Pet Lending

“Pet Lending gives Wizards a powerful in-person hatching option to lend their pet for hatching to another Wizard. And as a bonus you can do this without being charged Gold or having your Wizard’s Hatching Slot timer started. It’s a wonderful opportunity to exchange adventure stories as you also exchange pet types!

New pet features wouldn’t be complete without rewards for having fun going through the process. You will get advance warning before the hatch process begins on what type and quality of reward you are expected to receive. The value of the reward will depend on the pet lending level and pedigree. Also, you will receive a badge for many of these lending actions!

Note that there is a limit to how many times you can lend a pet (based on your Wizard’s level).”

-KingsIsle Entertainment 

Pet Lending

The arrival of the 2020 Fall Update brings some exciting changes to the Hatchery. The most noteworthy feature is Pet Lending. A new mechanic that gives players more options in the Hatchery.
What is Pet Lending exactly? Pet Lending allows another player to hatch with your pet without costing you any gold. Lending also bypasses your Hatch Timer! Gone is the guilt of having to turn someone away because you’re still on a cooldown. Plus, you don’t have extra unwanted pets cluttering your inventory. You’ll even get a small reward each time you lend someone your pet. These benefits simplify Hatching and encourage powerful players to help their peers. This new mechanic makes hatching a snap! Whether you’re helping a friend or a new player, it’s never been easier to help someone create their dream pet.


To get started, bring an adult pet and a reasonable sum of gold to the Hatchery. Hatchery prices tend to be half the price of using the Hatchmaking Kiosk. The cost of the Hatch is going to depend on the age of the pets involved. Hatching two Adult pets usually start around ten thousand gold. Meanwhile, hatching an Adult pet with a pet that’s Mega or older is around forty-five thousand gold. If you’re getting started, using younger pets will be to your benefit.
Next, find someone with a pet you want to hatch with. If you want more information on creating pets, read our Pet Training Guide and Petmaking101.
Once you are on the Hatching screen, you and your partner will see two options. One says “Hatch,” and the other says “Lend”. If you both choose Hatch, you will both pay a sum of gold to create a new pet egg for each of you. To use the Lend mechanic, one of you must choose Hatch and the other Lend.
Note how you can only lend a pet a specific number of times daily. You gain one lend every fifty levels. For example, if you’re under level fifty, you can lend once per day. But should you be between levels fifty to ninety-nine, you can lend twice. Finally, if you’re level one-hundred or higher, you get three lends.


If you’re being lent the pet, select the hatch option. From there, everything will proceed as usual. The cost to create the new pet will remain the same based upon the pet’s age. Keep in mind older pets will cost more to Hatch than younger ones. You can tell if someone is lending you their pet by looking beneath their pet’s stat block; it should say “Lending”.

Hatcher's Screen
Lender Rewards


Meanwhile, if you’re the one Lending the pet, you will select the “Lend” option. Don’t worry when you choose this route; your pet doesn’t actually leave your inventory. If you’re out of lends, the choice will appear greyed out, and a timer will show up to tell you when you can lend again.
When you lend a pet, you will not pay any gold, but you won’t receive an egg either. Instead, you will receive an amount of Gold and Hatch Peppers depending on your pet’s pedigree. The little stars in the bottom corner beneath your pet’s stats represent your reward. The better pet you offer, the better the bonus. Remember that your partner must be able to afford the Hatch. Most rewards are under one thousand gold, but you do have the chance to earn two Hatch Peppers.
Lender's Screen

Uses for Hatch Peppers

You can now use Hatch Peppers in a variety of pet-related crafting recipes. These recipes are all available from Doctor Purreau in the Hatchery. All these recipes are excellent additions to your Recipes Tab.

Craftable Housing Items

The Hatchmaker Kiosk recipe allows you to create your own personal kiosk for your castle. This will enable you to reach a Kiosk by teleporting back to your Wizard’s house. Mist Wood and Cat Tails are all over the Spiral, while Black Coal is purchasable from any reagent vendor. Acorns are a rare drop from piles of Mist Wood. Likewise, Mist Wood can be transmuted into Acorns. All these reagents are also found in the Bazaar except for Hatch Peppers.
To get all the ingredients, you’ll need two hundred fifty Hatch Peppers, which will take a while. So, your best strategy is to place five pets in the Hatchmaking Kiosk at once and wait. This could give any “failed” pets a use! As the saying goes, “One wizard’s trash is another Wizard’s treasure.” A certain Talent set might not be perfect for you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not ideal for someone else.

Craftable Elixirs

Purreau also provides recipes for a small assortment of elixirs. These elixirs are the “Clear Hatching Slot,” “Hatch All Eggs in Inventory,” and “Next Hatch Free”. The first will reset your Hatch Timer back to zero like Purreau’s Potion Number Nine from the Crown shop. The second potion’s function is in its name. It will hatch all the unhatched eggs in your character’s backpack. Meanwhile, the last elixir will reduce the cost for your next Hatch to zero. Having these recipes is a massive help to players on a tight budget.
The reagents for these potions are easy to get. Each recipe only requires Hatch Peppers and Glass Vials and Black Coal, and various Rank one gems. The latter is sold by reagent vendors throughout the Spiral, but they also turn up in the Bazaar. The Hatch Peppers are going to take some time to get depending on which elixir you’re making. The costliest recipe is the “Next Hatch Free,” which requires two hundred Hatch Peppers. Meanwhile, the “Clear Hatching Slot” elixir is less steep, costing only one hundred. The cheapest elixir is the “Hatch All Eggs in Inventory,” which needs twenty-five to make.
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Craftable Mega Snacks

The best recipes on this list, are the rank eight Mega Snacks. Each snack requires only a few reagents; a rank one treasure card, a Glass Vial, and ten Hatch Peppers. These items are far from costly, acquirable from the Bazaar or various NPC vendors. Any treasure cards required are purchasable from Harold Argleston in the Library. Hatch Peppers are now easier to get with Pet Lending, granted it’ll still take some time to get enough of them. But if you lend out your pets , getting ten peppers should only take a few days. Combine this with checking in on your Couch Potato farm, and you can increase your yield of Mega Snacks. In truth, the trickiest reagent to get for some wizards is Glass Vials.
Glass Vials are only available in bulk from reagent vendors in Marleybone and beyond. But don’t despair! This reagent is obtainable from Burning Snap Dragons if you have the proper spells to help them grow. The seeds are sold by Marley in Mooshu and drop from many monsters across the Spiral. Because of this fact, Burning Snap Dragon seeds are often sold in the Bazaar. They are also found in a variety of Hoard and Lore packs from the Crown shop. So, they’re not impossible for Free-to-Play wizards to get but it will take some effort.
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Final Thoughts

I must applaud the Wizard101 Team for the feature they’ve added to the Hatchery. For years players have been in the game forums asking for more Hatch Slots. With this update, KingsIlse not only solved this problem, but they took things an extra step. They not only gave us a system that makes Hatching easier and more affordable. They included a system the reinforces and rewards players for helping one another.

No longer do we have to make the difficult choice between helping someone else with their pet or working on our own. Gone is the stress and struggle of finding someone willing to Hatch. Players no longer have to feel guilty for turning someone away or wait an entire day to Hatch.

Hatch Peppers are now much more comfortable to get and are more useful. Grinding and Gardening aren’t the only way to get Mega Snacks anymore. Which makes snacks of that caliber more available to players who struggle to get them. The same goes for the select few Elixirs we can now craft.

I am amazed by the impact of this little feature. Pet Lending has made the eternal quest to achieve the perfect pet that much easier. With that said, I look forward to what future updates will bring.

Thanks for Reading!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading; I hope it helps you on your journey towards the perfect pet. I would also like to extend a special thanks to everyone who assisted in this article’s writing.
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