Superstacking Medium Plants

Gardening is such an amazing way of  getting Mega Snacks, TC’s, reagents and of course GOLD!  Making the most of your gardens space is very important. Here is an  easy way to have a 64 medium plant  garden, and it’s basically error free.  When completed, it will be 4 plants high, 4 plants wide, and 4 plants deep.

Start with the Basics

The best way to get started is to  have a castle that is considered a plant like. Currently, the castles that all plants like are:

Botanical Gardens – The Botanical Gardens are available with the Evergreen Bundle Gift Card (Sometimes available during special events, in the Crowns shop for 12,500 Crowns)

Red Barn Farm – This castle is available from the crowns shop for 12,500 Crowns or 125,000 Gold

Everafter Village – This castle is available in the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle.  It can be found at Gamestop online and in stores for $39.00

You’ve bought your castle, so now it’s time to get the supplies you’ll need to get your stacked garden, “off the ground”…..pun intended! These are the items I use, most of  which can be found at the Bazaar.

Items for Stacking

12 Crates:
The preferred ones are:
*Crate of jellybeans
*Crate of hot dogs
*Crate of pudding
*Crate of pies
*Crate of ice cream
You can find crates at the Bazaar, usually costing between 300 gold and 1100 gold.  They are also available in the crown shop for 500 crowns or 2500 gold.

Dragonspyre Standard:
This can be bought from the Bazaar for 1600 gold.

Flat Wooden Platform:
You will find this item in the Crowns Shop for 350 Crowns, or 1750 gold

Stairs Castle Block:
Occasionally, stairs can be found at Bazaar for 75-125 gold
They are also available to craft from Lloyd FallingWater in the Shopping District. The recipe costs 2000 Gold for a narrow one or 10,000 gold for a wide one.

Tatami Mat:
The Tatami Mat is sold by Zhi Lan, Mooshu Housing Shop. The vendor price is 350 gold. 

Helpful Extras

Last, but not least, a little bit of research has to be done so you will know what your plants will like. In this example, I’ll be planting Trumpet Vines. Try to get as many of the likes as you  can.  The following items are the likes for Trumpet Vines. 

Your plants likes may differ from this list.

Deadly Helephant Ears
Decorative Gong
Helephant Ears
Gong of the Oni
King Parsley
Tropical Garden Gnome
Ultra Helephant Ears,

After collecting all your needed items, it’s time to get started!  This video will take you through every step to creating your own 64 medium plant garden. I hope this helps you maximize your rewards from gardening!

These steps should get you on your way to maximizing your gardening space.  I’d love to hear what medium size plants you decided to use and the likes you added to speed up your harvest! Let me know in the comments.

Keep your eyes open for the next article where I will show you how to easily get 50+ large plants in one compact area.

Happy Gardening!