Spring Update: Castle Decorating

Now that Test Realm has gone live, there are exciting things afoot with Castle Decorating. You can move items where you couldn’t before without rugs, platforms and crates! Definately a game changer for all of us Castle glitching/decorating nuts. Join me as we take a look at the new Spring Update: Castle Decorating.

Advanced Move Function

A new element has been added that allows us to move any item within our castle in multiple ways. We can move objects side to side, forward and backward, or up and down. This will make decorating our castles a whole lot easier!

When you open the button to move items within your castle, you’ll notice a new button. There is now an arrow button. This opens up expanded choices for movement.

There are 2 ways to utilize the new feature. For folks like me, the basic one gets the job done. There is also an advanced menu that can be found for even more detail in placement.

There are many exciting new options available. You can move an item left and right, forward and backward, or up and down. By adjusting the sensitivity you can change the distance that the object moves. This opens up some amazing possibilities.

In this picture, I adjusted the sensitivity to the highest setting and moved the log all  the way to the left. That moved it over the water. Previously, if you wanted an item on the water you would have to glitch it.  Not only is this easier to do, but it also saves time and gold.

In this picture, I have adjusted it all the way forward. You can see the differences between this picture and the last one. Look carefully at where the slider bar is on each of the options.

In the first two pictures, I show how an item can be raised or lowered to suit your needs. The last pictures show you a few ways you may not have thought of to use these new features to the fullest. 

Last, but not least

One final very important piece of information. Once you have the item exactly where you want it, don’t forget to click on the green check mark button. If you fail to do this, the item will revert to it’s previous position, and you’ll have to start over.

So, there you have it! Personally, I think this is one of the greatest housing updates they have ever added. Castle glitching has forever changed and is easier than ever before. I hope this update will get more of you playing around in your castles, creating amazing effects. Combine these effects with some castle magic and you’ll be in the top of castle tours before you know it!

I’ve made a short video showing the how-tos of this wonderful new addition to Wizard101 castle decorating.

Let us know what what your new decorating plans are, and what you think of this amazing new update in the comments below or at Ravenwood Community. See you there!

Spring Update Notes
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