Fishing Chests: Fantasy Palace

Does Every bundle pond, moat, or stream contain all of a bundles matching equipment?

All of its gear, pet, and mount inside the fishing chests found in its waters?

Are you ready to confirm that all the equipment is there?

We need your valuable help, time, patience and screenshots!

Let’s start with the Massive Fantasy Palace:

*This is what’s been confirmed or not yet by Wiki and the Housing Item Identifier or other sources.

Swift Gryphon

Wiki: Not Verified yet

Housing Item Identifier: Verified

Ancient Spear of Power

Wiki: Verified
Housing Item Identifier:
Epic Bundle Gift Card not available, so can’t answer
Prestigious (hat  robe – shoes)
Wiki: Not Verified yet
*The appearance boy/girl change depending on the character with the transfer of the shared bank, like all the clothes.
Housing Item Identifier: Can’t Verified gear, shows only the recipe of the mannequin.
Others sources and testimonies: Verified
(Discord: Wizard101/Fishing Gardening-help)

Fierce Hound

Wiki: Not Verified yet
Housing Item Identifier: Verified

Finally, the entire collection of 8 mini housing games:

 Wiki: Verified (All of them)

Housing Item Identifier: Verified (All of them)

As well as other pets, mounts, gear, unique housing items, seeds, regeants, teleporters, and many other precious gifts!

  • The Castle contains 2 ponds that are linked together.
  • The spells will apply to both ponds, no need to repeat it.
  • The collected fish of that Castle are mostly balance school/rank 2, the Merle Doodlefish, so use balance lure!

If you get some of the crowns gifts that have not been confirmed in the Wiki, please take a photo with the chest drop showing and send it to us or directly at [email protected]

Thanks for visiting Ravenwood Academy
I can’t wait to see your photos and comments!
Thank you and Good luck!
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6 thoughts on “Fishing Chests: Fantasy Palace

  1. For the gear, the item identifier shows you can get them from fishing but only on the (Any Level) ones. It doesn’t seem to show on other levels of the gear. I was also able to fish out the wand (Any Level version) but didn’t I a screenshot… It seems that it’s only possible to fish out the lowest level versions of gear, aka, (Any Level) version.

    1. Exactly! The gear in the fishing chest in the Castles, is only for any level, only for appearance (Any level).

    1. How were u able to find it? I’ve been having trouble trying to find it. All i’ve been finding are reagents,tapestries,mini games,and lil jewels. Tell me how to find the robe. Please.

  2. All we found were reagents jewels and tapestries those little games and 1 wand.

    How do u find the gear exactly?

  3. How do u find the pets and the mount or the boots for this bundle and what fish do u winnow in order to find them?

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