The New Olde Town Apartment!

With the popularity of apartments in Wizard101, from the Arcanum to Mirage, we are starting to see more of them. Now, KI has added a cute little townhouse to the Spiral! You can buy the New Olde Town Apartment from Derrick Blaze, next to the Bazaar. I’m sure you’ve seen him hanging around out there right near the Team-Up Kiosk.

Being able to buy this cute little flat will be a challenge for almost any Wizard. To get the recipe, you have to earn the Team Champion Badge. When you help other Wizards complete their battles at the Team-Up Kiosk, you earn points towards badges. Well, to get this one, you’re going to have to be very helpful. You receive the Team Champion Badge after you have earned 2000 points. Sarai listens to the sudden silence. Yes, somewhat intimidating. But you know what? You can do it! Do a couple of runs a day, and you will have that badge before you know it. It’s a no-trade item, so sharing it through the Bank will not be possible. Each Wizard will have to earn their own. At 12,500 Crowns, it’s an investment. But, it’s a rare gem that you will be proud to show off to your friends. Still, I hope they will have a gold price for it eventually.
An update on the cost of the apartment was just made by Sparck, the Community Manager. It is supposed to be gold not crowns as the payment device. He is asking that no one purchase it until they update it to reflect the proper currency.

Now on to the good stuff!

The Olde Town Apartment is a simply charming castle. From its townhouse feel to its enclosed yard, this new addition has a world of possibilities! The interior layout is reminiscent of the Wooded Cottage. There are a few differences, such as no alcove on the first floor, and you will find a curtained window seat downstairs. You will also notice that the second floor is larger. The wallpaper is the same pattern and color as the Wooded Cottage, purple with a decorative block pattern. Two leaded glass windows add a charming touch.


More good stuff!

Now, let’s head out the back door. Yes, we have an actual back door! Wizard101’s Olde Town Apartment has a secluded yard, surrounded by stone walls. A thoughtful touch, shrubbery peeks over the top of the walls bringing them a splash of color. The yard itself is an open area, surrounded by trees that tower over the stone walls. There is plenty of room to have a wonderful little tea garden. On the other side of the wall, you can see the towers and walls of Olde Town in the distance.

Well, there you have it. The newest apartment available in Wizard101. Do you plan on getting one? Can you already get one? Let us know in the comments below

~ Sarai Willowbreeze

3 thoughts on “The New Olde Town Apartment!

  1. I LOVE working for the Mirage apts. and have. But really, guys. Working this hard for an apt. (Olde Town) that has shuffled around the Wooded Cottage blueprint and added a backyard? Get those creative juices flowing a little more, (i.e. apts with window coverings that open and close; bi-level areas that can be opened or closed w/o the need for glitching to cover; divider wall that can turn and open into another room – having space on both sides to place items – as well as more interactive housing items such as the current festive table, etc).
    The possibilities to continue to build on what you have are great but basically photocopying it is embarrassing.

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