Death Guide to 100% Critical

This guide is for level 130 death wizards and may require a 2.0 pet

Death School

The Death school can be deadly in the arena. It’s a school that specializes in draining the enemy’s health while regaining it’s own. The death school is opposite to the life school, but their purpose is almost the same. Because they can both attack and heal at the same time, death spells deal less damage than other schools. Luckily, with the right strategy, a death wizard can become essential to any team.
This article will focus on one gear strategy in Wizard101, the 100% critical set. The greatest amount of damage that can run while still obtaining 100% critical will be in the gear guide. This strategy is popular with Death wizards because a critical drain attack will hit hard and heal at the same time.

What You’ll Need

For the best setup, here is the gear you’ll need:

Hat: Deathly Paradox Conical – 137
Boots: Deathly Paradox Boots – 114
Wand: Tormentor’s Shredder – 195
Ring: Deathly Paradox Ring – 91 (+18 Jewel)
Athame: Mercy of Shadow and Light – (+18 and +18 Jewel)
Deck: Deathly Paradox Deck – 50
Amulet: Death Seeker’s Talisman – 35
Robe: Baleful Light Brigade Armor – 100
Pet: A double-critical pet – 63.21
Total Damage 130% – Critical 839 (100%)
This is the most damage a Death wizard can have while maintaining 100% critical.

Alternative Gear

Since the Death school only needs two critical talents on a pet to reach 100%, you don’t need this exact set to reach full critical! This means you could choose gear with lower critical and higher resistance/health. All you need to do is replace the missing critical with a triple or quint-critical pet. Note that the above gear goes to 839 critical, but you need to reach 838 critical to be 100%.

Here’s some possible alternative gear to consider
Hat: Krokopatra’s Oblivion Fez
Boots: Cabalist Stompers of the Finality
Amulet: Shadow Queen’s Grace (Gives +45% blade)
Athame: Lord of Death’s Razor
Robe: Death Lord’s Cloak of Woe
Deck: Rasputin’s Wicked Hand
Ring: Ghost Dog’s Dire Loop
Remember, Using these alternatives means you lose other stats, like damage, health, power pip chance, resistance, etc.

Things You Can’t Go Without

A double-critical pet
 The Tormentor’s Shredder
Unfortunately, the Tormentor’s Shredder is a must-have for the highest damage and critical at the same time.
There are many excellent gear sets you can use as a Death wizard. This guide will help you unlock the true potential of Death school in attack. Thank you for reading it, let us know how this set up worked for you in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Death Guide to 100% Critical

  1. I have a 130 death with 141 damage and 100 critical without tormentors wand
    I use
    Admirals Boarding Hook = 120 Critical , 17 damage , 4 armor piercing
    Dragoon’s Deadly Helm – 155 Critical , 25 damage, 4 armor piercing
    Baleful Light Brigade Armour – 100 Critical , 20 damage,
    Dragoon’s Deadly Boots – 129 Critical , 30 damage,
    Mercy of Light and Shadow (with 2 critical jewels, 18 each) – with jewels 36 critical, 17 damage
    Death Seekers Talisman- 35 critical , 4 armor piercing
    Dragoon’s deadly ring – 103 critical, 10 damage , 6 piercing jewel
    Deathly Paradox deck – 50 critical
    Pet – 4 critical talents (23, 30, 25, 31) and 1 damage (9) and death giver jewel (6)

    There’s also the dragoon set bonus which gives 4 more damage (already added in at the top to 141)

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