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The Beastmoon event has been active a few times now. Each time both the game itself, as well as the players, change. I’ve taken the opportunity to collect different tips and tricks. These I’ve learned myself and from other players.This article will detail different pieces of advice I use to help win Beastmoon matches. From very basic ideas you already know, to more detailed ideas you might not have considered. The main points will be in bold at the end of each section. You can, if you like, skip the points you already know. 

Joining Fights

Anyone who plays Beastmoon knows, getting into combat with the opposing team is a big part of every match. Yet, you shouldn’t run into every single fight you get the chance to. For starters, if you don’t think you have a chance at winning the fight, don’t bother joining. Every time someone is defeated in battle (or flees from a battle) the opposing team gets 2 points. This means joining a fight you won’t be able to win, is giving away free points. Once you come to terms with this idea, you will most likely ask yourself How do I know if I can win the fight before I join it? Although I can’t guarantee you win every fight, I have some tips you can use to help determine if a fight is worth taking.

Pips and Health

There are two critical things you should pay attention to, before starting a fight. Your pips and health. Every beast form has a set amount of health and some beast forms can have extra pips. To give yourself the best chance at winning fights, It is best to have full health and max bonus pips if you can. Pips are all around the map and you can refill your health from wisps in each corner or at your base. Sometimes you will have to join a fight without being well prepared. But if you have the opportunity, definitely gather pips and health first.
It’s pretty simple to look at your own pips. But it is very beneficial to look at the pips your opponent has also. Every character’s bonus pips display next to their character. This allows you to see who has pips and how many they have. Whereas, you only want to join fights when you have pips. You’ll have the best chance of winning if you join fights where your opponent doesn’t have pips. 
In conclusion: Join fights when you have pips and your opponent doesn’t.

The Numbers Advantage

Beastmoon Hunt is a team game, which means you’re expected to play with your team. With this in mind, your best chances of winning a fight are when your team has more players than the opposing team.
There is something I’ve seen all too often. It’s when a player enters a fight outnumbered and then requests help from their team. This strategy has many problems. For starters, the lone player could die before their allies even get a chance to join the fight. Giving away points to the other team, for free. Other problems include the enemy team having more time to build pips. Even if your team arrives a couple turns late, that’s two extra pips for each member of the opposing team. 
Even if you see allies on your map that are close to you, remember to consider the needs from the previous section. If an ally is close to you it does not mean they are in a good position to take a fight. It’s a good idea to look and see who is available. Even better, ask which allies are available to take a fight before joining. 

Beast Form Synergies

Beastmoon Hunt includes many beast forms, all which have many advantages and disadvantages. They also have cards that need certain conditions to be met to unleash their full power. Yet, many of these conditions you cannot fulfill by yourself. To have the best chance of winning a fight, you need to consider as many of these factors as possible. In Beastmoon, I have found forms that work with another, as well as forms that work against another. These are partly due to cards and partly due to damage boosts based on the school. 
In conclusion: Know which allies you want to fight with and know which enemies you want to fight against. 

Strong Allies

Strong Opponents

  • Krokomummy and Fairy form a very resilient team. They are capable of staying alive and dealing damage through shields. Krokomummy has many shields that help keep Fairy alive. Krokomummy also has many spells that want traps, which the Fairy can provide. Fairy has many traps as well as a powerful shield-piercing drain. It is devastating when combined with Krokomummy’s disarming trap. Together dealing 450 damage that bypasses shields and heals. 
  • Wolf Warrior and Rat Thief are a powerhouse pair. Wolf Warrior has access to a wide range of blades, especially Storm Surge, the +200 damage blade (or an additional +100 if they already have a blade). Rat Thief has a lot of starting pips as well as many low-pip damaging spells. For instance, Striking Ifrit, which deals 250 damage to the entire enemy team, for 4 pips. Combine Storm Surge and Striking Ifrit to deal 450 damage to all enemies on turn one!
  • Elf and Minotaur are another pair that can dish out a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The main spells you want to use are, Elf’s Dive-Bomber Beetle, and Minotaur’s powerful DOT spells. For instance, Ruby Shark. Ruby Shark plus Dive-Bomber Beetle can do 575 damage without any damage boosts. 
  • Colossus vs Elf is most likely the hardest match up I’ve encountered for Colossus. Elf’s damage is boosted for Ice, and they have many tools to remove shields. Because of this, Colossus does not have many options in a fight against an Elf. As Colossus, you don’t want to have your Armory of Artemis spell countered by the Elf’s Surtr’s Rage spell. This is because Surtr’s Rage will remove all your shields. 
  • Elf vs Wolf Warrior is one of the few challenging fights for the Elf. Wolf Warrior has many spells that counteract the Elf. They can remove damage over time effects, and stun to interrupt Elf’s combos. They also have high base damage spells that can kill the Elf, in a round or 2. 
  •  Wolf Warrior vs Krokomummy favors Krokomummy. Only because of the many ways to punish the enemy for using blades. Additionally, Krokomummy has stun blocks that also prevent Wolf Warrior from stunning. 
  •  Fairy vs Rat Thief is a challenging match for Fairy. Rat Thief has many spells that need him to have a trap on himself, and Fairy has many spells that place traps. Fairy also lacks ways to deal with minions if the Rat Thief decides to summon one. 

These various combinations are the ones I find myself taking advantage of the most. Every single beast form has ideal allies and ideal opponents. Take some time to look for which beast forms help you the most and which beast forms your spells counter. A good start when looking for ideal opponents is to start with beast forms that your school counters (life counters myth, ice counters storm, etc.).

Where to Fight

Beastmoon is interesting in that it allows you to pick and choose where you want to fight. There are 5 Battle Rings that you can fight at and they are not all the same. Sun and Moon have a limit of 2 players per team. Star and Eye have a limit of 3 players per team. The Spiral is the only one where 4 members of the team can fight.. Not every beast form is equal in all these different types of fights. 
For example, Rat Thief and Myth Minotaur have spells that summon minions. Minions can fill spots that players cannot, meaning it would be most beneficial to join a 2v2 or 3v3 Battle Ring. 
Colossus and Cyclops have defensive spells that work on your entire team. These spells become more valuable the more players you have, so look for 3v3 or 4v4 Battle Rings. 
It is pretty easy to dictate where fights happen because the enemy team has to capture your Battle Ring. If they already control a Battle Ring, they won’t be able to get points from it unless you try to contest it. 
The final thing to consider is how many players are available on either team. If you have 4 players at the Spiral and the enemy team only has 3 players on the Spiral, you should not take a 3v3 fight. Otherwise your 2 players will be outnumbered by their 3 players. 
In conclusion: Pick which Battle Rings to fight over.

Only Fight If You Have To

Taking any fight has a risk. Even if you are favored to win a fight, there’s always a chance you will lose it. Due to this, before taking any fight I ask myself what I gain by taking the fight and what I lose if I don’t take the fight. Keep in mind that an opponent can only gain points from a Battle Ring if they capture it. You shouldn’t take Battle Rings away from the enemy unless you intend to defend it. Often times the best path is to guard a single Battle Ring rather than capturing many Rings. This goes back to having the numbers advantage, force your opponent to take fights where you want them to. 
In conclusion: Have a reason for entering a fight.

Final Thoughts

In summary, fighting other players is a major part of any Beastmoon Hunt. Winning fights will grant you a majority of your points. Likewise, losing points will cost you the most points. Due to this, all my tips revolve around how to give yourself the best chance of winning fights. This includes when fights are or are not worth taking. Something to keep in mind before any fight is how likely you are to win the fight? Which beast form would win the fight alone? Which team has allies that are available to join? Do I have all the resources necessary to win this fight? If you don’t think you have a good chance of winning the fight, do not take the fight. Hopefully, these tips can be as helpful to you as they have been to me. If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know, looking forward to hearing some tips of your own. 

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  1. Great information! Finally, someone mentioned that it’s not just a match where you change the rings… a lot has to be considered when changing the rings and not guarding them.

  2. Regarding battles…. I personally will not jump into a ring with the opposite team if their numbers outweigh mine or who I’m teamed with, I will not challenge them if they’re just changing a ring and mainly only fight when one or more of my team mates need my help. Might I also touch upon a spiral battle strategy that I feel works well for me almost always? Most want everyone to attack the life but I think that’s potentially a losing move. I want to get rid of my biggest threats that from the beginning can hit our entire team with one spell/aoe. Concentrating on the bigger threats that have low health while someone does some damage on life keeps the life busy trying to live and removes the main aoe hitters (Elf, Rat Thief and Myth Minotaur).

    • Greatly appreciate the feedback. I can tell you’ve played a lot of Beastmoon Hunt yourself and am excited to hear different types of strategies. Looking forward to seeing how all of the new beast forms bring about even more new and unique strategies.

      • I love all of them on test, unsure if they’ve done any changes to them on live. I’ve crafted and crafted the seeds and have stocked up on the idols to level the tiers. I should have enough for at least 3 characters to level all the way up.

        • Smart on you for prepping so much in advance, I only have a few different idols stockpiled. Although, I think lunari will be the main thing holding us back.

        • So, I did the same thing – stockpiled a ton of idols for each beastform and I have plenty lunari, but i’m unable to upgrade tiers (I can upgrade levels, but not tiers). Additionally, I have 8 wolf idols in my reagents section and I upgraded it 3 levels this round, but I cant upgrade tiers, and I can’t even select the wolf character when I’m in the base. What am I doing wrong?

          • Beastmoon idols of the correct type are used to upgrade tiers, as you said. Most beast forms require one of the associated idol plus 250 lunari. However, for a number of beast forms, you need a special “Gold” beastmoon idol to advance to the first tier instead. These gold idols can come from various events such as the scroll of fortune and as of now are the only way to obtain them.
            As for not being able to select the wolf character, based on my understanding most forms are free during each event with a specific form being unavailable. Every beast form starts out at the tier “Locked”, which means that in any event where that form is not free, you will not be able to pick it. If you have already advanced that beast form past the locked tier then you should be able to pick it, assuming none of your allies already have before you.

  3. Yes, you need a gold idol to initially unlock most forms. How in the world did you get enough lunari to do them all? I struggle still

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