How to Create a Portal Hub

Dedicating one of your castles to store the portals to your other houses can be a laborious task, especially deciding you want to begin a project like this. If you’re not sure what I mean by a “portal hub,” I am referring to a castle that is the central hub to teleport to your other homes. Successfully completing a project like this is a big accomplishment for any decorator, for your friends to tour your amazingly decorated houses and simply teleport to the next once they’re done.

The Math

Before we begin, there is a lot of math to be done. For this guide, I will be doing the most complex option of how we can interpret this project (and very much so the most impressive!).

Open your list of houses and count all of the houses you want included in this project. I want my Balance House, my Storm House, my Death house, and my Midday Estate included in this project, plus my dorm. My Storm House will be the Hub, and my Dorm will teleport the visitor to the hub. Once the person gets to the hub, there will be several portals they can enter. This is described in the main flow chart. The Marleybone and Darkmoor houses will not be a part of this tutorial.

This means we will need one teleporter for the Dorm, three for the hub, and three more to put in the houses. Therefore, all together, we will need seven portals. We need two for every house we have, plus one for the dorm.

The Portal Plan

Next, we need to figure out the route these portals are going to take. The flow chart to the left makes it look easier than it feels when actually doing it.

We must set up three portals to go back to the dorm, the dorm portal to go to the hub, and the three hub portals to go to the houses. Remember, when you click on a portal without the mark in the corner of its box in the decorating menu, it means you need to select the location it will teleport to first. If it does indicate a point has been selected, you may proceed to place it. 

An Example

To the right is one possible combination a visitor may take. After teleporting to you in your dorm room, they go through the portal in the Storm House hub, and then the Midday Estate. When they decide to leave the Midday Estate, they will go back to the Dorm Room and begin again to see the other houses.

This visual shows where the portals are going to. The violet portal heads to the Storm House. This is color association. By using violet, it is a hint without needing to use a sign where they are about to go.

This works rarely. Most of the time, we need to put a sign nearby, or in the portal to show where people are going.

An extraordinary example of Paige Moonshade’s Portal Hub. Find her Wizard’s Watchtower on the castle tours!

It is always amazing to see houses on the tours that are connected together. Seeing portals linked together like this makes the house feels that its a part of something much larger, and is a product of greater quality. In projects like these, the more houses you have, the more work it will take to maintain it, but there’s a bigger pay off. In the image to the left, it looks amazing to see the portals of every single house in the game linked up together.

Thank you, Starlights, I wish you the best in your Portal Hub creations! Please remember to email your lovely interpretations of this guide to us at [email protected] because we would love to see them. If you have any issues following along with this guide, please get in touch with me in the comments below or on the Ravenwood Academy Discord!

2 thoughts on “How to Create a Portal Hub

  1. I consider stuff like this a necessity, after buying bundles and houses no one wants them to hide in there backpack. I highly recommend everyone embrace this for convenience and Castle Tours 😛

  2. a couple of thoughts:

    i have 34 houses and the dorm. so when you have a large number of houses, you need a larger space to use for the hub. i am using the battlemage keep. some people use the customizable signs, i have placed items either on the wall or next to each teleporter to indicate which house it is. ie i used the ravenwood banner to indicate the dorm or the school banners to indicate the school houses. three piggy banks, a wooden bucket, and a cauldron for the fairytale castle.

    the other issue i have seen is when you forget where the teleport spot is and move something over it. this causes your, or your visitors, to get caught. i use the small lunar rung as my landing point to keep me aware of the landing point. i also use the same color teleporter to go back to the hub. i used to have a purple for the dorm and blue for the hub, but removed all of the dorm teleporters except from the hub. it is near my landing point for the hub

    i have also noticed that sometimes the teleporters do not work from the dorm, once or twice a week. i usually leave the dorm, do a loop around the lamp post and back in. sometimes it is really finicky and need to quit the player and go back in.

    teleporters are finicky too close to the bank and some other items/locations, ie the minotaur in the acropolis.

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