The Monquistan Choir

Despite its location in an isolated corner of the Spiral, Monquista, rich in gold and culture, is one of its most prominent powers. The Skull Island colonies enrich their people considerably. In line with Valencia and Marleybone, their society is posh and structured in which there is a noble class, a (daily changing) monarchy, and the Church. These powers fight vigorously with one another for control.
Please note I title tracks with their Wizard101 music scroll title and not the title of the You Tube video.

Skyway Theme

You can receive this music scroll from fishing chests in the Myth House, Sultan’s Palace, and Polarian Shipwreck

The Monquista soundtrack is most notable for its vocal counterpoint and harmony. This is complemented by stringed instruments like the guitar.
We begin with the full choir harmonizing together. The cello accompanies in a soulful motion, keeping the tempo and balance in the ensemble. Three pulses per measure is established, giving us a Mediterranean essence. 
We are greeted by the guitar at 00:18 seconds, the brass then joins in a perfect cadence. A classic resolution drives us into the next section. More strings join, creating counterpoint in the melodic contours between the pizzicato strings, the cello, and the voices
The tension rises though the chord progression. The cello hits a higher top note in each measure, leading us up to the entrance of the flute at 00:36 seconds. The contrasting chords in this section remind me of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.
This continues until 0:52 seconds in when the high strings foreshadow other pieces to come. This connects the musical development and identity of Monquista. 

Royal Theme

You can receive this music scroll from fishing chests in the Myth House and Polarian Shipwreck

The piece begins with a regal texture, sharing likeness to Mozart’s Lacrimosa in melodic contour and structure. Beginning with the cello solo with the bass accompaniment, we feel the music in patterns of three, setting the tempo and mood for the entry of the choir.

At 0:26 seconds into the piece, the strings drop out, leaving the choir a capella. This leaves the music to sustain its somber, church-like tone until the string’s re-entry 0:38 seconds in, the cadential point, or moment the music’s tension seizes.

The flute begins 0:54 seconds into the piece, introducing the melody in a major modulation, or key change to a brighter key. We can hear the key change with the music’s relaxed tone instead of the somber and dramatic counterpart that came before.

Native Theme

You can receive this music scroll through fishing chests at the Death House, Nomad’s Camp, Polarian Shipwreck, Serpentine Escape, and the Winter Wind Tower.

The men of the choir sing in bass and baritone range, doubled by the guitar like the last track. This is the closest we’ve seen to monophony in the game’s soundtrack. In other words, each instrument plays in unison, without a simultaneous harmony. As the timpani strikes, the guitar drops out in favor of the strings section, thickening the orchestration
The horns crescendo into a new section. The strings take over, violins with the melody as the lower strings stabilize with long tones. The melody passes to the choir as the strings sustain beneath.
Like before, the orchestra crescendos into a new section. We receive a cadential point with a faint cry of the flute in the distance. The strings die down from sustaining chord progressions into lighter orchestration at timestamp 1:05
The guitar is accompanied by percussion in this new section. Every now and again we hear the flute’s cry once more. The melody passes from the choir to the strings, ending in a suspended chord, withholding a proper resolution.
We embark on the coda of the piece at timestamp 1:37. The beat is accented by the choir and tambourine. The strings interlude, leading us back to the beginning. 

Thank you, Starlights, for joining me on this musical adventure through the music of Monquista.


Please note: I transcribed the music from the original/classic mode music scrolls. Not all of my transcriptions are 100% accurate, but they are close and the rhythm is properly notated

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