Wizard City Housing Vendors

Tired of never finding the housing item you want at the Bazaar?  Well search no longer! There are many things available throughout all the worlds from a variety of vendors. Even items that are no auction and can never be found at the Bazaar! We will be visiting each world in this series and will show you who to go to for that perfect housing item. 

Wizard City Housing Vendors

There are four housing vendors in Wizard City, They have many housing items available. There are also six recipe vendors for craftable items. From Castles to Pet Bread Crumbs, we have them all listed here.

Aubert Quickhammer

Aubert is the furniture shop keeper in Wizard City. You’ll find him in the Shopping District by Eliks Edge, at the Wizard City Furniture & Castle Shop. He has everything from plants to wallpapers and floors. Tell him Sarai sent you!

Here’s a sample of what you will find.

Party Banner
Plaques for all schools
Fancy Lamppost
Small Yellow Tent
Small Blue Trim Rug
Tic-Tac-Toe pieces and Gameboard
Music Player
Party Cake

Buxley Turleton

Buckley shares a shop with Aubert Quickhammer. He’s the best real esate agent in Wizard City!

Castles available:
Wooded Cottage 8,000 gold
Royal Playhouse 15,000 gold


Farley is the head gardener for Wizard City. You can find him in Golem Court.

Here’s a sample of what you can find:

Wizard City styled pots
Tropical Garden Gnome

Roland Silverheart

You can find Roland on Unicorn Way outside of the PVP Arena. All of his items are non-auction and are purchased with Arena tickets. If you don’t PVP you can get tickets from doing your daily quests.

Here’s a sample of what you can find:
Wood Housing Blocks 
Ninja Sword Rack 
Market Tent Pavilion

Derrick Blaze

You can find Derrick next to the Bazaar. He sells the recipe for the Team Up Kiosk. In order to purchase this recipe you have to earn your Team Player badge.

Team Up Kiosk Price: 100 gold

Wizard City Recipe Vendors

Eudora Tangletree

You can find Eudora by the pond near the Bazaar in Olde Town. A lovely lady with great recipes! She has recipes for many different aquariums and seventeen different tapestries.

Here’s a sample of her other recipes:
Garden Lot
Directional Arrows
Moon Banner
Red Foodcart
Stack of Paper
Water Bucket

Lloyd Fallingwater


You can find Lloyd in the Shopping District near Eliks Edge. He has all the Stone Housing Block recipes. Who needs the Bazaar, just make them yourself!

Dr. Purreau

You can find Dr. Purreau in the Hatchery. He has recipes for a Pet Hatching Kiosk and a tapestry to the Hatchery. These recipes need Hatch Peppers. You can get this reagent by placing pets in the kiosk or in the chest from daily quest rewards.
Hatching Kiosk Recipe Price: 2,500 gold Tapestry Recipe Price: 2,500 gold


You can find Harker in Darkmoor to the left, near the small building. He has the recipe for the Castle Darkmoor tapestry. 

Recipe Price: 5,000 gold

Jackie Whisperflame

You’ll find Jackie in the snack shop at the Pet Pavilion. She sells the recipe for Pet Bread Crumbs. Bread Crumbs are an awesome way of controlling the movements of pets and mounts when they are placed in your Castle!

Recipe Price: 5,000 gold

This concludes the list of Housing Vendors for Wizard City. Whew, that was an all day shopping spree! Hope it helps you find that perfect item for your castle. Let us know in the comments below about your most surprising find shopping in Wizard City. Stay tuned for Krokotopia and many more worlds to come!