Winter Scroll of Fortune!

It’s been an exciting four months since I last spoke to you about a Scroll of Fortune! We’ve seen a massive game update appear in our world, as small icicles form outside. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of the Spiral, to the Wizard101 Winter Scroll of Fortune! It’s going to be a great ninety days full of events and fun!

The Cosmetics!

If we had to choose one thing that this Scroll does better than the previous edition, it would be the cosmetics! Not only do we get two custom emotes once again, but also a unique teleport effect and two stitch-able items!

The emotes are fun this time. Thematically appropriate, the new “Snowball” emote will spark pranks and mischief with your friends while the “Winter” teleport effect surrounds your Wizard with icy spikes before shattering to pieces!

But there is
certainly one emote to rule them all. The “Let It Snow” emote is a fantastic reference to Elsa, from Disney’s “Frozen,” and couldn’t be timed better with the recent release of the sequel! I feel like I’m going to be singing a lot with this emote!
These two items for stitching are unique to this Scroll of Fortune. With dazzling, sparkly effects, they are really funky! “The Cold Cut” hairdo is going to be my Ice’s new default stitch. It’s really cool, excuse the pun, and will work well with everything. The “Wintercrystal Wand” includes an icy blade and a pine cone in its design. I like it for its unique appearance and value as a rarer item, it’s an awesome wand design.

The Event Items!

Ramping up a lot this season is the Scroll’s emphasis on event-based rewards and items. This scroll rewards you with Beastmoon Idols, Deckathalon Rune’s, packs, and a sum total of 925 Lunari throughout its tiers! It’s worth it for these rewards alone if you’re trying to take advantage of events when they come around.
The largest individual Lunari prize you’ll be receiving is 500. But, with a grand total of 925, buying level upgrades or recipes to enhance your Beastmoon Hunt experience has never been easier!
On top of that, the Scroll drops a lot of Beastmoon Idols. These will help with tier improvements or unlocking forms you choose to follow. It is unfortunate that the only known way to get the Balance Wolf Idol is through the Scroll, as it means playing him won’t be possible for every player. But, they’re a fantastic bunch of rewards!

The Reagents and Elixirs!

My oh my. There are so many awesome elixirs available to you throughout this Scroll! These elixirs will bring you an array of member benefits whenever you’d like them. Not to mention some very valuable and very rare reagents for us to grab ahold of too!

Participation Trophies are now obtainable without having to do tournaments! Magical Clay is available to make Sinbad farming easier! Shining Scales up for grabs, without spending hours fishing? And don’t even get me started on the free Amber!
While “only three” of each may not seem like a lot, I’d be more than happy to remind you how difficult some of these can be to get!
Major Gold Elixirs, Double Gardening Elixirs, Double Pet Experience Elixirs and so many more! Having a personal member benefit in your back pocket will be helpful for whatever you’d like to do in the Spiral!
Not to mention a mysterious Random Elixir!  We have to ask ourselves what elixir this be? Could we grab ourselves a Level 50 Elixir or a free One Month Elixir? It seems unlikely that it could, but it would be exciting if they did!

The Best of the Rest!

While the rewards highlighted were what this author deems most relevant, that does not mean the other rewards aren’t amazing. There’s an awesome variety of goods and rewards that we could grasp.
This Jewel, if you didn’t know, was previously available only through Kroger cards!

Giving a pet of your choice a may cast Mass Feint and also a Pain Bringer talent; this jewel will surely find use in a variety of PvE or PvP focused pets.
In this authors opinion, this is the most unexpected reward from this Scroll. Giving us a free recipe for a winter-themed house, you can save on gold if you’d like to craft it. It’s definitely a unique reward, and it leaves me curious as to what future Scrolls could bring.

The Scroll also has many Crowns items. Some of the rewards include Deckathalon focused packs and Sinbad’s Hoard Packs! You’ll also be able to grab a hold of various Reagent and Snack packs along your journey.

Make sure you don’t forget to level all the way up to the limited Painting item once again. These are bound to become collector’s items one day and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t grab one while you can!

Link to Fall Scroll of Fortune
Wizard101 link to Winter Scroll

So, what do you think about this new Winter Scroll of Fortune? Will you be buying it this season? It’s great to remember it’s retroactive, so feel free to buy it after you have finished the scroll in its entirety! I’ve already grabbed mine, and I’m looking forward to a bunch of Snowball fights in my near future!