Superstacking Large Plants

Gardening is such an amazing way of getting Mega Snacks, TC’s, reagents and of course GOLD!  Making the most of your gardens space is very important. Here is an easy way to have a 56 large plant garden, and it’s basically error free.  When completed, it will have 2 inside rows with 32 large plants and 2 outer rows with 24 large plants.

Start with the Basics

The best way to get started is to have a castle that is considered a plant like. Currently, the castles that all plants like are:

Botanical Gardens – The Botanical Gardens are available with the Evergreen Bundle Gift Card (Sometimes available during special events, in the Crowns Shop for 12,500 Crowns)

Red Barn Farm – This castle is available from the Crowns Shop for 12,500 Crowns or 125,000 Gold

Everafter Village – This castle is available in the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle.  It can be found at Gamestop online and in stores for $39.00

You’ve bought your castle, so now it’s time to get the supplies you’ll need to get your stacked garden, “off the ground”…..pun intended! These are the items I use, most of which can be found at the Bazaar.

Items for Stacking

27 Crates:
The preferred ones are:
*Crate of Jellybeans
*Crate of Hot Dogs
*Crate of Pudding
*Crate of Pies
*Crate of Ice Cream
You can find crates at the Bazaar, usually costing between 300 gold and 1100 gold.  They are also available in the Crowns Shop for 500 Crowns or 2500 gold.

Dragonspyre Standard:
This can be bought from the Bazaar for 1600 gold.

Flat Wooden Platform:
You will find this item in the Crowns Shop for 350 Crowns, or 1750 gold

Stairs Castle Block:
Occasionally, stairs can be found at Bazaar for 75-125 gold
They are also available to craft from Lloyd FallingWater in the Shopping District. The recipe costs 2000 gold for a narrow one or 10,000 gold for a wide one.

Tatami Mat:
The Tatami Mat is sold by Zhi Lan, Mooshu Housing Shop. The vendor price is 350 gold. 

Helpful Extras

Last, but not least, a little bit of research has to be done so you will know what your plants will like.  Try to get as many of your plant’s likes as you can.  The following is an example of likes for Couch Potatoes, a popular large plot plant. 

Your plants likes may differ from this list.

Tropical Garden Gnome
Ultra King Parsley
Sandwich Station
King Parsley

After collecting all your needed items, it’s time to get started!  Setting up a  large plot garden is a little bit different than setting up a medium plot garden. This video will take you through every step to creating your own 56 large plant garden.

I hope this helps you maximize your rewards from gardening!  Let me know in the comments which large plants you used in your new max stacked garden and what rewards you are looking to harvest.

14 thoughts on “Superstacking Large Plants

  1. Hello and thank you for this new perspective class on garden building! A question, if I may: would it be a good idea to use “squared” castle floor blocks (like the “Floor Lg Castle Block”, for instance) in order to help positioning? I mean, to use these castle blocks as ground covering, before starting buidling the garden. I have always been having this little problem, to line the plots perfectly… 🙁

    1. I’ve never tried using the housing block floors for gardening. I’ve had some problems trying to use them for glitching, so never considered using them for this purpose. That’s not to say it wouldn’t work, I honestly don’t know. Large plots can be tricky simply because of their size, that why I use a platform to make it easier to line them up with the lines that are already on the ground for gardening. If you try the housing flooring blocks, please let me know how it went. I’d love to know!

      1. Sure, I will give it a try as soon as possible! Curious myself if it might work… Thank you for the answer, I’ll let know 🙂

      2. I actually used a large (16×16 I think?) castle floor block to build my tater garden. It helped greatly with making sure all the plots fell within the area of a large gardening spell, not to mention making it easier to pick up everything when done.

  2. I have an issue with my king parsley not being allowed to plant. I think the game is glitched and idk how to fix it.

    1. Are you using the correct size plots? Also are you using regular plots or enchanted plots? Are you at your housing item limit? There are many reasons this could be happening.

    2. Are you trying to plant it directly under a different sized plot, or less than a crate distance from another plot? If so, that will hinder it from working. My experience with stacking is that one sized plot over another tends to cause issues.

  3. Only 56 plots? I’m able to get 69 large plots to get maximum usage out of the large gardening spells. I have two Couch Potato gardens that are like that. ?

    1. I would love to see your setup, because in my experience when pushed to 69 with large plots, the opportunity to have missed plants greatly increases. This is a basic setup, easy for beginners, that keeps it well organized with no plants being missed by the large spells.

      1. I sent you an email (one on your youtube info page). We can arrange a meeting via that.

    1. You could use the same process, just make sure the area you pick is large enough to hold it. The placement is measured by the plots and crates, edge to edge, creating a tight neat garden.

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