Sailing with Sinbad

Join me as we set sail in Wizard101’s newest gauntlet, Sinbad and the Iron Sultan.  And guess what…..It’s Craftable!  

Visit Lloyd Fallingwater in the shopping district to purchase the recipe under the furniture tab. He also has 2 new recipes for the reagents needed to craft this magnificent Gauntlet.

Recipe price for Gauntlet: 10,000 gold

Recipe price for Transmute Magnificent Clay: 2,000 gold

Recipe price for Transmute Marvelous Clay: 2,000 gold

Crafting the gauntlet requires Red Magical Clay, another new reagent that I have yet to locate as a drop within the Spiral.  

You will find the Marvelous and Magical Clay reagents that are required for crafting, in the new Sinbad Hoard Pack!

The new gauntlet is also available for purchase on the Wizard 101 website.  A $39.00 bundle with the Gauntlet and 7500 Crowns!

Sinbad Hoard Pack

The gear that’s available in the new Hoard pack is the “Fleet Kapudan’s Attire”, the “Sky Captains Attire”, and the “Grand Admirals Attire”  The wand is the “Boarding Hook”. The new mount is a very cool and unusual looking 2-headed bird. Last, but definitely not least, is the Gryphon pet, which is a simply adorable puppy like creature.

Credit for the screenshot of the Kapudans Boarding Hook goes to Destiny Thunderstaff

In addition to the new gear, you will find a lot of great new housing items in the packs. These items are also dropped in the gauntlet.

There is also a new summon treasure card that comes in this pack. It’s Sinbad himself!  I cannot wait to use this and see what kind of spells he has available.

The Gauntlet

Together, we’ll travel to the Isle of Metallos upon the ship Chimera. Sinbad and his 1st mate Lemmi accompany us as we forge our way through through the depths of the dungeon.

Upon entering you find yourself at the Port of Ferros, speaking with Sinbad and his 1st mate, Lemmi.  They ask your assistance in finding and getting rid of an Evil Magician who goes by the name Hari Houssen. He has possession of a magical jewel that grants amazing transmutation powers, called the Iommi stone.  The Sultan has offered a handsome reward to anyone who can free the citizens of the Isle of Metallos from him and his minions.

The Isle of Metallos is a lava filled cave full of destruction. Craggy ledges, broken bridges, and many tunnels lend an overwhelming sense of doom throughout the entire dungeon.  Keep your eyes open, as there is a secret hidden boss within the gauntlet.

Your first mob battle will  be against a metal version of the Minotaur, a Metaltaur! They are Ice School mobs, with 4,835 health. Watch out, they are truly a “beast” to beat!

The second battle finds you up against a mob of metallic versions of Cyclops, named Chromeclops. They are Myth School with 5,565 health, and you battle 3 of them. They hit hard at over 4,500 damage, so be well protected. Made of chrome, they have a single focus, so attack on their blind side!

After defeating the cyclops, you travel on to a room where you find a metallic version of the Skeletal Pirate, aptly named Steeleton. They are Death School and have a health of 4,780.  Personally, I found them easier than the Chromeclops. I really “rattled their bones”.

After that battle, following the path that the Steeletons sent you on, you finally reach the summit. It’s there that you come face to face with Hari. When you enter, you will find him in the middle of a transmutation spell to turn his dragon into gold. As he changes into the Iron Sultan, you must stop him and retrieve the Ione Stone! *Note to KI, LOVE the guitar shred!”

For the final battle of this gauntlet you will be up against the Iron Sultan, his Golden Dragon and a Skeeleton. The Iron Sultan is Storm School, with 13,875 health. The Golden Dragon is Sun School with a health of 5,875.  The Steeleton is Death, as before with the same health of 4,780.

Make sure you have a good strong team here, the Sulton is strong with attack spells hitting well over 6,000!

Now that you have defeated the Iron Sultan and retrieved the Iommi Stone, you will be rewarded with this awesome statue to commemorate your grand adventure. Make sure you pick it up.  Well done!  As an added surprise this statue will give you a daily reward, so check it every day.

I hope this article helps you on your way to crafting the new Gauntlet, and will also help you get through it. If you find items that I have not listed, comment below and I’ll add it in and give you credit for your discovery!

Thanks for  reading!

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