Fantastic Healing Pets

What is a Healing Pet?

Healing pets have talents that largely focus on “may cast” healing talents. In general they are used in combination with resistance, utility, or outgoing healing talents. Namely because may cast healing talents are used to help you sustain damage over time, but don’t help prevent you from getting killed in one shot. However, like any other talent, they can be useful to add onto another pet you’re already using. I always appreciate having a single may cast healing talent on the pets I use for questing, just to cut back on the times I need to use potions between battles.

Why use a Healing Pet?

Similar to ward pets, healing pets are generally used by players who want to play defensively. May cast heals have a chance to trigger whenever someone takes damage. With such a broad trigger, these talents trigger quite often, especially in difficult battles. The main difference between using a ward pet and a healing pet, is that a ward pet will actually reduce the damage you take, while a healing pet will simply heal back any health you lose. This means you are more susceptible to big hits with a healing pet, but will thrive in long drawn out battles. Due to this, it is very common to see healing talents combined with resistance talents. 

How do I make a Healing Pet?

I always suggest starting by selecting what specific talents you want on your pet, especially with the many options on a healing pet. To begin with, lets cover what may cast healing talents are available, and when you might want to use them.

  • Fairy Friend – May cast Fairy is the most common healing talent. It is a single target heal that casts very regularly, perfect for keeping your health topped off in battle.
  • Unicorn – May cast Unicorn is a more situational talent compared to Fairy. It heals your entire team, but due to this it also triggers significantly less often than Fairy. I find this talent useful if you know your allies might be dying, because this talent gives a chance to automatically revive them.
  • Spritely – May cast Sprite is, in my opinion, one of the worst healing talents. It only heals the caster a small amount over multiple turns and, in my experience, casts less often than Fairy. I don’t recommend this talent unless you already have the better options and just want more may cast heals.
  • Energizing Battery – May cast Healing Current is very hit or miss, by design. It doesn’t cast as regularly as Fairy does, but this spell heals up to 1000 base. That is more than any other may cast heal, which can be enough to fully heal you.
  • Sprite Queen – May cast Sprite Swarm serves the same purpose as Unicorn but probably won’t provide as much health. It can be good in combination with Unicorn, but I would say get Unicorn before Sprite Queen.
  • Batusi – May cast Life Bat also serves the same purpose as Unicorn and Sprite Queen. Again, I would suggest Unicorn above this talent.
  • Pet Rescue – May cast Revitalize is the newest and probably most unique may cast healing talent. When it casts, it heals back 25% of your maximum health, which can either be a lot or not very much depending on your gear and level. However, this spell can only cast when your Wizard is already low on health. Due to this, I never recommend the talent because I generally view healing talents as a way to keep you topped off, not necessarily save you from dying. 
  • Happy Accident – May cast Pigsie is an incredibly powerful talent that can easily turn an entire battle around. It has all the benefits of Unicorn, but with the power of a spell like Fairy. This spell can only be obtained via the Lifesaver Jade. It cannot be hatched onto a pet as of now.

Popular Base Pets

Another very important thing to consider when making a pet is what type of pet to actually manifest the talents onto. Realistically, I always suggest putting the talents on whatever pet you like the look of. But, if you are looking for options that add more to the pet, I will list a few. Any of the Dryad pets are an excellent options, because they all give you the item card Hamadryad – this spell heals your entire team as well as removing one damage over time tic, similar to Mass Triage. Another popular option is the Fairyfly, it gives three fairy spells which can be cast on any target. All schools besides life get the Pixie spell, which is self heal only, but Fairy can be cast on allies as well. The last pet I suggest is the Leaf Foot. If you’re looking to amplify your healing, this pet is a great option. It gives the item cards Guiding Light, Brilliant Light, and Sanctuary. These are great spells to make your heals even stronger. 

Extra Information

May cast heals technically count as spells being cast by your Wizard. Due to this, they will be amplified by your Wizard’s Outgoing healing statistic (as well as the Incoming healing of whatever target is getting healed). If you want to capitalize on this fact, you can use gear that has Outgoing healing or even include talents that will provide healing. The Outgoing healing talents Healer and Medic, as well as may cast Mend (Magnificent Mender) are all excellent options if you choose to go this route. 

Additionally, may cast heals are not influenced by your pet’s stats, like other talents are. So, when making a healing pet, unless the pet has talents that require stats, you can safely skip that step of the hatching process if you want to. This makes healing pets one of the easier types of pets to make and very friendly for players that are new to hatching. 

Creating My Healing Pet

For these articles, I decided it would be beneficial if I created a pet to document the process. To create a healing pet, I started by looking through my own pets to see if I could get a head start. Luckily, I found a Spark Beast in my bank that already had two healing talents manifested: Fairy Friend and Energizing Battery. If I did not have this pet, I would have started with a pet such as Bloodbat or Piggle and looked for a pet with healing talents to hatch with. Although this pet has been hatched before, I like to reset the counter for every hatching project. So, for this project, I’m going to consider Miss Scooter my first generation pet. 


After my first hatch, I trained the offspring to Epic. You can see that pet on the left side of this image. I considered Sir Cali my second generation pet, because the pet was made from the first generation parent. Fairy Friend came from my own pet and the other three talents came from the other pet. That being said, some of my own pet’s talents are still in this new pet’s pool, just not yet manifested. While you may look at this pet and say it’s 4/5 of the way to a completed pet, I decided to stop here to be safe and hatch again. All I knew is that I wanted another may cast heal, regardless of which one it was. So, to give myself the best chances of getting a may cast heal talent, I found a pet that has as many may cast heal talents as possible and hatched with that. 

From this point it was mostly downhill until the pet was completed. Given that the list of talents I would accept on the pet was so vast, the chances of manifesting just 5 of them was high. Had I been going for more specific talents, more time would need to be invested in order to narrow down the pool. But, in this case, I just hatched these two pets together and trained the offspring to mega until I got the 5 talents I wanted. If I had wanted to change the base, any time before training to mega would have been a good time to do it.

Hopefully you found this article helpful in explaining what healing pets are, tips for creating healing pets of your own, and helpful information regarding how healing pets work.  Let me know in the comments below what talents you have on your healing pets!

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    1. Most of the pets shown in this guide are available in the kiosk. However, some of the pets recommended such as the Fairyfly and Leaf Foot are not available in the kiosk.

  1. I have two leaf foots that I have been trying to get to maycast healing, so far both have selfish talents I’ve never seen before. What can I do?

    1. When trying to get unwanted talents out of your pool, there are two main methods. Your first option would be to go back to using a pet that does not have those selfish talents manifested yet, which might be challenging if you didn’t keep those pets around. The second option would be to hatch and train to adult until the talent stops manifesting or leaves the pool altogether. Hope this helps, good luck making your maycast healing pet.

    1. If your only goal is to heal then maycast cycle of life can be very helpful. However, because you can only have one aura active at a time, some players prefer to use brace aura to keep themselves alive instead.

  2. is it 100% confirmed that maycast sprite queen heals your teammates too? I’ve been looking around the web and it looks like mixed responses. I haven’t encountered any actual video proof thx.

    1. After more research I concluded that the talent “Sprite Queen” actually just casts the spell “Sprite Queen” and not the spell “Sprite Swarm”. Sprite Queen is a slightly more powerful version of the base 1-pip spell Sprite and does not actually heal your entire team. The spell Sprite Swarm, which does heal your entire team, can only be obtained as a treasure card or item card. I apologize for the confusion.

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