NEW Aero Plains Bundle

So with the release of Empyrea Part 2, Kingsisle has released a brand new bundle!  The all-new Aero Plains Bundle is related to the Aero Dwarves of Empyrea, some of my favorite area’s and characters!

With it, we get a load of new items like:
– The Aero Village House
– The Squirreligig Pet
– The Aero Dwarf Gear Set
– The Aerocannon Wand
– The Blue Ox Mount (Perm)

So how does this bundle stack up?  Is it worth your purchase?  Well, let’s take a look, shall we?!

The Gear

I think a lot of you will read this because of the gear.  Whenever a new bundle releases, there’s always the question of whether the gear will be an absolute must-have, or not.  Well, it’s not bad!


I think an immediate fun feature to note is the variety of cards!  They’re all smaller pip versions of the originals and could be a lot of fun to mess around with!

The stats are also not too horrible, and could serve as filler gear while you farm for your new Paradox gear!  The shadow pip chance is good, providing a combined shadow pip bonus of 11%!  This universal gear would be especially useful for a Balance wizard!

The wand could also be fun, especially in PvP with that may cast Mana Burn!

The Pet and Mount

The new pet is simultaneously the cutest and coolest pet I think I’ve ever seen!  The aptly named Squirreligig is a two-tailed blue and white squirrel that flies by spinning its two tails like a helicopter. Is that not just the most amazing thing ever?!

With it, comes an Unstoppable card and 4 Epic talents!  It also has decent stats, meaning transferring stats to this cool dude won’t be too hard!

The new mount, the Blue Ox, is a pack horse version of the Blue Ox mob from the
Aero Plains!  It makes a super adorable little jingle noise as it bounces around the Spiral!

It’s my new personal favorite mount and I love its design!  I personally would buy 5 more of these bundles just to have a Blue Ox on each character!

The House

While there’s not an abundance of outside space, there’s plenty of room to create an amazingly built up house!  Personally, I plan on building a super fun community focused house!  A fun area for a whole lot of friends to just hang around in!

With fishing available, it seems like there is something to please every type of Wizard101 player!  As for the house itself, there are 10 separate outside entrances all leading into the same massive interior.  It is an actual maze inside.  It is, and I’m not exaggerating, HUGE on the inside.  With multiple levels and some massive rooms, designing the interior of this is not only gonna be fun, but also challenging!

Oh and don’t get me started on the waterfall!  Right next to which is a windmill that gives you a free item every day!  Oh, and did I mention there’s a PvP arena out back for some saucy duels?!  This house is definitely my favorite part of this bundle!

So In Conclusion

Well, I think it’s safe to say this bundle is one of the best we’ve ever seen in terms of all-around design.  The beautiful house, the plucky happy-go-lucky Blue Ox and the adorably cool Squirreligig all show amazing design and creativity!  The new gear design is also awesome and definitely stitchable!

Inspired by one of my favorite area’s in-game, this is a bundle I’d highly recommend to any of you looking to pick up a new bundle.  It’s creative and altogether fun and worthwhile!

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