Carnival of Creepy Fun!

KingsIsle has just released their newest bundle for Halloween!  Following what they have done in the past, this one comes with another fabulous ride for your Wizards to enjoy. You’ll find it at Gamestop for $29.00.  This bundle comes with Gear, a Mount, a Pet AND a fabulous ride on Ferris Wheel!

Come with me as we explore the “Creepier Carnival Bundle”

For me the highlight of this bundle is the Scare-Us-Wheel.  It is a 6 person rideable housing item.  Sitting on a vortex base, it has clawed arms reaching  from it’s depths.  As with the carousel, you have 4 different views to  choose from while riding it.

A wonderful addition for any Halloween castle!

Next we have the Evil Carnival Wagon.  A wonderfully eerie 4 person mount that gives +40 speed.  Done with faded shades of red and blue, it has skulls and scrollwork in gold.  A colony of bats accompanies you wherever you go.  Hanging lanterns will light your path.

So much fun to travel in!

The pet that comes with this bundle is a Frankenstein style Teddy Bear, appropriately named “Scare Bear”. A Death school pet, he comes with an animate card at baby.  With glowing red eyes and stuffing falling from his stitches, he will be a creepy addition to any pet collection.

Sinister Harlequin Gear

If you enjoy being a “trickster”, this gear is for you.  It has the classic Harlequin appearance, checkered robes, multi pointed hat with mask, and shoes with curled toes and striped socks.  As a whole, the gear isn’t the best when it comes to stats, but individually some of the pieces are pretty decent.  It all depends on the stats that you want to  have. 

Mallet of the Midway

The wand that comes with the bundle isn’t impressive to look at, but, I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by the stats.  Starting out at Tier 1 with 4% universal damage makes it a powerful piece for new wizards.  The top tier wand is also impressive with 3% pierce, 85% critical, 15% damage, 225 pip conversion, and 2 square jewel slots, making this a very useful wand to have.

There you have it!  Another wonderful Halloween bundle from KingsIsle.  I hope this will help you to decide if this is a bundle for you.  Let me know what your favorite part of it is in the comments!

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  1. My favorite from these is the pet! I love it, and I also am in Death school. It is definitely cool looking! Also, my favorite article from Ravenwood Academy is the Wizard101 Theory, because it really makes you wonder. There is a lot of mystery, and it is definitely fun to contemplate on how everything was brought about in this wizard world. I’ve been a player for 8 years now, and I love that it still does not fail to disappoint or get boring. Thanks Wizard101!

  2. I do have to say this buddle and this article about it explains in detail everything you need to know before you buy this wonderful package. However my favorite article from Ravenwood Academy would be the 7 steps of New wizard. Picture this before you knew how awesome this game is and the cost can be high but worth the price. You get what you pay for here! You didn’t know the importance of gear and what was what unless you did your homework. Mistakes are part of learning yes but knowledge is power. And it would really enhance the game experience if you knew these 7 steps of progress. So both thumbs up for this article. Its years of experience all wrapped into one article . Do yourself a favor and read it for yourself and empower your game with this wise rules of Wizardry. In closure have fun and remember its just a game! Happy Halloween!

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