2021 Spell Audit Showcase

This Spring, Wizard101 is bringing quality of life changes to the Spiral. Check out the updated all-one-enemy spells from the Spring 2021 Test Realm. Watch as Ravenwood Academy showcases the changes to: Sandstorm, Ra, Deer Knight, Scarecrow, ​Meteor Strike, Fire Dragon, Rain of Fire, Blizzard, Frost Giant, Forest Lord, Rebirth, Humongofrog, Orthrus, Mystic Colossus, Tempest, Storm Lord, and Sirens.

What do you think of the changes? Love ’em or hate ’em, let us know what you think at the Test Realm discussion on Discord, or in the comments below. 

2 thoughts on “2021 Spell Audit Showcase

  1. Deer Knight needs to swing it’s weapon a different direction.. Not even hitting anything.

    Tempest I personally think needs to be just 1 big wave going over the enemies not separate little waves.

    Forest Lords animation needs to be changed in general maybe him throwing the trees at them or something would look better than random scratch marks.

  2. Deer Knight animation should definitely be fixed it just looks a little off.

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