Catching the Humunukapua

Every Monday morning, the weekly tournament fish changes. In this article, I’m going to share my experience with the fantastic hobby of tournament fishing!


School Life | Rank 3 | Common/Regular |1500 XP
No used in any recipes
Αverage sale price in gold: 1300 each


Small Fry: <15
Whopper: >45

Fish Location In order:

Celestia/Celestia Base Camp/The Floating Land
Housing Items:
Fantastic Voyage Expedition

How to catch a Whopper:

The best place is the Fantastic Voyage Expedition if you have access to it. The Humunukapua is one of 2 life fish. The other being the Mistletoe Angler, although this is a seasonal fish which only appears during the Yuletide season and is a Rank 1 fish.

How to find this fish:

1. Reveal Large Fish / Reveal Fish School
2. If no fish are affected: Summon Fish and repeat
3. If a fish is revealed: Reveal Rank 1 fish
4. If no fish are affected: Common Vitality Lure and catch it
The first 3 winners will get tournament tickets:
First place: 120 tickets
Second place: 50 tickets
Third place: 20 tickets
The Tournament end on the 10/11/18
Good luck!