Forgotten Lore of Dragonspyre

Warning! Spoilers Lie Ahead!

Dragonspyre is an ancient, haunted world in which renegade professor Malistaire has recently been spotted!

Once an advanced militant society, Dragonspyre had an esteemed Academy rivaling that of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City. The inhabitants once held a special interest in Fire Magic.

Legend has it that in the summoning of a great Dragon, the world was destroyed and changed forever. Its great buildings and stone columns crumbled before the coming of the Dragon Titan.

Now, it has become a land of fire, lava, and ghosts.

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Greetings and Salutations Wizards and Pirates of the Spiral! I am Shade, allow me to welcome you to the first installment of “Forgotten Lore.” In this new series, we will explore the lore of the Spiral, and uncover secrets you might have missed. Let’s begin! 
Dragonspyre was the first new world added to Wizard101. Unveiled in early 2009, it came only four months after the game’s initial release. Looking at Dragonspyre through a real-world lens, its inspiration seems to come from ancient Rome. Its architecture has distinct Roman elements, such as columns and archways. Many of Dragonspyres areas use Roman words like Basilica, Forum, Athenaeum, and Necropolis. Meanwhile, its NPC’s take influence from the Russian Military.

It seems clear that the developers meant for Dragonspyre to be very different from the worlds that came before it. So, they opted for a fiery and foreboding dark fantasy theme. The destroyed state of the world might make one think of Pompeii. Which, as we know, was buried beneath volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 C.E.

Dragonspyre’s civilization is ancient, predating both Wizard City and Merle Ambrose. It was also home to Dragonspyre Academy. A rival of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts during its time. This world is also the home-world of some key players. Cyrus, Malistaire, and Sylvia Drake (born Sylvia Spitfire) are all from Dragonspyre. It is also the home of the infamous Loremaster and houses the grand finale of Wizard101’s first story arc.

But how did Dragonspyre become what it is today? Why did these things happen? 

Given Dragonspyre’s current state of disarray, its lore has required some effort to reassemble. After investigating countless sources, I have re-constructed the most probable sequence of events

So, without further ado, sit back, relax, and let me tell you the story….

Dragonspyre and Century War

In the beginning, Dragons and Humans lived side by side, but humanity lived in constant fear. One-night, King Mene met in secret with the Queen of the Drakes, Gavarena. They allied Man and Drake. Together they would overcome the Dragons and drive them out. A new kingdom would be born. In light of their victory, they named this Kingdom Dragonspyre.

The Kingdom continued to grow after Mene’s passing. Later, King Jurgen expanded Dragonspyre’s borders. Man and Drake worked together to protect the realm. It was an age of peace but it was not to last. King Jurgen passed away suddenly, with no children. Without an heir to the throne, Dragonspyre fell into a civil war that lasted 100 years. This would be forever known as the Century War.

Kylgore and the Golden Age

The war came to an end by the efforts of Kylgore the Magnificent and a Drake, named Leneth the Great. They worked together to defeat a mighty black dragon in Dragonspyre’s outer ring. Exactly how Kylgore achieved this victory remains a mystery. After his triumph, Kylgore claimed the throne and put an end to the war. An age of peace finally descended on Dragonspyre.

Kylgore’s rule brought many changes to Dragonspyre. Significant advancements in culture were made, and explorations of the sciences began. New magical advancements, including the creation of Knowledge Crystals, began in Kylgores reign.

Kylgore and His Descendants

King Kylgore forged a friendship with Aurelius Ambrosius, leader of the Druidic Treeminders. As a gift, Aurelius gave Kylgore seven saplings from Ravenwood. The King planted the magical trees throughout Dragonspyre. They would later become the trees of Dragonspyre Academy. To commemorate their friendship, Kylgore ordered the construction of a statue of Aurelius.

The Beginning of the Academy

Generations passed, and the Kingdoms’ knowledge remained locked away, seen only by royalty. King Kylgore descendants, King Betrin and Prince Viggor, clung to that tradition. They hoped to keep their secrets from falling into unworthy hands. But then, Rydall the Conqueror infected his people with an alchemical plague. Mobs of the afflicted revolted in the city streets. Something had to change if Dragonspyre was to survive.
Duke Sebastian came forward and fought with the monarchy for the right to search the knowledge crystals for a cure. He sent a champion, Iona Pyrelance, to do battle against King Betrin. Iona won the battle! Duke Sebastian’s bravery caused the laws to be overturned. Knowledge would become accessible to the masses, and Dragonspyre Academy was born. All who qualified were welcome within its walls. The people, armed with this new knowledge, overcame Rydall’s Plague, and the rebellion finally ceased.

The Tragedy of Viggor's Legion

Some embrace change, while others fear it. While Rydall’s Plague ravaged his homeland, Prince Viggor set out in the hopes of building Dragonspyre’s Empire anew. With his Drake and General Greyflame at his side, they would lead an army of soldiers on a perilous journey. Their plan? To conquer the magical realms of the Ravenwood and the Treeminders who lived there. Viggor’s mission would start a war with the Treeminders. Turning a once peaceful people into a society as evil as the invaders they sought to drive out.

There were massive casualties in the conflict between the Dragonspyrians and the Treeminders. Destroyed were the Ravenwood, its magical trees (except for Bartelby), and Viggor’s army. A man named Gregor would be the final soldier to fall. The remains of the deceased forces would never return to Dragonspyre.

The Aftermath

The few surviving Treeminders remained to plant new magic trees. They buried their dead in catacombs deep beneath Wizard City. When it was over, the survivors fled to the worlds of Albion and Avalon. The lost Knowledge Crystals buried within the catacombs contain a record of those events.

Soon after, Dragonspyre Academy became the center for knowledge in the Kingdom. Much of their curriculum devoted to the study of war, combat, and pyromancy. Dragonspyre’s dislike of Wizard City could have come from the anger over Viggor’s tragic failure.

Aldared the Usurper

Like fire, knowledge can be dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. A graduate of Dragonspyre Academy by the name of Aldared proved this. He used his advanced knowledge to unseat the King of Dragonspyre and became known as Aldared the Usurper. His rule was as cruel as it was brutal, and the people despised him.

Founding of the Great Council

The people of Dragonspyre suffered under Aldared’s tyranny until a group of Wizards and Warriors laid siege to the Usurper’s palace. Katia Firewinter, Eliena (the legendary Drake), and Drannik the Shrouded Wizard were among them. Aldared was, at long last, cast down and his soul safely trapped within a Knowledge Crystal. Drannik attempted to seize control of the throne but was cut down by Katia. With the threat gone, she began working with her fellow mages and warriors to create a new government. The Great Council, also known as the Council of Wizards, Warriors, and King, would come from her efforts.

The Council of Wizards and Warriors

While Aldared may have died, his influence remained. Kildare, a Wizard of the Great Council, became corrupted by Aldared’s crystal. Valerik Brightsword discovered this treachery and defeated Kildare swiftly. While Kildare’s defeat came before he could do much harm, the damage was done. Fear and paranoia began to settle in among the members of the Great Council.

As time passed, the power of the King diminished, and members of the Council began to bicker for control. People were fearful of the Wizards, their magic, and their crystals. They spurred a great Warrior named Lyon to action. He led a group of fellow Warriors to demand control of all the spells in Dragonspyre.

Whether the reasons for Lyon’s actions were justifiable or out of a desire for power, no one knows. Regardless, the matter came to the attention of the Council. When the Council denied Lyon, he betrayed them in broad daylight.

Lyon challenged the leader of the Wizards, Rurik Flamesoul, to a fight. After a vicious battle, Rurik proved victorious. He would become the only Wizard to best a Warrior in open combat. His victory would secure the Wizard’s control over the magic of Dragonspyre.

The Fall of Dragonspyre

Time went on, and the Wizards began to fear those who challenged their power. Vladimir Darkflame, Dean of Admissions at Dragonspyre Academy, decided to take matters into his own hands. He gathered a group of conspirators, Andor Bristleback, Devora Shadowcrown, and Zora Steelwielder. Together, they orchestrated the coup of the century. They kidnapped the Academy’s Professors, and summoned the Dragon Titan. The traitors were apprehended and detained within the Labyrinth. But, the summoning of the ancient Fire Titan could not be undone.

The Titan rose from its slumber, and the razing of Dragonspyre began. The Dragon Titan summoned its army within the city walls, taking the defenders by surprise. Boris Blackrock, the Obsidian Golem, did battle against the Dragon Titan. Using the knowledge his mage creators left him, Boris faced the Titan in single combat. But, the Obsidian Golem fell, as would many others in the wake of the Titan’s chaos. To commemorate his sacrifice, Boris became the last great hero to be buried within the Necropolis.

The Final Assault 

Dragonspyre’s defenders retreated to the Academy as the Titan’s army advanced. When the Fire Titan led its final assault upon the Academy, everything was laid to waste. All that survived was the Fire Tree, Ashley, and the Fire School, whether this was out of mercy or respect no one knows.

 When and how the Titan’s onslaught came to an end is a mystery. What is certain is that the Dragon Titan has become a colossal stone statue coiled around the volcano. Its armies remain, waiting in vain for someone or something worthy of leading them. Dragonspyre is forever changed, and whether it will ever recover from its fate remains to be seen.


Endgame Arc One

Spoiler Warning!

It would be many years before Malistaire Drake returned to Dragonspyre. When he did he held in his hands the stolen Krokonomicon, and in his heart the vain hope of waking the Titan and restoring his beloved wife, Sylvia to life. Pulled toward the Crown of Fire, at the volcano’s summit, Malistaire began his ritual.

His twin brother Cyrus traveled alongside the Savior of Wizard City, to Dragonspyre. Cyrus attempted to reason with his brother, summoning the spirit of Sylvia to assist him. Unfortunately, this only angered Malistaire further and the necromancer banished his brother. The Savior of Wizard City would be forced to duel him for the fate of the Spiral.

After a perilous battle, the young Wizard triumphed (as predicted). Malistaire ultimately perished and was finally reunited with his lost love! Hand in hand, Malistaire, and Sylvia departed together for the Other Side. At least until Morganthe woke him up, and the whole Darkmoor incident, but that’s a story for another time.

Thanks for reading!

Well, that’s all on the world of Dragonspyre. For now, at least.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the team here at Ravenwood Academy who helped make this possible (as ghosts can be tricky things to photomance)!

Since this is the first article in this series, I’d like to know: would you like to hear more about the lore of the Spiral? If so, what would you like to see next? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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  1. I have always been fascinated by astral magic and the celestians. Maybe you can do the history of celestia and what happened to the celestians.

    1. Brad Baker,

      The ancient people of Celestia are indeed a truly fascinating culture within the realms of the Spiral. Did you know there’s actually a way to translate the Celestian hieroglyphics seen in-game? Who knows what secrets Celestia holds? Rest assured their story is on the way along with many others. Keep an eye out, and see you in the Spiral.

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