Fire Guide to Max Damage

Guess which school has the highest damage boost of all the schools in the game?



Fire currently boasts higher damage than Storm. Weird right? This is a trend that’s been happening since Polaris where the fire school gear has been getting higher damage than the storm school. Currently, the max damage the Fire school can output is 190%.

 Sadly, this damage is pretty much just for show, as you’ll find with the other max damage guides in this series.

So sit back and run around the commons showing off your total damage.


Pretty much all of your other stats will be sacrificed for this build, but as I said before, this is a build to impress, not a necessarily a build you should use in a battle.

While Fire still boosts higher than Storm, Storm spells still have higher base damage, which sometimes goes over Fire’s total damage output in battle, or equals it. 

What you will need:

Hat: Fiery Paradox Hat (Dropped by Vigilant Sargun and Titan’s Trident in Empyrea)

Robe: Royal Fusilier’s Dress Robe (130+) (Dropped from the Yuletide Pack)

Boots: Fiery Paradox Boots (Dropped by Vigilant Sargun and Titan’s Trident in Empyrea)

Wand: Nimbari Centurion Scimitar (130+) (Dropped from the Nimbari Hoard Pack)

Ring: Duelist’s Daredevil Ring (130+) (PVP item Sold by Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way)

Athame: Edge of the Shadow Web (Dropped from Death Morganthe)

Amulet: Medallion of the Lower Zigazag (Dropped from Moh’Lharz in the Lower Zigazag)

Pet (2.0): Fire Dealer, Fire Giver, Pain Giver, Pain Bringer, Fire Boon, Mighty or Cautious Jewel

Deck: Ice Deckathalete’s Deck 4 (Deckathalon event)

Mount: Fire Ghulture (Ghulture’s Hoard Pack)


Gear Calculation Chart


If necessary,  you can switch out the ring and deck and you’ll still have super high damage (180+) that you can use in any battle. This will decrease your damage a little, but will allow you to use your damage outside of PVP and give you access to a TC and main deck.


Ring: You can use Mithraya’s Blazing Loop, available for level 120+

Deck: You can use the Case of Engulfing Flames, available for level 93+. 

Let’s ignite these flames together! Get it, Flames? Fire? 

Keep your eyes open for upcoming guides for all the schools very soon!

Let us know in the comments below if you have a way to boost your Fire even more without the aid of an NPC or elixir.

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  1. This is an old post, update it for dragoon gear or karamelle gear. Fire can hit around 200 + damage with 700 crit right now and it’s very op

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