Wizard101’s Backpack Butler!

Have you ever done this? You put an item somewhere because you are in a hurry to make some room in your backpack. And then you tell yourself you’ll remember where it is. Well, I never do remember, do you? Now you can worry no more as the Backpack Butler will show you exactly where you left it!

Finally, after years of losing items in your castles, banks, and shared banks. KingsIsle has given us an amazing solution! Being designed in the Steampunk style, this item is adorable! You’ll see it’s a twin to Gearwise, the recipe vendor in Celestia.  And with his help, you can now locate any item, anywhere. No more lost mounts, pets or gear!

You will find him in Aubert Quickhammers shop, in the shopping district. Easily located under housing items, on the last page. What a great deal at only 2500 gold!

Using the Backpack Butler

Start your interaction with him by walking up and clicking X. Fortunately, they have made the interface quite straightforward. For instance, it starts by cataloging every item your Wizard owns.  After completing the load, it will have the entire backpack highlighted. Of course mine showed over 600 pages! Yes, I’m a proud member of Hoarders Anonymous! As you can see, it has tabs for gear, pets, mounts, and potions. There is also a second page for housing items.
After opening these pages you can search for a specific item, using the find items text box. You can also scroll through different tabs to see what you have and where it is. In addition, there are 4 columns that show you the location, how many of the item there is, the name of the item, and the type of item.

The location column is where the Butler shines. You’ll notice that they have emblems to represent different places to find your items. You will hover your mouse over the emblem to see the location. Above all, it will tell you not only which castle it’s in, but also whether it is inside or outside. Gear on a mannequin? No worries as not only will it specify a mannequin, but will tell you where the mannequin is. Gear in a vault? Same thing, in a gear vault and in which castle.   

The last thing we will be looking at is the sorting system for pets.  As you can see, in the bottom right corner of the screen, there is a pet button.  Clicking on this will change how you see the pets.  It will change the display from type of pet, to pet by name. Very helpful either way you use it!  

For information on the Castle Magic update, here is my article explaining the new spells!

Here are the Update Notes, with everything that went live yesterday.

Update Notes

There you have it, the newest housing item to hit the Spiral! And, I’ve got to say, it’s a great addition for all Wizards.  Sarai will definitely be buying these for all my Wizards 🙂
Will you be getting one? Do you think it will make your Wizards life easier? Let me know in the comments, what your thoughts are!

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    1. You will find him in Aubert Quickhammers shop, in the shopping district. Easily located under housing items, on the last page.

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