Catching the Sword Tail

Every Monday morning the weekly tournament fish changes. There are fishing secrets that I can tell you. I want to share with you my experience in the fantastic world of wizard101 tournament fishing!

Sword Tail

School Fire /Rank 2 /Common/Large /1,400 XP


Small Fry < 12,90
Whopper > 25

No used in any recipes

Αverage sale price in gold: 200 each

Fish Locations:

Caer Lyon
High Road
Lake Shore
Mysterious Well
Poisoned Well
The Wild
The Wyrd

How to catch a small fry

The best to catch this fish is the Mysterious Well. In all locations you will also find the “Fish and Chips” fire school rank 1. The smallest pond we can see everything from fishing spells in at the same time is the Mysterious Well. It is a dungeon but it is not necessary to fight in order to fish there.

Find it in Order

Caliburn / Caer Lyon/ Outer Yard / Mysterious Well

Spells in order:

  1. Winnow Fire Fish
  2. Reveal Small Fish
  3. If nothing is affected – Summon Fish and repeat
  4. If it shows a fish – Check to see if it’s moving faster than the others, if not it’s the “Fish and Chips”


The first 3 winners will get tournament tickets:
First: 120
Second: 50
Third: 20
The tournament ends at 27/08/18