Catching the Fish Sandwich

Every Monday morning the weekly tournament fish changes. There are secrets that many Wizard101 fishing lovers don’t know. I want to share my experiences with you and travel together exploring the fantastic world of wizard101 tournament fishing!

This week we have the Fish Sandwich:

School Myth 1 | Rank | Common/ Regular | 1,300 XP
Small Fry < 10
Whopper > 29,90

Fish Location In order:

Wizard City/ The Commons/ Shopping District/ Olde Town/Cyclops Lane
Zafaria/Baobab Crossroads/ Baobab Market
Housing Items: 
Castaway’s Bungalow
Myth House
Aero Village
NOTE: Houses purchased through Bundles have a unique doodlefish.

No used in any recipes

Αverage sale price in gold: 300 each

How to catch a Whopper

The best place to try is the Castaway’s Bungalow because there aren’t any other myth fish there. If you don’t find any castle to visit, the next best location is Cyclops Lane. Check the big pond in the park, Myth rank 1.
>25 for Whopper.

Spells in order

  1. Winnow Myth Fish/ Reveal Large Fish
  2. If no fish are affected – Summon Fish and repeat
  3. If a fish is revealed – use Lesser Frost Lure, Minor Fable Lure or Common Fable Lure and catch it.
  4. If nothing shows or no message appears, search the pond and repeat Reveal Large Fish


The fish that we are looking for, the shadow in the water will be 30 and more for Large Fish. That means when we are looking for fish with our eye, If a lure is a 10, the Whopper Fish Sandwich is 3 times the size of the lure. To avoid catching Mythacudas, make sure the shadow is over 3 times the size of the lure and not 2.5.
The first 3 winners will get tournament tickets:
First place: 120 tickets
Second place: 50 tickets
Third place: 20 tickets
The tournament ends at 20/08/18

Good luck!