The Dark Side of Bunnies

Chocostein’s Monster

Chocostein’s Monster is one of the newest pets in the Spiral. This tasty looking Myth pet comes with a Berserk card at baby and receives a jewel slot at Ancient. Mine manifested some interesting talents, 4 out of the 5 were May Cast.
*May Cast Gardening Pixie
*May Cast Amplify
*May Cast Curse
*May Cast Spirit Shield on Ally
*Myth Sniper
These are not all the talents this pet can manifest, just the ones that mine got. It does give you an idea of what you might expect. Based on what I got, I suspect there are more May Cast talents in the pool.
At Ultra it received a Brilliant Opal, which is great for raising your pets intellect
A starting pedigree of 68 it isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t the worst. A little bit of hatching could get you to 70.  
This pets highest stat is Strength at 250, which isn’t too shabby at all.
Power comes in second at 230, which could use some improvement, but still not bad at all
I’m a little disappointed in the next 3 stats as they are on the lower side.  Agility at 225, Intellect at 210 and Will at 200.
I like my Agility, Intellect and Will to be higher, but with work it could get there.
With the awesome May Casts, the high Strength and decent Power, this could be a great pet.  Of course, it would also make an adorable addition to any castle. If you pick up this pet in the Crowns shop let us know what talents yours manifests in the comments below. Just make sure to keep it away from the kitchen and any Gobblers you might have running around!

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  1. Hey, can you help me, please? I would like to Hatch with your Chocostein’s Monster Pet! I wanted to get the Pet Talent called “Ally Spirit Shield” off of it! Thanks in advance! Let me know when or if to meet up? And what offers you want for it? Just let me know.

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