NEW Nimbari Hoard Pack

The new Nimbari hoard pack is super awesome and our first pack to release in 2019! With that comes some high expectations and I don’t think it is letting us down! So let’s dive right in!


You’re going to get a lot of different pets throughout these packs. You will get millions variations, like a Fairyfly, Goat Monk, Storm Bird and a Storm Golem.

Of course the pet you’d really want is the Ultra-Rare Hurricanine pet. This adorable guy sadly only seems to give Storm Dealer as a talent you’d be wanting. But I’m personally willing to hatch as many times as it takes to get this adorable little dude a great set of stats! He also comes with a Galvanic Field item card. Not as good as a blade, but still nice to have.


Ah what you’ve really come for! Everyone always needs to know how important these packs are and how they will affect the meta of gear choice. The answer: A lot.

The wands at max level are honestly fantastic, in particular for storm. It’s best to think of them as superior versions of the revered crafting wands, but only in critical and damage. This wand allows my storm to reach 99.8% critical (give or take) with 162 damage! They also come with fairly beefy Shift Maycasts that can allow you to get a nice bit of cheeky extra damage!

The boots and hat are also phenomenal at lower levels, trumping Waterworks and House of Scales gear!


This is something I personally don’t like. There are 7 different furniture items tagged as Ultra-Rare, meaning they’re equally as rare as the wands, robes and the pet.

They’re cool, don’t get me wrong, and using them I made this awesome little scene in my Arcanum Apartment, but still not the best. Perhaps this was to balance the dropping of these great gear pieces? We’ll never know.

Other than that the other pieces of furniture are nice and the variety of fans to add to the regular ones we saw with Whirlyburly is awesome!


The Nimbari Chariot looks pretty cool. It’s nice and unobtrusive and looks different enough, but it’s nothing spectacular.

Still you will not be complaining if you get this Epic drop. It seats two wizards with a standard speed boost of 40%. Overall, rather cool.

So with all that said, I think we can all agree that the Nimbari hoard pack was actually pretty successful and great to have. I love what it’s allowed me to do in my house as well as my gear. It gets my seal of approval!

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