Spooky Halloween Stitches

With the spooky season fast approaching, it’s time for us to drag all the skeletons out of the closet!  So, organize your wardrobe, break out the mirror, and get ready to create your own personal Halloween themed stitch. We’ll take you through some of the most popular and scariest stitches you can use this Halloween in the Spiral!

We’re going to be breaking down various options from different sources. We’ll be giving you options for every piece of gear too, so you can make sure you’re fully decked out in your spookiest attire.  Make sure to mix and match any pieces of gear to make a look that’s completely your own!


Hats are one of the most important parts of any stitch, as we’re naturally drawn to our characters faces.  Fortunately, we have a litany of scary masks and hats just for the occasion!  

To the right, you can see various options I’d recommend.  You could be a Mummy, a Vampire, a Skeleton, or anything else you can imagine. A lot of Halloween hats cover the Wizards face, which can be very cool for the scary, dead theme! 

My personal favorites include the Skeleton Hat, Spooky Carnival Hat and the Pumpkin Masks.  They work really well with just about anything!


Robes are the biggest part of any stitch, taking up more visual space on a Wizard than hats and boots combined!  You’ll want to make sure you choose the perfect robe for your stitch.

Fancy Vampire robes for a suave and scary Wizard might be exactly what your stitch needs.  Or, if you are focusing on the more deadly aspects of Halloween, a Mummy or a Skeleton robe might be just what you are looking for!  The Spooky Carnival robe is also a fun and slightly more unique choice. 

However, my personal favorite robe for Halloween is Youkai’s Death stitch robe!  I think it works great with anything, allowing you to mix and match while suiting all your scary needs!


The boots are a fun part of any stitch.  I find they’re the piece I fuss over the most. Even though they’re nearest to the ground and comparatively smaller to robes, it’s really noticeable if they don’t fit the look.

Pack boots such as the Terror’s Hoard Boots or the Ancient Purrzian variants work great!

You can also use the more traditional options, such as the Vampire, Mummy and Skeletal Boots as they can work brilliantly.  However, they can be harder to mix and match in some cases.

I personally use the Ancient Purrzian Galesh, which have an awesome color scheme and a great skull pattern!


I have always considered the wand to be the most important part of any stitch.  They have to match the overall look, and in many instances they are the signature piece that completes it.  So, here are my seasonal favorites.

The Pumpkin and Witch wands found in the Shopping District carry the Halloween spirit.  They’re delightfully frightening options for any ghoulish stitch.

Some other possible choices come from packs, bundles and drops. Malistaire’s Wand and Hades’s Staff might be exactly what you’re looking for. Or, what about a scary floating eyeball, with dragon wings like the Terror’s Hoard wands?

My favorite is the Spooky Throwing Knife.  It’s scary, glowing, and has a skull in the grip!

So make your own stitch now!

I hope these options inspire you to create your own Halloween stitch!  Who knows, maybe it will help you win Kingsisle’s Halloween Decorating Contest!  Here’s a look at what I came up with for my wizard. We offer you this chilling challenge, tweet us or post on Facebook showing us what your Wizard looks like this spooky season @RW_Academy101  and join in the fun.

Enjoy all the Tricks and Treats in the Spiral Wizards!

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  1. I would like to see an article that includes sets for the female wizards. IE: pictured examples as well. Maybe a Part 2 of stitches? Just a suggestion. One point for the boys though. Ty

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for the great suggestion, keep an eye out on this article as we update, and add sets for the female Wizards! 🙂

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