Ravenwood Community Official Rules

In the spirit of Wizard101, we aim to provide a PG, family-friendly group setting online. We offer friendship, game advice, and entertainment. Every player in the Spiral that happens to come our way is welcome. To keep the peace, we ask you to be polite and respectful to the new friends you meet. These are the rules and guidelines for all branches of the Ravenwood Community.

Community Rules

  1. The Ravynwood Community supports the Terms of Service for Discord and KingsIsle.

  2. Ravynwood is a family-friendly community. No profanity of any kind, no obscene gestures. Any user posting NSFW content will be permanently banned.

  3. Don’t spam mentions, gifs, emotes, pictures, or comments.

  4. Images of any kind that do not comply with our other rules are not allowed. This includes hacked, leaked, and data mined information.

  5. Threats, bullying, and disrespect will not be tolerated. This includes racism, nationalism, sexism, exposing others, making false accusations, or hate speech and slurs. 

  6. Asking for gifts or exchanging real currency is not permitted anywhere within Ravynwood Community.

  7. No advertising your stream, channel, group, server, or page unless approved.

  8. Blocking, ignoring staff, or back seat moderation will not be tolerated.

  9. Disruptive or irrelevant comments will not be tolerated.

  10.  No violent or threatening comments, images, or topics.

  11. All posts and comments must be in English.

  12. Back-up or “Alt” accounts are not allowed.

  13. We reserve the right to warn or ban any member for any reason if we deem their behavior unsafe or inappropriate for the community.



At Ravynwood, we believe in second chances. If you have been banned from the Ravynwood Community server, you may appeal directly on Discord to any server administrator. Please send one of the Discord tags listed below a friend request and explain that you would like to appeal after the term of your ban has been served. 

Head Administrator:


Community Leader:

Thanks for being a part of the Ravynwood Community. We hope you have fun and enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, message me anytime.


39 thoughts on “Ravenwood Community Official Rules

  1. i want a second chance in the server i do like to help people out and get to know other people

    1. If you have been banned from the Ravenwood Community server and you are ready for a second chance please message me or any Ravenwood Community server administrator to learn how to appeal.

      1. Hello this is starfore I was banned for long time and I was wondering if I can get unbanned and get last chance please and thank you

  2. Yeah I’d love for you to lift the ban. I joined this server to make friends not admins bark at me for using ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ). Yeah I gave some attitude only because I do not stand for myself being the only person being targeted for things not only I did. Yeah I’m sorry but I feel as if I should be allowed to use Japanese emotes and being accused of an alt account really upset me. I just felt attacked and with my sever anxiety and stuff it triggered something and my brain thought I needed to defend myself so I’m sorry

  3. Yeah. I was banned almost a month ago? For no reason 👁👄👁. I’m here because I’m wanting another chance cause I had so many friends in the server

  4. I would like to be unbanned from the discord server, I sent out invites and didn’t even know it was agaisnt the rules.

  5. I would like to appeal my ban my reason for being banned is still unknown in my eyes all i was doing is sending out valentine’s day gift to everyone and i clicked on the ravenwood server discord on accident and i got banned for it and the discord server i have made to give out gifts for valentine’s day is all of 13 and I dont even have an open chat field on it I use it purely to make people happy on valentine’s day and I got banned from another server due to this which I find very cruel

  6. I got banned because of a misunderstanding… I typed “no shot”, as in “no way” after someone said he was level 54 in mooshu, got misunderstood as “no sh*t” and I got banned..

  7. Hey I feel like I didn’t fully understand what the rules meant by PG. I thought it just meant no bad language but I guess making the joke “Do women care about the size of the megapixel” is to inappropriate. I am sorry for what I said and I would love it if I could join the discord again. I made a lot of friends in the community and miss playing with them.

  8. I would like to appeal my ban. Im guessing I accidentally typed @here when wanting help from farming helpers in the server and Idk if I accidentally @’ed the wrong crowd or used the wrong @/asked for help right after and got banned for it. I think I should deserve another chance and won’t make it happen again sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. I’m VERY new to this and I will need help. May I have a second chance? I would also like to know how all this works, please.

  10. I am so so sorry, I just didn’t read the rules, and I was just joking around, I’m apologize for my actions and I know it will not happen again.

  11. I would appreciate it if I could appeal my ban earlier than the presented 30 day time period. I didn’t know what I did was wrong, and I promise not to do it again. I wasn’t thinking clearly about sending unsolicited invites to other people without their consent.

  12. Well I’d like to appeal since it’s been quite a while since I actually got to go back to my awesome community! Yes I was banned a month ago, and promise to read and listen to the rules! Plus I want to see some of my amazing old friends!!!

  13. I was banned months ago and I do not remember why. I want to get back into the community and follow the guidlines

  14. I was cross-banned for my inappropriate behaviour. This happened many months ago and I apologize for my actions. If you wish to undo my ban, I can promise that I will be a more respectful and kind community member.

    1. Please send your appeal to any administrator on Discord. You can find the list of admins at the end of the rules, above.

  15. hello I would like to have a second chance since I enjoy that server and how I find people to help me. and I have autism and have hatefull/anger outbursts manly because of a person named kadz that is evil. so what I am saying is I would like to appeal my ban.

  16. My account was compromised by an exploiter. There is this new exploit going around that targets people in friends list or anyone with billing information and they were able to steal my account. Discord recovered my account as of today and was hacked on 02/08/22. I can send more info as needed but I hope I’ll be able to rejoin. (accidentally made a typo on the discord tag, this is the current message)

  17. sending the server invite was accident and I did not mean to send anyone a dm it was honestly by accident I didn’t do it on purpose and I sent it too the wrong person I was sending a server invite to all my friends and sent it to a couple of people by accident this is honestly a mistake and I am sincerely sorry.

  18. I Would like to appeal my Ban i got hacked on my bday feb 9, the hackers sent hacked links to every discord i had witch is a lot i have changed my discord password hopefully this will not happen again.

  19. I was a member for months and then got a message that I havent verified using
    the DM that was sent to me that wasnt sent to me. So can the ban be lifted Ive been in the server a long time never did anything wrong so no clue.

  20. Alright I don’t know if this is still an active thread but I need help being unbanned. Truly I don’t know why I was banned in the first place. I just want a second chance from whatever I did. But I have a twitch if needed for proof of age/verifcation.

    1. Hi GarlicMan,

      Just reach out to us on Discord using the instructions above.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      – Ravynlea

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