Catching the Guard Doodlefish

Every Monday morning the weekly tournament fish changes. There are secrets that many Wizard101 fishing lovers don’t know. I want to share my experiences with you and travel together exploring the fantastic world of wizard101 tournament fishing!

 the Guard Doodlefish


School Balance | Rank 1 | Common/Regular | 1,500 XP


Small Fry < 13 

Whopper > 40

No used in any recipes

Αverage sale price in gold: 700 each

Fish Location:

Housing Items:

Battlemage Keep
*Houses purchased through Bundles, have a unique doodlefish.

How to catch a small fry

Go to the Commons and then navigate yourself to the Castle Tours headquarters where you can find the following in Visit Castle/ top rated list. It the only Balance school fish this season in that Castle. The fish that we are looking for, the shadow in the water are 13 and less for small fry. That means we are looking for fishes that have a smaller shadow. If a lure is always 10, that fish in small fry are 1,3 less that lure. But for doodlefish those limits are relative, they are about double the size of the lure.

See an example with a guard doodlefish at 13,60 relative with the lure:

The first 3 winners will get tournament tickets:
First place: 120 tickets
Second place: 50 tickets
Third place: 20 tickets
The tournament ends at 06/08/18

Good luck!