Catching the Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish

Every Monday morning the weekly tournament fish changes. In this article, I will share my experiences with the fantastic hobby of tournament fishing!

Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish

Life School | Rank 2 | Common /Regular |1500 XP

Αverage sale price in gold: 700 each

Used in recipe:Pet Bread Crumb


1 Merle Doodlefish
1 Satyr Doodlefish
1 Zeus Doodlefish
1 Pacal Doodlefish
1 Goliath Doodlefish
1 Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish
1 Nalia DuneStrider Doodlefish
1 Flytrap Doodlefish

Jackie Whisperflame/Wizard City – Pet Pavilion – West Ende Girls Snack Shop  (5,000 Gold)


Small Fry: <10

Whopper: >40

Fish Location:

Housing Items:
The Sun Palace

How to catch a Whopper:

In the same area, the Sumo Koi fish is available to be caught. It is the same rank, same school but different size in whopper. The Kiliman Copperleaf Doodlefish‘s shadow in the water is 40 in length for a whopper and the Sumo Koi’s shadow is 35 in length. Also, the Doodlefishes always swim faster than other fishes.

How to find this fish:

  1. Common Vitality Lure/ Winnow Rank 3 Fish/ Reveal Large Fish
  2.  If no fish are affected: Summon Fish and repeat
  3.  If a fish is revealed: Charm Fish / Minor Vitality Lure and catch it.


The Sun Place has two ponds that link together for the fishing spells. So, it is unnecessary to repeat the spells when you go inside in the second pond.


The first 3 winners will get tournament tickets:

First place: 120 tickets
Second place: 50 tickets
Third place: 20 tickets

The Tournament end on the 17/12/18

Good Luck!

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