Wizard101: New Druids Hoard Pack

Wizard101 is starting a magical new year with the mystical New Druids Hoard Pack. Inspired by the Catacombs, there are many exciting new items!  The gear is graceful, the pets are inspired and the mounts are fierce. After all, they are badgers! Being a castle decorator, I was especially excited to see what new housing items these packs would bring. 

Since gear is the first thing on  everyones mind when we get a new pack, we’ll start with that. There are three different sets available. We have The Ancient Druidic Gear, The Spellwrights Druidic Gear and The Treeminders Druidic Gear. Similar to the gear in other recent packs, they boost the stats for at least two schools each. 

Druidic Gear

The first set we’ll look at is the Ancient Druidic Gear.

The Druidic Gear gives damage, pierce and critical boosts to the Ice and Storm schools. At level 130 it also gives you a hefty 11% shadow pip boost. Three cards come with the complete set. The cowl has a -55 Black Mantle. The robes have a zero pip Bestow, which allows you to give a pip to a player on your team, and the boots have Freeze, which Stuns your target for one round.

The Druidic Robes are stunning, with golden scrollwork accenting the shoulders and front seam. The colors are muted but complement each other well.

Next, we have The Spellwrights Druidic Gear.

This gear set boosts damage, critical and pierce for Life, Balance and Myth schools. As with the Ancient Gear, this set gives an 11% shadow pip boost at level 130. The spells that come with this gear are a +30 Balanceblade, Bestow, and Stun.

This set boasts brighter shades of green and white, making the scroll work really pop!

Finally, we have The Treeminders Druidic Gear.

This set boosts the final two schools, Fire and Death. As with the other sets, it gives damage, critical and pierce. Once again, we get an 11% shadow pip boost at level 130. The spells that come with this set are -30 Weakness, Bestow, and Choke. All handy utility spells that can assist any Wizard. 

These robes are more somber with darker colors, but quite elegant in appearance.

Unfortunately, none of the gear is dye-able. In my opinion that’s a shame. I can imagine some stunning color combinations that could be used. In my opinion, the gear is decent stat-wise. All three sets are perfect for an elegant, mystical stitch.

Sickle and Shield

The wands that come in these packs are called Sickle and Shield. We have Ancient Druid, Spellwright and Treeminders wands. They all come with exciting new may-cast spells! Shift Ancient is a drain that damages your enemy while healing you. Shift Spellwright heals all, and Shift Treeminder hits all enemies. These wands give pierce, critical, critical block, damage, and pip conversion. The wand attack is a shadow spell with 165 damage.

Mounts and pets

You’ll find three new mounts and three adorable pets in the new pack. The badger mounts all give a +40 speed boost. We have the Attack Badger, the Battle Badger and the Combat Badger. The only difference between them is the color of the saddle and horns. Yes, badgers in the Spiral have horns! 

The pets are inspired by the seasons spring, summer and winter. The Spring Sproutling is a Life pet that comes with the Hamadryad spell. This is an 800 heal-all that also removes a damage-over-time from your team. The Summer Sproutling is a Fire pet that comes with the Rain of Fire spell. The Winter Sproutling is an Ice pet that comes with a Lord of Winter card.


Ok, now, my favorite part of any new pack! It was all I could do to keep from putting these first, lol. I’m definitely a housing hoarder!  Sometimes, I feel like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new housing items in Wizard101, and this pack did not disapoint.

The Druids Hoard pack has brought more awesome housing guests and items for us to enjoy. From broken furniture and ruined paintings to amber orbs and a spectacular new fountain, there is something for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing the ways y’all are going to utilize them!

Well, there you have it! The New Druid Hoard Pack is full of exciting new must-haves that can enhance any Wizard. What are your favorite things in this pack? Will you be trying to get the mount? The pet? The gear? Lets us know what your favorite item is in the comments below!

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