Fishing: Code Wands

After the Zafarian fish were updated, chests containing precious code wands that don’t exist anymore as drops from bosses. The code wands are found in various lakes in Zafaria, but let’s focus on a single area in Zafaria that is well known as Elephant Graveyard.


Zafaria In order:

Baobab Market / Stone Town / Waterfront / Drum Jungle / Elephant Graveyard

The Wands

1.Amaranthine Staff

2. Staff of the Querent

3. Fog Staff

4. Staff of Imperator

5. Warpwood Wand

6. Blue Raptor

7. Dragonclaw Blade

8. Viridian Scepter

9. Galvanic Hammer

10. Goldenbeak

 11. Umbra Blade

How Do Get Them

There are many methods one can use to catch these wands, but we must first mention that the chests are in all ranks, schools, and categories like the common, rare and epic fishes. So the best method is to go there and catch what you see. However, doing so will waste a lot of time and energy to a more efficient method would be, having in mind that the right pond has more chests from the left, and in the second phase, that most fish are a school of death, we use a middle bait of this school, mostly.

  1. Reveal Fish School: See if a death fish appears and cast bait Lesser Repose Lure or Minor Repose Lure and catch what you can from what you have in front of you or all, even sentinel fish.
  2. Winnow Death Fish / Banish Sentinels 1: Use after Lesser Repose Lure or Minor Repose Lure grab you can first on the right side of the lake and then on the left after you repeat the Banish Sentinels 1 spell again.
  3. Use Minor Repose Lure and catch all sentinel fishes. These fish contain chests like all fish and all categories. But they differ in how to catch them. Do not wait to pull the lure into the water to hit the space bar, but once they touch the lure, press the spacebar right away.
    Note: If 15 minutes have passed, repeat with Summon Fish and re-do Method 1, 2 or 3.
  4. If you have the Buoy Chests 1 spell, you don’t need to use the Summon Fish spell because it resets along with a 50% greater chance of returning to chests. So then you have two options:
  • Make Winnow Death Fish / Banish Sentinels 1 by using Minor Repose Lure and catch what’s left.
  • Make Winnow Death Fish and catch all the sentinel fish and then what is left of the school of death.

Do not forget that there are no fishing spells that scare aware the sentinel fishes whatever their school, except Banish Sentinels 1.

The whole collection together:

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  1. i’ve been fishing over a month now for the amaranthine staff in baobab crown, i have got each and every wand except for the amaranthine, which is exactly what i want. i am losing hope 🙁

  2. Don’t Worry Ive Been Fishing For Months Have Multiple Of Some I Have Everywand But The Umbra Blade I feel Like everyone gets them all except for 1 Type

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