Under the Deep Blue Sea

KingsIsles newest housing bundle is here!  The Undersea Enchantment Bundle is an underwater landscape that makes me wonder if they have found a piece of Atlantis and brought it to the Spiral. With the moon shining down to light the seafloor, a crab guarding the Spiral Door, and lighted bubble windows, this house is full of special touches that make you want to explore. Inside the castle you will find elegant golden scrollwork and trim, again bringing to mind the majesty of Atlantis. Is this the discovery of a lifetime? Have you found Atlantis?  Will you join the ranks of legendary explorers of years gone by? Join me as we explore the depths of the Spirals ocean and discover it’s treasures!

Briny Deep Retreat

This retreat is aptly named, it’s like your very own retreat within the heart of the deep blue sea. Arches of stone surround the perimeter with smooth columns of rock off of the edges. Coral grows from nooks and crannies blanketing the entire landscape. Presiding over the Spiral Door, a large crab sits watching the bubbles float by. Inside the crab, you will find an open cavern that you can enter. The actual castle itself lends an air of wonder to the landscape with glowing bubble-shaped windows and curved edges. The peaks have the appearance of a conch shell, twisting into the air. There is a clam that gives a daily reward. Can you find the hidden pathways? And guess what, this castle has a special new surprise! You can place your fish in it without tanks! You can also use Castle Magic on the fish you place! That just might be one of my favorite things about this new castle, just imagine all the exciting, new possibilities!

The interior is actually quite elegant. Soft ocean colors surround you on the floors and walls. A very intricate golden scrollwork is plentiful throughout the hallways and rooms, lining the walls and even creating a banister. You can also fish in the pond in the central area! A true underwater treasure sparkling with the gifts of the sea.

Dolphin Chariot Mount

This is a BIG mount, so be prepared! Now that I have that out of the way, it is so adorable! Your chariot glides majestically behind 2 dolphins, attached with golden ropes. Besides all the charm, it gives a +40% speed boost. This is going to be a lot of fun to use!

Seahorse pet

If you aren’t already having an overload of cuteness from the mount, you will now with this adorable pet!  May I present, the Seahorse pet!

Briny Deep Gear

Quite an interesting set we have here, not only stats-wise, but also in appearance. The hat has a fin across the top, the robes have scales, the cape looks like a  fish’s tail, and the boots have side fins. A very creative nautical design that fits perfectly with the theme of the castle.

Armaments of the Briny Deep

What an amazing looking wand and shield combo they have given us in this bundle! This beautiful wand is deep-sea inspired, with seashells and scrollwork embellishment. If the stats won’t work for you, it would certainly be worth using to stitch.

As usual, the bundle also comes your choice of a 1-month membership or 5000 Crowns.

Well, there you have it!  A most spectacular addition to the list of castles available. Personally,  with the gentle beauty of this one, it might just become my favorite. I’m already thinking about how to decorate it to make the most of what it has to offer. Do you plan on getting it?  What do you think of this bundle? Let  us know in the comments!