forget that the most common aquarium for most fish is the Regular Keeper Aquarium or the Regular Keeper Multi-Tank aquarium. Multi-tanks can hold 9 fish and count as 1 item in our homes or backpack. So, it is better to deal with them more.

Where can we find them?

There are currently only 4 NPC’s that sell crafting recipes. The Crowns Shop also has several aquariums and Multi-Tanks for sale. There are always special event and holiday tanks at different times of the year.
All 4 NPC’s have exactly the same aquariums, but with a slight difference in appearance. To me, Dragonspyre is the most beautiful. But, both recipes are suitable for all our fish. Frode Silverscale has 6 more crafting recipes because he also has Multi-tanks. But, you should know that the category of Whoppers is missing in his Multi-Tank aquariums. So, it is 6 and not 9. We will take a look at all of them.

Eudora Tangletree/ Wizard City - Olde Town- 9 recipes

Frode Silverscale/ Grizzleheim - Northguard - 15 recipes

Yuri Smokesnare / Dragonspyre - The Atheneum - 9 recipes

Balthazar Dragonthorn / Dragonspyre - The Atheneum 9 recipes

So, there you have it! All the information you need for Crafting Aquariums in Wizard101.

I hope my article helped you understand how aquariums work and which one is right for you when you decorate your castle.

I look forward to seeing photos of your aquariums! Let me know in the comments, or at Ravenwood Community if you have any questions. Until next time, I’ll be fishing in the Spiral. See you there!

~ Erin Eaglecaller

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