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Thank you for helping make it possible to keep bringing you Ravenwood Academy and The Ravynwood Community groups. No matter what size your contribution is, you have our heartfelt gratitude for your support of our work in the community, on the Minecraft Server, and the site.

Ravynwood Community server subscriptions allow you to support our work in the community and gain exclusive perks in the Discord server in return. Some benefits of subscribing include exclusive emojis, special permissions, and custom roles.

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Amber Heart
Amber Heart

We have retired the Patreon program and its associated roles in light of the server subscription program. As thanks to all the angels who supported us through Patreon over the years, “Ambers Angel” will become a permanent role in the community. If you were a Patreon subscriber and don’t have the role, reach out to any Ravynwood administrator to claim it.

Thanks again for your generous contribution.

Amber Heart


Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Ravenwood Academy and the Ravynwood Communities