Grand Tourney Arena Drops

The Grand Tourney Arena is a housing dungeon that comes with the Grand Tourney Bundle. The dungeon can be accessed through castle tours using a glitch. The drops mentioned in this guide will be for the highest tier.
There are 12 pieces of gear (3 sets; each with a hat, robe, boots, and wand) from the Hoard of the Hydra card pack that drop from this housing dungeon. There is an Energy Set, a Healing Set, and a (terrible) Offensive/Utility Set.

Offensive/Utility Set (World's Fool Set)

As I stated before, this set doesn’t really have much to offer. Aside from the wand (that will be mentioned later), each of the 3 pieces provide a decent amount of health and power pips, as well as universal accuracy, damage, and resist. They also each give a nice utility item card: Cooldown (1 Pip), Enfeeble (2 Pips), and Mana Burn (target loses 4 pips).

Regardless of what school you are or what role you play, I can only see this combination of stats being useful for a spammer or support at best.

Energy Set (Pixie's Encanta Set)

The level 100+ version of the Energy Set gives a total of +59 energy. (Hat, Robe, and Boots give 18/23/18. The wand in this set doesn’t actually give any energy bonus.)

Healing Set (Faerie Court Set)

The level 100+ Healing Set a great option if you don’t want to spend crowns to get healing gear from packs, especially for non-life wizards. The 4 pieces give a total of 56 incoming and 60 outgoing healing bonuses! With a decent ring and athame, that could easily total to 100/100 or more. In addition, it provides item card versions of Rebirth, Healing Current (2 pips), and two Guardian Spirits (Restores 20% hp).
*Note: Although the Mandolin of Evermore visually looks like it matches with the energy set, I listed it with the healing set because it has the best healing stats of all 3 wands.

The Wands from the other sets also give decent healing boosts, with similar critical block ratings and a different item card.

This dungeon also drops many snacks (including mega snacks) at a high rate. Here are some of the good snacks:

Rank 7

Rank 8 (Mega Snacks)

The gear’s drop rates are decent, and the dungeon is very easy with a full team. Good luck!

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    1. So pretty much how the glitch goes is, you have a friend or second account with no member be at the house with the gauntlet. Your wizard with member goes to a world you need member for and the non member character ports to the member character. ( it’ll obviously have the pop up to buy the location) hit cancel and hover over the commons button. If it says commons you did it, your member character can port and others can port to the member character. If it says house tour headquarters restart the process. Ps. What I like to do is start in the dorm rooms on both characters works almost every time.

  1. could you add pictures of the healing set please, it says 56 incoming and 60 outgoing but all i see is 2 wands

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