Wizard101 2019: A Spiral Review

2019 was a groundbreaking year in Wizard101. There were so many amazing additions to the game, from interactive housing to exciting new in-game events. Wizard101 turned 11 this year, and oh how we grew. Sit back and join me as we relive it with 2019: A Spiral Review.


2019 started strong with new social media and adventures at Pax South. The first new pack of the year was added!

  • Wizard101 announced that you can now find them on Instagram!  How cool is  that ?!
  • A new pack was added to the Crown Shop. The Nimbari Hoard Pack is full of exciting must-have items from Empyrea.
  • Renee Wooten and Matthew Anderson shared their adventure at Pax South, a gaming event in San Antonio, TX.


In February, big changes came to in-game housing! Castle decorators and their friends were excited about a new table!

  • The new Friendship Table made its debut! We were finally able to sit down and interact with the furniture in our castles. Be still my heart!  This allowed us to sit a spell with our friends, like we would in real life. 
  • Another adorable addition in February was the Bubbler Music Player! It is such a fun item! Bubbles float around the castle while music plays, and I mean, who doesn’t love bubbles?


March is always a fun month in Wizard101! Pat O’ Gold made her yearly appearance, bringing all things green to the Spiral.

  • March started out with the announcement of KI’s very first Spring Decorating contest. Castle decorators were excited to show their amazing creations to the world. You can revisit the winning entries here: 2019 Spring Decorating Winners
  • Exciting new Elixirs were added to the game. There were Mega Elixirs and the Hyper Elixir as well.


In April we had an amazing Spring update that brought many new features. 

  • Expand Friends List and Backpack Elixirs came to the Crowns Shop!
  • The Pandamonium Hoard Pack arrived.
  • Wizard City revamp unveiled!!!
  • Monstrology additions: Spiders and Colossus.
  • The Deckathalon was introduced!
  • Chocosteins Monster Pet
  • Skeleton Key bosses were added to Crab Alley and Empyrea.
  • Treasure Card Display was added
  • Additional Teleport Emotes added
  • Free housing was added to Polaris, Mirage and Empyrea
  • Release of the 7th character slot!


May was a little quieter, but that’s not to say that there weren’t any fun additions. After the success of the first ever Deckathalon, they brought another one to the Spiral. May brought us Ice! Wizards from all around the world and every part of the Spiral tried to get the rare Deckathalon Hamster and the Hands of Fate.

Ice Deckathalon

  • The new Gallop Emote was added.
  • Khans Dance Game premiered. Fun, fun, fun!
  • Grandmother Raven visited the KI offices. What a wonderful interview! Watch it here: Grandmother Raven interview


The new additions in June were absolutely fabulous! Now we can now dance the night away!

*Turns on some Disco Music*

  • The Fantastic Fairytale Bundle gave us an inspired new Castle full of hidden potential. With beautiful gear for stitching, and grounds ripe for fishing and farming this amazing Castle was a summer sensation.
  • We could finally get our groove on with up to 6 friends on the new Dance Floor housing item! 
  • An Empyrean beast became a new mount, the Fangle!
  • The Deckathalon returned, with a Death school theme. Death Deckathalon


July brought many wonderful new things to the Spiral. One of the most exciting for Wizards everywhere was the Wizard City Free Weekend! This special event allowed all players to experience all of Wizard City for free for a limited time.

  • The Wizard City revamp was completed with Crab Alley.
  • Advanced Quick Sell was introduced.
  • New Treasure Cards became available in the Wizard City Library: Balance Blade, Nature’s Wrath, Sandstorm, Blizzard, Stormzilla, Hex, and each school’s Traps
  • The First time user experience was updated, becoming more engaging for new Wizards.
  • The Deckathalon returned with a Fire Deckathalon


This month was really hot with the Sizzling Summer Update, officially released on August 1st. New events, mounts, bundles, packs, and emotes made 2019 a summer to remember.

  • The Grizzleheim Lore Pack came to the Crown Shop giving Wizards a chance at fabulous new spells!
  • A quirky new mount was added, the Bumbershoot!
  • The Spiral Showcase arrived, allowing us to gain special rewards for daily activities.
  • The Twister Dance emote was added, taking us old timers back to the good old days.
  • The Ray of Sunshine teleport effect was added to Crowns Shop. Sarai starts singing “Blinded by the Light”
  • 11 Days of Birthday Magic began, celebrating Wizard101’s 11th year!!!
  • The Beastmoon Hunt was introduced.
  •  The Summer Scroll of Fortune brought exciting rewards.
  • The Deckathalon returned with the Myth Deckathalon


It was party time in September. Wizard101 celebrated eleven years of magic! Wizards were showered with special gifts during the 11 days of Birthday Magic.

  • The Beastmoon Hunt was brought back for the second time.
  • Four new Crowns Shop bundles appeared. The Phoenix Bundle, The Cloud Wyvern Bundle, The Skyvern Bundle, and The Jade Wyvern Bundle. These new bundles all included a rare pack mount!
  • The new Strut Dance emote had Wizards “Strutting their Stuff” all over the Spiral.
  • A Birthday Teleport effect was added for a  limited time.
  • The Sinbad Hoard Pack arrived with many wonderful items such as the Gryphon Pet, two-rider Roc Mount, and special reagents to craft the Sinbad and the Iron Sultan housing gauntlet.
  • The Life Deckathalon made its first appearance
  • The Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet was made available for purchase on the Wizard101 website


As the weather turned cool, the Spiral turned spooky! Halloween in the Spiral is always a favorite, with scary fun for every Wizard. Some exciting new things we saw in October included:


After months of suspense and wild speculation, we finally found out what happened to “Doug!” The poor guy has been stuck in the drains underneath Wizard City for all this time! There were many updates that fell to us with the September leaves, including a new bundle!

  • The Wizard City Underground was unveiled!
  • The new Spellwrighting System unleashed new potential for Wizards everywhere.
    • New Utility Spells
  • The Backpack Butler made finding that missing pet or robe easier than ever before.
  • There were Hatchmaking Kiosk Improvements
  • An exciting Castle Magic Update brought a new level of fun to decorators throughout the Spiral.
  • The Beastmoon Hunt returned with updated forms and a new map!
  • The Deckathalons were updated to include the opportunity to battle a Professor!
  • The Storm Deckathalon blew in.
  • The Undersea Enchantment Bundle allowed us to place fish in our houses like pets!


The final month of the year brought the 12 Days of the Spiral. KingsIsle generously gifted us packs, Crowns, a Mystery Discount, and other holiday items. Exciting housing items were added with new holiday packs. We found Stuffed Reindeer, Baked Ham, holiday plates and glasses. There were many wonderful holiday items that helped set the scene, even lobster!

  • The Winter Scroll of Fortune begins!
  • The 12 Days of the Spiral comes back again.
  • The New Santa Jaws Charity Mount brought hope to Creative Action and The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.
  • The New Yule Logger Pack brought fun new style and better energy gear!
  • The New Festive Fox Mount trotted onto the scene.
  • The Winter Wonderland Artwork Contest gave us all a reason to share our holiday creations!
  • The New Holiday Frostbitedome landed.
  • The Cozy Fireplace let us warm ourselves by the fire with a good friend.
  • The Festive Table gave us a way to gather around the table with our Wizard101 family.
  • The Formal Dance Floor let us jingle all the way!
  • The Winter Wonder Pack was updated for 2019 with Krampus Spellements!
  • The rare Charity Fa-La-La-La Llama returned.
Well, there you have it! What a fabulous year it has been in the Spiral. I have enjoyed the ways they have enhanced our game experience and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings. What were some of your favorite things in the Spiral in 2019? What is on your wish list already for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. personally enjoyed catacombs & loved the revamped stuff. really looking forward to name change for our wizards and being able to stitch mounts boiiii

  2. I loved the generous gift of crowns in December, and I came back to the game in this year to see the new wizard city and I had lots of fun this year experiencing these changes!

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