Visionary Myth Critical Guide

Note: This guide is created for level 130 myth wizards and requires a pet with 2.0 (max stats) to be successful.

Myth School

Myth is such an interesting school. Anyone that can take the wrath of Cyrus Drake in the first arc deserves a little respect. The myth school is not considered one of the best, but I’ve seen plenty of dangerous myth wizards when they run the right gear and strategy.

Since myth’s two main strengths are the use of minions and stuns, running a full critical set can probably break the Richter scale itself. Using a minion to keep shields off an opponent while combo hitting with stuns can make a landing critical hit terrifying for any opponent. This guide will lay out the gear to help your myth wizard reach 100% critical with the highest damage possible.

What You’ll Need

For the best setup, here is the gear you’ll need:

Hat: Mythic Paradox Conical – 140

Boots: Mythic Paradox Boots – 117

Wand: Jack Hallow’s Gourdtar – 195

Ring: Drake Ancestral Signet Ring – 84 (+ 18 Jewel)

Athame: Morganthe’s Bite – (+ 18 and +18 Jewel)

Deck: Mythic Paradox Deck – 51

Amulet: Universal Memento – 35

Robe: Quixotic Light Brigade Armor – 100

Overall Total: Damage 137% – Critical 839 (100%)

Stats like these would make Baba Yaga proud! Here’s the breakdown:


Alternative Gear

Luckily, Myth only needs 2 critical talents in their pet to reach the 100% threshold. Because of this, there are a couple alternative pieces of gear you could replace and still maintain a full critical loadout.

Hat: Krokopatra Wonder Fez

Boots: Haughty Alphoi Boots

Amulet: Relic of the Shadow Palace (Gives +40% blade)

Athame: Dirk of Dimwood Vale

Robe: Kan Davasi Victor’s Gear

Deck: Rasputin’s Hypnotic Hand

Ring: Drake Ancestral Signet

Remember: Using these over the “best” gear loadout means you lose the maximum amount of damage you can run while keeping 100% critical.

Must Haves

– A double-critical pet

– Jack Hallow’s Gourdtar

Because of how the stats work out, myth has the luxury of replacing items to make up for loss of critical in their pet’s talents. As long as you have a pet with at least two critical talents and the Jack Hallow’s wand you can reach the cap.

Best of luck to all myth wizards!

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