Crafting the Hands of Fate

 The Hands of Fate are awesome wands available for crafting and would primarily be for stitching or showing off to your friends, because the last upgrade is hard!

So how do you craft them?

Well, first off you’re going to need to play the new Deckathalon.

Once you’ve gained 35 points in the event you’ll be gifted the Hands of Fate.  It’s a one time reward and is the base of all your gauntlet crafting.

After this, you’re going to have to do a lot of runs of the Deckathalon. You’re going to be grinding for school runes of all kinds.

What runes do you need?

School Runes:  Runes like Ice and Fire runes are the very basic runes. You’ll get them just by battling your way through the stages.

Enhanced Runes:  These are the second tier of runes. They’re a much rarer drop and can also be crafted.

Superior Runes:  These are the highest tier of school runes and are very rare, both from packs and drops.

Augmentation Runes:  These are dropped fairly regularly and are key for enhancing weapons.

Strengthening Rune:  The current drop location is unknown and we’re hoping they drop from the “Best Loot” tier.

Improvement Runes:  You get one Improvement Rune from the one time reward at 570 points.  They drop from the “Even Better Loot” tier too.

Ultimate Runes:  From what we’ve seen, Ultimate Runes are only available from placing on the leaderboard.

Where to craft?

Crafting the new wands is a little unique. The recipes are bought from Kara Runewright after each stage of the Deckathalon.

Once you’ve gathered everything you need to upgrade your gauntlets to the next level, run on over to the Library. Here you’ll find the Equipment Crafting Station. This is where you craft your wands for this event.

Are the Packs worth the Reagents?

In short, no. I tested them with about 3000 Crowns and only got 2 Superior Fire Runes. On average, I got four treasure cards and three regular school runes. So, when you’re trying to get the rarer runes, these are not going to be your best bet.

So, while these new Hands are awesome, they are rather tricky. The recipes become more and more difficult, as you can see with the last two stage recipes below. All we can hope is that the second and third better loot tiers drop these rarer runes more frequently. If not, grind hard because hopefully the transmute recipes will be reappearing after the event, for us to craft them all later!

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