Pets, Pets, Pets! Basics

To begin with pets in the spiral there are a few things you need to do first. This article is meant to help you figure out where to begin being a pet owner in game.
1. Plant a garden! I know, you thought this article was about pets, well it is. You will be surprised to learn how much gardening will help you with your pet ventures. Not only do you gain cards and drops to sell for gold by gardening (which you will need for hatching pets), this is also where you can get some very good pet snacks, and lots of them if you do it right.
2. Acquire a pet! You can get pets from many different places. You can buy pets in the crown shop, buy them for gold in some places, get them from packs, and even from game drops. For a complete list of just about every pet in game and where to get it, visit
3. Choose your favorite pet training game and start training. Some people just go straight to the dance game to quickly feed their pet snacks. If the pet you currently have isn’t the one you want, or not getting good talents then it’s time to start hatching to get a better one.


Every pet has stats that are the following: Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will, and Power.
To increase your pet’s stats and experience shown within the experience bar you must train the pet. There are many different games in the pet pavilion to play that will train your pet. You can choose whichever one you are good at or enjoy, or just go for whatever is the easiest.

My personal favorite is the maze because it kind of reminds me of a Pac-Man sort of game, but the dancing one is quick, so I like that one too.


Stats and experience points are based on which game you play, how well you play that game, and what snacks you feed the pet for reward.


There are extensive reference guides at that will tell you everything you’d ever want to know about pet snacks and such. The only way to bring up a pet’s level and power is through feeding them snacks, and the only way to feed them the snacks is to play the games.

Pet Levels

There are 7 levels to pet training beginning with baby. Each level after baby is as follows:
-Teen -Adult -Ancient -Epic -Mega -Ultra.
With each level the amount of energy it costs to train your pet will increase, as well as the experience needed to reach the next level. The energy cost goes up by 2 for each level until epic, where it stays at 10 energy per game. The experience needed will double every level until you reach epic, then it will stay at 2000 experience points.

Pet Talents

As you train your pet it will learn talents each time it levels. There are talents that can benefit your wizard in many, different ways, then there are what most call “selfish talents”. Selfish talents are talents that boost the pet’s max stats. For more detailed information on the different pet talents, and how to get them, etc. refer to

By: Tiffany Rainhaven

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