Christmas in the Spiral

Happy Holidays Wizards! Here we are at one of the most wonderful times of the year. That means decorators all around the Spiral get into the experience of creating magical winter wonderlands in Wizard101.

It is my honor to present you with some excellent examples of Christmas in the Spiral. The Wizards showcased here have come up with adorable, funny, and breathtaking creations that showcase the spirit of the season. You’ll notice that there are a variety of castles here. Which goes to show that it isn’t the castle, but what you do with it that matters.
With some clever use of Monstrology, Castle Magic, and a basic float glitch, these Wizards have created stunning effects. Sometimes, a dazzling aesthetic can be made by merely placing carefully selected items and paying attention to the way they interact with the area. Other castle owners use glitching to help create a breathtaking display. Balance, consistency, and color are the secrets to a spectacular castle at any time of the year.
I hope that you find inspiration from these castles!

Robert Legendheart

Saffron Moonhand

Wolf Titanbreeze

Ashley Moondust

Tabitha Iceheart

Brecken Battleblossom

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It has been such a wonderful experience visiting all these incredible Castles. There are so many creative Wizards in the Spiral, they never cease to amaze me. I hope you enjoyed this special holiday decorating edition. If you got some inspiration for your own holiday creation, we would love to hear about it in the comment section. How are you decorating for the Holiday Season in Wizard101 this year?

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