Level 5 Gear Guide

Gear choices can be a little bit confusing for a new Wizard sometimes. Here is a guide to help you understand your options and help your level 5 wizard be the best it can be.
For 585 gold your level 5 wizard can buy the helm, robe, and boots shown here from the Bazaar. You can see that the Helm gives 1% resist to all types of damage, and the robe and shoes combined will give a 2% boost to any type (or school) of damage. The athame and ring pictured here are the best commonly found choice available to finish off this set, providing your Wizard with a small health and mana boost. This set will improve your damage and resist a little bit. Enough to give you a small advantage as you quest through the first few areas of Wizard City.
In the crowns shop appearance tab, you can select and purchase individual crowns gear items. For 5,180 crowns you can purchase the set pictured below. This set is a popular choice for low level PvP as well as PvE. As you can see, you will gain a 3% accuracy boost, a 6% damage boost, and 12% resistance, all to any school. Additionally, you will start each battle or match with an extra pip and have a small chance of getting a power pip which counts for 2. This set will give you a significant, well-rounded advantage questing through all of Wizard City and into Krokotopia or set you up for victory in the Arena.
For 7500 crowns the Starter sets give any school a significant advantage that can easily carry you all the way to level 30 when you upgrade to Zeus gear. They each come with full clothing sets and a permanent mount.

For 7500 crowns the Starter sets give any school a significant damage and accuracy advantage that can easily carry you all the way to Mount Olympus when you upgrade to Zeus gear. It is not as well rounded as the previous set as it offers no universal resist, and you will have to part with that extra pip at the start of the round. In return, you get an extreme damage and accuracy boost that is likely to make you one of the most overpowered wizards in the next few worlds.  Each set includes a full clothing set and a permanent mount making it a pretty good value for wizards that want to not have to worry about gear while they quest through from here to level 30.

Opening a few packs is a fun option and can give you a small advantage gear wise if you get lucky. The Important thing when using pack gear is to use the gears that match your school for best advantage. The hat and robe seen here will give a good advantage to fire wizards, while the boots will provide support for death.
With any of these sets your Wizard will have an easier time in Wizard City and in some cases far beyond. Good gear makes every battle faster and easier, so it is worth investing the time to make your level 5 wizard the best it can be.

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