Fishing For Chest in Bundle Houses

In 2014 Wizard101 gave us fishing, by 2015 it had come to castles and houses.By 2016 after enough fishing, I noticed that some of the chests in bundle houses contained precious gifts. I started looking for more information online andI found various drops confirmed from houses purchased through bundles. 

My question was then: Does Every bundle pond, moat, or stream containing all of a bundles matching equipment? All of its gear, pet and mount inside the fishing chests found in its waters? I started a big hunt for the information, which continues to this day. In 2016, I decided to make a guide asking my friends in the community to screenshot anything that they got from chests in bundle houses

It turns out the answer is not so simple. To find out we need more wizards to get fishing and solve this mystery. Is all the equipment that comes bundled with Castles inside those chests? Some say yes. Myth or reality?

Eventually, we get confirmation that we can catch permanent mounts in Castles.

Fishing requires time and patience. It still has not gained a huge following in game, possibly due to its difficulty. If more wizards knew the secrets of fishing, and what they could win, we would have a better chance of finding out.

Fisherman Secrets:

  • Each Castle/House has a specific number of fish in its ponds.
  • When we catch some fish, they will be replaced automatically by new fish after 15 minutes.
  • Every Castle or location has one or more ponds.
  • Some ponds are connected between them so that the fishing spell you cast is for all. Some are not connected, so you need to repeat spells in each pond separately.
  • Each pond has specific limits. Some of the fish seem to travel through the limits, some even inside the obstacles, without being able to see them. So, we need specific spells to bring the fish closer to our position, and also to slow them down or even freeze them in place.
  • Each player has his own fish. No other one can scare off or catch the fish you see.
  • The fish you find in each Castle of the same type is the same for each Castle of the same name.
  • The chests there are like fish, in all categories, ranks, schools, and rarity. The fish are divided into common, rare and epic, the same is true for the chests.


The new fishing spell:

The new spell is like summon fish, affect the fish together with the chests. It gives us the ability to have a 50% better chance to get a chest from that moment on in the affected pond. KI gave us a great new fishing spell in Azteca, Buoy Chests 1, giving us fishers an exciting new advantage in finding these chests! The best plan is to catch everything in the pond within 15 minutes after we use these spells. 

More secrets:

Repeat the spell for every body of water that is not connected.Refresh the spells every 15 mins when the fish in the pond reset. 

How to search for rare/epic fish/chest:

We can tell them apart from the high speed and fast direction change.You will need fishing luck to catch these, and it may take dozens of resets to find them.If you do find them, stay there. 

Best plan after casting Buoy Chests 1:Use a rank 2 lure of whichever school seems to be most common in the housing pond when you use reveal. Try to catch as many fish as you can before the 15 min. reset.The spell only affects one pond every time, like the Banish Sentinels 1 does, before April 2018 update.*Banish Sentinels now Banishes Sentinels in the entire zone, not just the nearest pond.

  •  Every House also has a unique Doodlefish that confused us because they act like rare fish!

Are you ready to confirm that all the equipment is there?

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4 thoughts on “Fishing For Chest in Bundle Houses

  1. Bought the outlaw bundle and I have to say love the house but the fishing stinks so few chests way to many doodle fish was really hoping to win a dragonfly pet out of one chest but it seems impossible I will ever get one I am really disappointed all the effort that goes in to it for what nothing but paper fish and other ones I just trash. Really disappointed player

  2. I have no image proof here, but I’ve confirmed that all bundle houses have their respective bundle mounts (permanent) and pets in the fishing chests. I’ve got a friend who’s a free-to-play player, and when I tell him my house (polarian shipwreck) might have a chance to get him my mount (battle narwhal) while fishing and getting a chest, the very next day he has the mount. I still haven’t confirmed the drops of equipment yet, however, but if its any help the dungeon area kembaalung village can drop the dungeon gear from the fishing chests there.

  3. I have gotten Any Level bundle gear from the Polarian Shipwreck and Acropolis houses. I have not fished other houses much but I am pretty sure that other houses would also have Any Level gear from fishing chests.

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