Polarian Shipwreck

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I will continue with the Polarian Shipwreck

This is what’s been confirmed or not yet by Wiki and the Housing Item Identifier or other sources.

Battle Narwhal

Wiki: Verified
Housing Item Identifier: Verified


Proper Penguin

Wiki: Verified
Housing Item Identifier: Verified


Polarian Explorer’s Pickaxe

Wiki: Not Verified yet
Housing Item Identifier:
Currently, it hasn’t been found.


Polarian Explorer’s

Wiki : Not Verified
Housing Item Identifier: Gear not Verified, shows only the recipe for the mannequin.
Others sources: Not verified as of now.


The Castle contains 4 ponds that are linked together.
The spells will apply to both ponds, so there’s no need to repeat them.
The fishes of this Castle are mostly from the ice school, so use Winnow Ice Fish or an ice lure!
Winnow ice fish can help too if you use the Buoy Chests 1 spell.
The Napoleguin Doodlefish, Ice school, rank 2 is the doodle of this Castle.

Secret Pond

At a lower point on the ice wall of the Polarian Shipwreck, there is a different color to the ice. If you walk through, you will find a hidden pond.
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