Fantastic Healing Pets

What is a Healing Pet?

Healing pets have talents that largely focus on “may cast” healing talents. In general they are used in combination with resistance, utility, or outgoing healing talents. Namely because may cast healing talents are used to help you sustain damage over time, but don’t help prevent you from getting killed in one shot. However, like any other talent, they can be useful to add onto another pet you’re already using. I always appreciate having a single may cast healing talent on the pets I use for questing, just to cut back on the times I need to use potions between battles.

Why use a Healing Pet?

Similar to ward pets, healing pets are generally used by players who want to play defensively. May cast heals have a chance to trigger whenever someone takes damage. With such a broad trigger, these talents trigger quite often, especially in difficult battles. The main difference between using a ward pet and a healing pet, is that a ward pet will actually reduce the damage you take, while a healing pet will simply heal back any health you lose. This means you are more susceptible to big hits with a healing pet, but will thrive in long drawn out battles. Due to this, it is very common to see healing talents combined with resistance talents. 

How do I make a Healing Pet?

I always suggest starting by selecting what specific talents you want on your pet, especially with the many options on a healing pet. To begin with, lets cover what may cast healing talents are available, and when you might want to use them.

  • Fairy Friend – May cast Fairy is the most common healing talent. It is a single target heal that casts very regularly, perfect for keeping your health topped off in battle.
  • Unicorn – May cast Unicorn is a more situational talent compared to Fairy. It heals your entire team, but due to this it also triggers significantly less often than Fairy. I find this talent useful if you know your allies might be dying, because this talent gives a chance to automatically revive them.
  • Spritely – May cast Sprite is, in my opinion, one of the worst healing talents. It only heals the caster a small amount over multiple turns and, in my experience, casts less often than Fairy. I don’t recommend this talent unless you already have the better options and just want more may cast heals.
  • Energizing Battery – May cast Healing Current is very hit or miss, by design. It doesn’t cast as regularly as Fairy does, but this spell heals up to 1000 base. That is more than any other may cast heal, which can be enough to fully heal you.
  • Sprite Queen – May cast Sprite Swarm serves the same purpose as Unicorn but probably won’t provide as much health. It can be good in combination with Unicorn, but I would say get Unicorn before Sprite Queen.
  • Batusi – May cast Life Bat also serves the same purpose as Unicorn and Sprite Queen. Again, I would suggest Unicorn above this talent.
  • Pet Rescue – May cast Revitalize is the newest and probably most unique may cast healing talent. When it casts, it heals back 25% of your maximum health, which can either be a lot or not very much depending on your gear and level. However, this spell can only cast when your Wizard is already low on health. Due to this, I never recommend the talent because I generally view healing talents as a way to keep you topped off, not necessarily save you from dying. 
  • Happy Accident – May cast Pigsie is an incredibly powerful talent that can easily turn an entire battle around. It has all the benefits of Unicorn, but with the power of a spell like Fairy. This spell can only be obtained via the Lifesaver Jade. It cannot be hatched onto a pet as of now.

Popular Base Pets

Another very important thing to consider when making a pet is what type of pet to actually manifest the talents onto. Realistically, I always suggest putting the talents on whatever pet you like the look of. But, if you are looking for options that add more to the pet, I will list a few. Any of the Dryad pets are an excellent options, because they all give you the item card Hamadryad – this spell heals your entire team as well as removing one damage over time tic, similar to Mass Triage. Another popular option is the Fairyfly, it gives three fairy spells which can be cast on any target. All schools besides life get the Pixie spell, which is self heal only, but Fairy can be cast on allies as well. The last pet I suggest is the Leaf Foot. If you’re looking to amplify your healing, this pet is a great option. It gives the item cards Guiding Light, Brilliant Light, and Sanctuary. These are great spells to make your heals even stronger. 

Extra Information

May cast heals technically count as spells being cast by your Wizard. Due to this, they will be amplified by your Wizard’s Outgoing healing statistic (as well as the Incoming healing of whatever target is getting healed). If you want to capitalize on this fact, you can use gear that has Outgoing healing or even include talents that will provide healing. The Outgoing healing talents Healer and Medic, as well as may cast Mend (Magnificent Mender) are all excellent options if you choose to go this route. 

Additionally, may cast heals are not influenced by your pet’s stats, like other talents are. So, when making a healing pet, unless the pet has talents that require stats, you can safely skip that step of the hatching process if you want to. This makes healing pets one of the easier types of pets to make and very friendly for players that are new to hatching. 

Creating My Healing Pet

For these articles, I decided it would be beneficial if I created a pet to document the process. To create a healing pet, I started by looking through my own pets to see if I could get a head start. Luckily, I found a Spark Beast in my bank that already had two healing talents manifested: Fairy Friend and Energizing Battery. If I did not have this pet, I would have started with a pet such as Bloodbat or Piggle and looked for a pet with healing talents to hatch with. Although this pet has been hatched before, I like to reset the counter for every hatching project. So, for this project, I’m going to consider Miss Scooter my first generation pet. 


After my first hatch, I trained the offspring to Epic. You can see that pet on the left side of this image. I considered Sir Cali my second generation pet, because the pet was made from the first generation parent. Fairy Friend came from my own pet and the other three talents came from the other pet. That being said, some of my own pet’s talents are still in this new pet’s pool, just not yet manifested. While you may look at this pet and say it’s 4/5 of the way to a completed pet, I decided to stop here to be safe and hatch again. All I knew is that I wanted another may cast heal, regardless of which one it was. So, to give myself the best chances of getting a may cast heal talent, I found a pet that has as many may cast heal talents as possible and hatched with that. 

From this point it was mostly downhill until the pet was completed. Given that the list of talents I would accept on the pet was so vast, the chances of manifesting just 5 of them was high. Had I been going for more specific talents, more time would need to be invested in order to narrow down the pool. But, in this case, I just hatched these two pets together and trained the offspring to mega until I got the 5 talents I wanted. If I had wanted to change the base, any time before training to mega would have been a good time to do it.

Hopefully you found this article helpful in explaining what healing pets are, tips for creating healing pets of your own, and helpful information regarding how healing pets work.  Let me know in the comments below what talents you have on your healing pets!

Spooky Halloween Stitches

With the spooky season fast approaching, it’s time for us to drag all the skeletons out of the closet!  So, organize your wardrobe, break out the mirror, and get ready to create your own personal Halloween themed stitch. We’ll take you through some of the most popular and scariest stitches you can use this Halloween in the Spiral!

We’re going to be breaking down various options from different sources. We’ll be giving you options for every piece of gear too, so you can make sure you’re fully decked out in your spookiest attire.  Make sure to mix and match any pieces of gear to make a look that’s completely your own!


Hats are one of the most important parts of any stitch, as we’re naturally drawn to our characters faces.  Fortunately, we have a litany of scary masks and hats just for the occasion!  

To the right, you can see various options I’d recommend.  You could be a Mummy, a Vampire, a Skeleton, or anything else you can imagine. A lot of Halloween hats cover the Wizards face, which can be very cool for the scary, dead theme! 

My personal favorites include the Skeleton Hat, Spooky Carnival Hat and the Pumpkin Masks.  They work really well with just about anything!


Robes are the biggest part of any stitch, taking up more visual space on a Wizard than hats and boots combined!  You’ll want to make sure you choose the perfect robe for your stitch.

Fancy Vampire robes for a suave and scary Wizard might be exactly what your stitch needs.  Or, if you are focusing on the more deadly aspects of Halloween, a Mummy or a Skeleton robe might be just what you are looking for!  The Spooky Carnival robe is also a fun and slightly more unique choice. 

However, my personal favorite robe for Halloween is Youkai’s Death stitch robe!  I think it works great with anything, allowing you to mix and match while suiting all your scary needs!


The boots are a fun part of any stitch.  I find they’re the piece I fuss over the most. Even though they’re nearest to the ground and comparatively smaller to robes, it’s really noticeable if they don’t fit the look.

Pack boots such as the Terror’s Hoard Boots or the Ancient Purrzian variants work great!

You can also use the more traditional options, such as the Vampire, Mummy and Skeletal Boots as they can work brilliantly.  However, they can be harder to mix and match in some cases.

I personally use the Ancient Purrzian Galesh, which have an awesome color scheme and a great skull pattern!


I have always considered the wand to be the most important part of any stitch.  They have to match the overall look, and in many instances they are the signature piece that completes it.  So, here are my seasonal favorites.

The Pumpkin and Witch wands found in the Shopping District carry the Halloween spirit.  They’re delightfully frightening options for any ghoulish stitch.

Some other possible choices come from packs, bundles and drops. Malistaire’s Wand and Hades’s Staff might be exactly what you’re looking for. Or, what about a scary floating eyeball, with dragon wings like the Terror’s Hoard wands?

My favorite is the Spooky Throwing Knife.  It’s scary, glowing, and has a skull in the grip!

So make your own stitch now!

I hope these options inspire you to create your own Halloween stitch!  Who knows, maybe it will help you win Kingsisle’s Halloween Decorating Contest!  Here’s a look at what I came up with for my wizard. We offer you this chilling challenge, tweet us or post on Facebook showing us what your Wizard looks like this spooky season @RW_Academy101  and join in the fun.

Enjoy all the Tricks and Treats in the Spiral Wizards!

Carnival of Creepy Fun!

KingsIsle has just released their newest bundle for Halloween!  Following what they have done in the past, this one comes with another fabulous ride for your Wizards to enjoy. You’ll find it at Gamestop for $29.00.  This bundle comes with Gear, a Mount, a Pet AND a fabulous ride on Ferris Wheel!

Come with me as we explore the “Creepier Carnival Bundle”

For me the highlight of this bundle is the Scare-Us-Wheel.  It is a 6 person rideable housing item.  Sitting on a vortex base, it has clawed arms reaching  from it’s depths.  As with the carousel, you have 4 different views to  choose from while riding it.

A wonderful addition for any Halloween castle!

Next we have the Evil Carnival Wagon.  A wonderfully eerie 4 person mount that gives +40 speed.  Done with faded shades of red and blue, it has skulls and scrollwork in gold.  A colony of bats accompanies you wherever you go.  Hanging lanterns will light your path.

So much fun to travel in!

The pet that comes with this bundle is a Frankenstein style Teddy Bear, appropriately named “Scare Bear”. A Death school pet, he comes with an animate card at baby.  With glowing red eyes and stuffing falling from his stitches, he will be a creepy addition to any pet collection.

Sinister Harlequin Gear

If you enjoy being a “trickster”, this gear is for you.  It has the classic Harlequin appearance, checkered robes, multi pointed hat with mask, and shoes with curled toes and striped socks.  As a whole, the gear isn’t the best when it comes to stats, but individually some of the pieces are pretty decent.  It all depends on the stats that you want to  have. 

Mallet of the Midway

The wand that comes with the bundle isn’t impressive to look at, but, I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by the stats.  Starting out at Tier 1 with 4% universal damage makes it a powerful piece for new wizards.  The top tier wand is also impressive with 3% pierce, 85% critical, 15% damage, 225 pip conversion, and 2 square jewel slots, making this a very useful wand to have.

There you have it!  Another wonderful Halloween bundle from KingsIsle.  I hope this will help you to decide if this is a bundle for you.  Let me know what your favorite part of it is in the comments!

The Hardest Crafting Recipe!

Have you ever thought about what the hardest thing to craft in Wizard101 might be? Which world is the most difficult, and in particular, what recipe is the most challenging in the entire game?

Well, we have tons of crafting guides that cover all the worlds in the Spiral, but lets look at the most difficult recipe to date, the Chain Reel!

You might make a case for the Revered crafting wands. They require good amounts of Flying Squid Ink, Aethyr Ore and also the Participation Trophies. A lot of worlds when questing and ranking up your crafting also challenged us, worlds like Dragonspyre come to mind. But trust me, none of them compare to what you’re about to see…

Don’t let me having all the reagents mislead you. 50 Flying Squid Ink and 100 Aethyr Ore is already rather taxing, but there’s a killer involved.

Getting 50 Platinum is only describable as absurdly difficult. It only really drops from the Accursed Play gauntlet and is still really rare. A lot of people who play actively on their max characters may not even have a single one, not to mention 50!

So let’s tackle getting these reagents so we can achieve this recipe!

Getting the Reagents!

The Squid Ink looks somewhat daunting, though honestly, you will most likely get enough from questing through Empyrea Part Two and farming for your Paradox gear.

The Aethyr Ore is a rather massive set-back. While farming in the Reverie or Husk can let you achieve what you need in a couple hours. That’s of course if you make use of transmutation, which trust me, you’ll want to do.

The most difficult reagent is the 50 Platinum. To clarify, if only using transmutation to achieve a single Platinum, it will cost you ten trillion Stone Blocks…

That’s ten followed by twelve zeros. 10 000 000 000 000 for one Platinum, so you’d need fifty times that for the full recipe.

While that absurd number sets in, it’s important to note that the only way I found to do this was by purchasing the Platinum with Empowers. But be careful if you try this, it’s not easy. This recipe cost me a lot of Empowers, probably over 1000. It’ll take a while to accomplish this feat!

Why craft it?

This is something I was asked a lot. Why Kyle? What for Kyle? To be honest, because I could. I enjoy doing these difficult things in games. The item itself, the Chain Reel, is an absolutely useless housing item.

I did it for the challenge mostly. To be able to say “look what I did !” Do you think you can do it too? Take the Chain Reel Challenge and post your finished Chain Reel on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord. Tag us at Ravenwood Academy so we can admire your work! I challenge you to craft the Chain Reel!

Sailing with Sinbad

Join me as we set sail in Wizard101’s newest gauntlet, Sinbad and the Iron Sultan.  And guess what…..It’s Craftable!  

Visit Lloyd Fallingwater in the shopping district to purchase the recipe under the furniture tab. He also has 2 new recipes for the reagents needed to craft this magnificent Gauntlet.

Recipe price for Gauntlet: 10,000 gold

Recipe price for Transmute Magnificent Clay: 2,000 gold

Recipe price for Transmute Marvelous Clay: 2,000 gold

Crafting the gauntlet requires Red Magical Clay, another new reagent that I have yet to locate as a drop within the Spiral.  

You will find the Marvelous and Magical Clay reagents that are required for crafting, in the new Sinbad Hoard Pack!

The new gauntlet is also available for purchase on the Wizard 101 website.  A $39.00 bundle with the Gauntlet and 7500 Crowns!

Sinbad Hoard Pack

The gear that’s available in the new Hoard pack is the “Fleet Kapudan’s Attire”, the “Sky Captains Attire”, and the “Grand Admirals Attire”  The wand is the “Boarding Hook”. The new mount is a very cool and unusual looking 2-headed bird. Last, but definitely not least, is the Gryphon pet, which is a simply adorable puppy like creature.

Credit for the screenshot of the Kapudans Boarding Hook goes to Destiny Thunderstaff

In addition to the new gear, you will find a lot of great new housing items in the packs. These items are also dropped in the gauntlet.

There is also a new summon treasure card that comes in this pack. It’s Sinbad himself!  I cannot wait to use this and see what kind of spells he has available.

The Gauntlet

Together, we’ll travel to the Isle of Metallos upon the ship Chimera. Sinbad and his 1st mate Lemmi accompany us as we forge our way through through the depths of the dungeon.

Upon entering you find yourself at the Port of Ferros, speaking with Sinbad and his 1st mate, Lemmi.  They ask your assistance in finding and getting rid of an Evil Magician who goes by the name Hari Houssen. He has possession of a magical jewel that grants amazing transmutation powers, called the Iommi stone.  The Sultan has offered a handsome reward to anyone who can free the citizens of the Isle of Metallos from him and his minions.

The Isle of Metallos is a lava filled cave full of destruction. Craggy ledges, broken bridges, and many tunnels lend an overwhelming sense of doom throughout the entire dungeon.  Keep your eyes open, as there is a secret hidden boss within the gauntlet.

Your first mob battle will  be against a metal version of the Minotaur, a Metaltaur! They are Ice School mobs, with 4,835 health. Watch out, they are truly a “beast” to beat!

The second battle finds you up against a mob of metallic versions of Cyclops, named Chromeclops. They are Myth School with 5,565 health, and you battle 3 of them. They hit hard at over 4,500 damage, so be well protected. Made of chrome, they have a single focus, so attack on their blind side!

After defeating the cyclops, you travel on to a room where you find a metallic version of the Skeletal Pirate, aptly named Steeleton. They are Death School and have a health of 4,780.  Personally, I found them easier than the Chromeclops. I really “rattled their bones”.

After that battle, following the path that the Steeletons sent you on, you finally reach the summit. It’s there that you come face to face with Hari. When you enter, you will find him in the middle of a transmutation spell to turn his dragon into gold. As he changes into the Iron Sultan, you must stop him and retrieve the Ione Stone! *Note to KI, LOVE the guitar shred!”

For the final battle of this gauntlet you will be up against the Iron Sultan, his Golden Dragon and a Skeeleton. The Iron Sultan is Storm School, with 13,875 health. The Golden Dragon is Sun School with a health of 5,875.  The Steeleton is Death, as before with the same health of 4,780.

Make sure you have a good strong team here, the Sulton is strong with attack spells hitting well over 6,000!

Now that you have defeated the Iron Sultan and retrieved the Iommi Stone, you will be rewarded with this awesome statue to commemorate your grand adventure. Make sure you pick it up.  Well done!  As an added surprise this statue will give you a daily reward, so check it every day.

I hope this article helps you on your way to crafting the new Gauntlet, and will also help you get through it. If you find items that I have not listed, comment below and I’ll add it in and give you credit for your discovery!

Thanks for  reading!

Best Levels for PVP

Today we’ll be looking at what levels are the best for PvP for each school. Doing PvP at these levels for the specific schools will make your best chance of Arena success, as that is where they naturally perform the best.

While writing this article, I took these factors into consideration:

  • Least amount of thinking required to make effective moves
  • Hardest to counter
  • The potential to get high rank.

Exalted Fire

Fire is one of those schools that can be done well at most levels, but at a high level it’s very easy. Especially if you’re first,you can pull off so many different options for combos. I suggest you do a lot of trap stacking with spells like Fire Beetle, Brimstone, and at level 100, you get Fire from Above, which does mass damage and adds three more traps! A Shrike attack, with all these traps up, pretty much nullifies any shield and is very hard to counter. You also have King Artorius at this level which comes into play when your opponent doesn’t stun block.  

Why Exalted and not max? You don’t gain a whole lot going to max besides scion and the 4-pip shadow spells from Mirage, you lose crit percentage with similar gear, and it’s harder to rank up due to the fact that at max, you can only queue high ranked exalts or maxes around your rank, while at Exalted, you get high ranked legends and lower ranked maxes.

Exalted Ice

Ice is naturally good at PvP due to their high health buffer. At level 100, they learn Abominable Weaver. This spell is very good in that it does massive damage (950-1150 base) and leaves a -75% shield for the cost of just five pips and a shadow pip! If you’re Ice and don’t get a shadow pip, Lord of Winter also does a hefty amount of damage and Mana Burns the target! Ice school damage and pierce are pretty good along with impressive resist and health with typical gear at this level.

Legendary Storm

Storm generally isn’t a first choice in PVP, because it revolves around luck and their health is usually low. However, at Legendary, they’re very strong. A “lucky” Insane Bolt or max Wild Bolt does incredible damage at that level. An Infallible used with Queen Calypso deals massive damage, and can combo with other spells like Storm Lord or Thunderbird. I have a Legendary Storm that I got to 1400 rank with ease. If you’d like to know more on Legendary Storm PvP, read this article about it on RA  right here.

Legendary Myth

Myth performs very well in PvP, especially at lower levels with their double hits, stuns, and all the different minions. At Legendary, they have Talos, which is a powerful minion with 1,000 health. It can do a variety of things including stun,trap, and hit with useful spells like Minotaur, and Earthquake! At this level you also have the advantage of trained, Sun School enchanted Medusa. Myth has all kinds of options for getting around shields such as Shatter, Earthquake, Minotaur and Basilisk. This makes them a useful school, especially for countering defensive strategies, which is a prevalent strategy in mid level PvP.

Legendary Death

Death is a school that performs well in low level PVP due to their health draining spells and options for utility. This is especially prevalent at the Legendary level. Headless Horseman with an Infallible can do massive damage at Legendary. Put a myth mastery amulet on a Legendary Death and you’ll have Earthquake for blade-stackers and Medusa for all sorts of possible combos. I have a Legendary Death that I got to 1500 rank, and it was probably one of the most enjoyable characters to rank up. For more info on how to do Legendary Death PVP, read RA’s guide right here.

Archmage Life

Life heal spam strategies work well at any level, but Archmage is the best. The Cosmic Kris and Stellar Signet combined with Jade gear really allows you to maximize your heal boost. You get Guardian Spirit in Avalon at level 75, which is the backbone of Archmage Jade Life. At level 80, you get paired against Legendary Warlords who can’t hurt you much with all your resist and your heal boost, and higher levels who have shadow magic, but not the skills or sufficient stats to beat a jade. All your heal boost will ensure that your heals do a ton and that you’ll also come back with a lot if you do happen to die with guardian spirit up. If you want to learn how to do archmage angel life PvP, there is a guide on RA (also written by me) right here.

Legendary Balance

Balance is an overall very strong PvP school throughout all levels with all their utility and relatively high resist. This is especially true at Legendary. Loremaster is widely considered to be one of the strongest PvP spells because it does a good amount of damage while also leaving a -20% Weakness AND a -35% Black Mantle. If you use different enchants on Loremaster, the weaknesses and mantles will stack, making it hard for your opponent to deal damage. In addition, Loremaster does so much damage at that level, especially with an Infallible Aura, which gives 15% pierce and an additional 15% accuracy for 4 rounds. They have also just learned Availing Hands at level 55, which is a useful heal over time spell. It is pretty easy to get a high rank on a Legendary Balance with all these tools. It doesn’t even stop once you face people with Shadow magic! At that point, Balance can go Jade with a Life Mastery Amulet and make it against opponents 40 levels higher with Availing Hands, Spirit and Elemental diffuse for getting around dispel shields in Shrike, and weakness stack with Loremaster and individual Weaknesses.

This wraps up my favorite PvP levels in Wizard101. Do you agree with the levels I chose for each school? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Fantastic Ward Pets

What Is A Ward Pet?

The name Ward Pet refers specifically to “Ward” talents. Each school has a corresponding ward talent, usually with the school’s name followed by the word “Ward”. For instance, Fire-Ward or Balance-Ward. These talents all give up to 15% resistance to that specific school. Since these talents give resist, they are most commonly paired with the universal resistance talents, Spell-Proof and Spell-Defying, for a hefty 30% resistance to that particular school. Although these talents are often seen together, a pet does not need the universal resistance talents to be considered a ward pet. 

Why Use A Ward Pet?

At first glance, you might think these ward talents are only useful if you intend to play defensive. While that is true, many players will want to take advantage of ward talents, even players who spend their time hitting can make use of ward pets. As long as you know what type of damage you will be taking, using the corresponding ward talent will make you significantly more resilient in battle. 

For those players who don’t want to hit as much, it is popular to combine ward talents with other types of talents. For example, certain may-cast talents pair incredibly well, Fairy Friend or Fearless Fortifier to name a couple.

How Do I Make a Ward Pet?

Although the general way you go about making a ward pet is the same as making any other pet, there are some useful tips to keep in mind. The pet you put the ward talents on, can be equally as important as the talents themselves. For offensive ward pets, as I mentioned earlier, the Rain Beetle is a popular base pet. It provides a spell that allows you to remove shields or weaknesses and blade in the same turn. For defensive ward pets, Grimhorns and Flamencos provide very powerful -90% set shields which pair nicely with the extra resistance. Other popular options include the Clockwork Paladin, which gives a minion that has many shields and blades. 

Once you pick what base to put the talents on as well as which wards you want, there are some helpful things to look for in the pool. For starters, all ward talents are Ultra-Rare. So when looking for a ward pet, keep an eye out for a lot of Ultra-Rare talents in the pool. Another thing to keep in mind, is ward talents will always be below Spell-Proof in your pool. It’s very common for Spell-Proof to be the very top talent in your pool, although it does not have to be. 

Extra Information

You may hear players throw around the term “16 ward” when discussing ward pets. Your first thought might be that they have a ward pet with selfish talents to increase the stats from the talent. However, if the pet’s base stats are high enough, when combining Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying and a ward talent, they will actually add up to 31%, despite still showing 5%, 10% and 15%. This will only be visible on your character sheet, and is only possible when you have both Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying and a Ward talent. This is a picture of my character with the Rain Beetle I mentioned earlier, and as you can see he has 31% Fire, Ice, and Balance resistance despite the pet only showing values that add up to 30%. 

For anyone interested in the math behind 16 ward or interested in checking if a pet will be 16 ward before training it, here it is. As long as the decimal values of Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying and the ward talent add together to be 30.5 or greater, the character sheet will round the value up to 31%. For reference, a max stat pet will have the values of 10.24, 5.12 and 15.36, which add to 30.72 and thus round up to 31%. 


This concludes the first article of the Fantastic Pets series. Hopefully this helped give you some insight into what wards pets are, why to use them, and how to go about making one yourself.

I’d love to hear about how this guide helped you, as well as what else you want to hear about. I will be covering other major pet types, but if you have a specific type of pet in mind, be sure to leave a comment below.

The NEW Scroll of Fortune

The new Scroll of Fortune has been added as a part of the Sizzling Summer Update!  Within it comes potions,  gold and even packs that you can earn by obtaining points over the next 4 months!  So, let’s see if it’s worth 7500 Crowns, and if the rewards are enough!

The Tiers

The Scroll of Fortune comes with 9 tiers. You progress on to the next tier, after fully progressing through your current one. To progress you have to earn points.

Points are earned by participating in the events that are currently active in the game. These include the Deckathalons, the Beastmoon Hunt, The Spiral Showcase, and any future events yet unknown!

Each tier requires a differing amount of points to complete, offering multiple rewards along the way as you progress!


The Rewards

Throughout the Scroll you will earn rewards as you progress. These can range from gold, to seeds, to Deckathalon packs. Completing the 9th tier comes with 32 rewards. That’s a lot of extra rewards you can earn by simply playing the events active at the time.  

However, the real rewards come from that 7500 Crowns investment into the scroll! With an additional 31 rewards up for grabs, I personally will be buying the Scroll. Justifying the cost is up to you, but I don’t want to regret not taking the opportunity to be able to dab on my haters with the new dance! Or, cast awesome magic spells with a simple emote! Or, what about having piles of elixirs and potions at your disposal to make your Wizard’s life easier, whatever they may be working on in the Spiral!

So is it worth it?

The Scroll initially had a fairly poor reception from the community.  Most people seem to believe it’s a waste of Crowns. I however, don’t.  It’s 7500 crowns for four months of rewards that you can earn. If you’re worried you won’t complete the scroll and get the rewards, you can buy it AFTER you’ve completed the tiers and still claim all the previous rewards you’ve gone past!  

If you need further incentive, do you really want to be that wizard who, a year down the line, has missed out on the opportunity to dab on their enemies after a PvP match..?  I think not! So, will you be purchasing the new Scroll of Fortune? Let us know in the comments below.

Archmage Angel Life PvP

Welcome to Archmage Angel Life PvP! Why level 80 for the Jade Angel strategy? You can train Guardian Spirit at level 75, so level 80 is best for this strategy. At 80 you can carry many copies of Guardian per Reshuffle while also utilizing the healing boost from Jade gear.

As a level 80, I find that most of my matches are against level 60 Warlords. They are skilled, but don’t have the tools to counter your resist as a Jade at this level. I found getting Warlord as an Archmage Angel Life pretty easy. What I love about playing on my level 80 Jade is trying to outlast my opponent.



As a Jade, the main stats I focus on are resist and healing boost. I have 66% universal resist and 81% resist to Balance, with 54% incoming and 66% outgoing healing. I like to have that Balance resist because you run into a lot of Legendary Balance Wizards who use Doom and Gloom and Loremaster.

Gear Setup

  • Jade Hood of Mystery (Level 80+) – Keeper’s Lore Pack
  • Spooky Carnival Robe (Level 80+) – Spooky Carnival Bundle
  • Mysterious Jade Boots (Level 80+) – Keeper’s Lore Pack
  • Golden Dragon Fear Banner (Level 80+) – Keeper’s Lore Pack
  • Myth Mastery AmuletCrowns Shop, Waterworks, Tower of the Helephant
  • Cosmic Kris (socket one +75 health jewel, one 4% Outgoing Jewel) – Crafted, Aegeus in Crustacean Empire has recipe
  • Stellar Signet (socket one +75 Health Jewel, one 4% Outgoing Jewel, one 4% Incoming Jewel) – Crafted, Aegeus in Crustacean Empire has recipe.
  • Pet with Proof, Defy, May Cast Fortify, May Cast Enfeeble, May Cast Fairy (socket a Balance Ward Jewel)
  • Virtuous Deck (socket Talos Jewel) – Crafted, Quentin Chamberlain in Floating Land has recipe (Even better option: Case of Virtuous Soul from Bellosh, but make sure it’s the one that gives the triangle socket!)

Deck Setup

My deck setup is for getting to warlord. Entire side is reshuffle so I can outshuffle other jades. When you’re higher rank and fight good exalts, you won’t need as many minion killers or fairies and you’ll need more regenerate, volcanic shields, and thermic shields. Changes in the side deck would be taking out about half of your shuffles and putting in tc towers, and some emergency satyrs. If you get to 1.2k and wish to push beyond that, balance mastery with mana burn wand is what you’ll want to use, but until then, use myth mastery for Talos and the bladestackers you'll face at low rank.
My deck setup is for getting to Warlord. The entire Treasure Card deck is Reshuffle so I can out-shuffle other Jades. When you’re higher rank, and face Exalted Wizards, you won’t need as many minion killers or Fairies. You’ll need more Regenerate, Volcanic Shields, and Thermic Shields.

There are some changes to the the side deck you might consider.
Try taking out about half of your Reshuffles and putting in TC Tower Shields, some emergency Satyrs, and maybe a Beguile or a Juju. At that point you’ll also want to use Balance Mastery and Mana Burn wand, but until then, use Myth Mastery for Talos and low rank blade stackers.


The goal here is to run your opponent out of cards and have your minion kill them. I really like Talos because it’s a tanky minion who can do all kinds of things including Stun, Trap, hit, and even Earthquake. You can also cast some Luminous Weavers to lower the opponent’s health while giving them a Weakness. You’ll want to get up a Guardian Spirit as soon as you can, then keep up Sanctuary so you can maximize your heals. This way you can deny your opponent’s offense momentum, and come back with a lot of health if you die.
What if you’re against a Balance or a Death who can spam Doom and Gloom? With all your heal boost, it’s fine to heal even if there’s a Doom up. Make sure you always have a Guardian Spirit in your hand so if you die, you can have another one up right away. You have Minotaur for killing minions, and the cool thing about Minotaur is it gets around shields if your opponent shields the minion!
If your opponent gets 3 blades and your pet hasn’t Enfeebled, you’ll want to Earthquake them. From second, use Earthquake when there’s 2 blades. You have Regenerate for higher levels with Shrike. One thing I will say as well, is be prepared for your matches to last a very long time!



If you have any questions about Archmage Angel Life PvP, don’t hesitate to comment below!

Castle Crafting

Did you Know?

There are castles available for your wizards to craft!

That’s right, there are 4 amazing castles that you can create.  You can craft a home in the stars, or an expansive home in the trees.  In the mood for some creepiness? There’s a craftable house for that too!  Do you need a restful weekend getaway in the mountains?  Craft it and have your weekend getaway everyday!

Watchtower Hall

Watchtower Hall is considered a luxury castle, with 250 housing item spots available inside and 250 outside. You can trade it between your Wizards, but it is not auctionable. This castle does not come with a PVP ring. You will need the crafting rank of Master Artisan and when all your materials have been gathered you will craft it at the Grizzleheim Crafting Station. The recipe to craft this house can be bought from Torald Wayfinder in Grizzleheim for 60,000 Gold.  The cool-down time is 24 hours (Half the time for subscribing members)


10 Blizzard TC’s – Blizzard Treasure Cards can be found at the Bazaar for between 250 and 350 gold.

20 Ghost Fire – Ghost Fire is found at reagent vendors in Mooshu and worlds beyond, for 100 gold. Occasionally, it can be found at the Bazaar.

4 Wooden Water Towers – This item can be crafted with a recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre, for 2,150 gold. With persistance you can occasionally find it at the Bazaar.

4 Carved Stone Towers – The Stone Towers can be crafted with a recipe from Toshio in Mooshu for 1,900 gold. Sometimes, you can find Stone Towers at the Bazaar.

15 Ornamental Stepstone – If you are lucky this can be granted from interacting with the Great Moodha Statue in the Shinobi Dojo.You also can craft it with the recipe from Wul’yahm, in Krokotopia, for 595 Gold. Keep your eyes open, because occasionally this can be found at the Bazaar.

30 Stack of Wood Planks – Wood planks can be crafted with a recipe from Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town, for 138 Gold. Occasionally, this item can be found at the Bazaar.

8 Grassy Mound – Craft your Grassy Mounds with the recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre, for 2,370 Gold. Once in awhile, this item can be found at the Bazaar.

2 Water Fountains – Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre has the Water Fountain recipe for 2,700 Gold. Like many items used to craft this house, occasionally this item can be found at the Bazaar.

Celestial Observatory

Celestial Observatory is considered a luxury castle, with 250 housing item spots available inside and 250 outside. You can trade it between your wizards, but it is not auctionable. A PVP ring is included with this castle.  You will need the crafting rank of Master Artisan, and you will craft it at the Grizzleheim Crafting Station. The recipe for this castle can be bought from Buxley Turtleton  in Celestia for 75,000 Gold.  The cooldown time after crafting the castle is 24 hours (Half the time for subscribing members)


5 Unstoppable TC’s – Purchase Unstoppable from TC vendors for 250 gold.

5 Perfect Onyx – Perfect Onyx is available from reagent vendors for 100 gold.

3 Pristine Vial – Pristine Vial is available from reagent vendors for 500 gold.

7 Crystal Street Lamp – Crystal Street Lamps can be crafted with a recipe purchased from Gearwise for 16,950 Gold. Find him in the Celestia Base Camp. If you keep your eyes open, they can occasionally be found at the Bazaar.

8 Star Chalice – Star Chalices can be crafted with a recipe from Gearwise for 14,430 Gold. Once in awhile they can be found at the Bazaar.

2 Celestian Shield – This decorative shield can be dropped by Carson Spritethief in Celestia. He can be found in the Mysterious Cave in The Floating Land. Curuin Charmtooth in Celestia, District of the Stars can also drop it. If you’re lucky, you might find one at the Bazaar.

4 Celestian Sconce – You can craft the Celestian Sconces with a recipe from Gearwise for 13,005 Gold. It is a rare find, but they can occasionally be found at the Bazaar.

3 Celestian Tree Sprig – These can be crafted with a recipe from Gearwise for 9,690 Gold. As with many other items for crafting this castle, they can occasionally found at Bazaar.

Wyrd House

The Wyrd House is considered a luxury castle, with 250 housing item spots available inside and 250 outside. You can trade it between your Wizards, but it is not auctionable. A PVP ring is not included with this castle. You will need the crafting rank of Master Artisan and you will craft the house at the Grizzleheim Crafting Station. The recipe can be bought from Padraig  in Abbey Road, Avalon for 60,000 Gold.  The cooldown time is 24 hours (Half the time for subscribing members)


6 Forest Lord – Treasure cards that are easily found at Bazaar for 2250 gold.

4 Poison – These treasure cards are commonly found at Bazaar for 860 gold.

10 Grendelweed – With persistence you can occasionally find these at the Bazaar for 1625 gold.  It is also a rare harvest from Frost Flower. You can buy them from Diego the Duelmaster for 175 Arena Tickets.  It can also be crafted with the Transmute Grendelweed recipe from Avery Templeton in Celestia. 

40 Mist Wood – If you keep an eye out, and are quick, you can get these at the Bazaar for 175 gold.  They are also found all over the Spiral as a random harvest. They also may be received in many packs, and fishing chests all through the Spiral.

2 Jar of Mushrooms – These are very rarely found at the Bazaar, so it will require patience if you are determined to get them there. The easier way is to craft them with a recipe from Torald Wayfinder in Grizzleheim for 2400 gold.

1 Vine – Vines are sold by Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way, for 400 Arena Tickets. They are also a possible reward from Deadly Fly Trap, Deadly Helephant Ears, Frozen Fly Trap and Maelstrom Snap Dragons.  Vines are also found in fishing chests in Aero Village, Massive Fantasy Palace, and in waters throughout Avalon. You can also get them as a possible drop from Gladiator Dimachaerus in the Pit of the Noxii, Mount Olympus, Aquilla.

2 Brick-Walled Pond – This item is commonly found under the outdoor section of housing at the Bazaar for 1092 gold.  You can also craft it with a recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre, for 2730 gold.

2 Cephalopod Obelisk – You can usually find the Cephalopod Obelisk at the Bazaar for 1056 gold. They can be crafted with a recipe from Gearwise in Celestia for 9780 gold.

Treetop Getaway

The Treetop Getaway is considered a luxury castle, with 250 housing item spots available inside and 250 outside. You can trade it between your Wizards, but it is not auctionable. A PVP ring is not included with this castle. You will need the crafting rank of Transcendent Crafter and you will craft it at the Grizzleheim Crafting Station. The recipe can be bought from Cantares Five Flowers  in Saltmeadow Swamp, Azteca for 65,000 Gold.  The cool down time is 36 hours (Half the time for subscribing members)


1 Braided Vine – Braided Vines are sold by Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way, for 600 Arena Tickets. Some of the gardening reward sources are Deadly Fly Trap and Silver Trumpet Vine. Commonly found in Fishing Chests in Baobab Crown, Caliburn and Elephant Graveyard.  It can  be received as a reward from various bosses.  Unfortunately, it cannot be found at the Bazaar.

3 Sparse Frond – These are quite often found at the Bazaar for 450 gold.  You can receive them as a fishing reward from chests located in the Serpentine Escape.  You can get these as a battle reward from Bacab Skycarrier, Belloq in Three Points, Crimson Eagle, Hielo Spirit, Mazen Stinger Bee, Poison Water Flower, and Zolo Stone Heart.

40 Mist Wood – Mist Wood is sometimes found at the Bazaar for 175 gold.  You can pick them up all over the Spiral as a random harvest. They are a common random reward received in various card packs, and also a common fishing chest drop.

6 Azteca Scaffolding – If you keep an eye out you can find these at the Bazaar  for 900 gold. You can easily craft it with a recipe from Cantares Five Flowers for 27,000 Gold.

8 Azteca Archway – Very rarely this archway can be seen at the Bazaar. Its usually easier to just craft them with a recipe from Cantares Five Flowers for 33,750 gold.

4 Azteca Kiln – This is another rare item sometimes found at the Bazaar. Once again, it’s generally easier to craft this kiln with a recipe from Cantares Five Flowers for 31,500 gold.

10 Dino Pillar – If you get lucky, you might find these at the Bazaar. They can easily be crafted with a recipe from Cantares Five Flowers for 33,750 gold.

2 Amber -It’s possible to transmute Amber using a recipe from Shane MacGobhann for 2,000 Gold. This is also another crafting item sold by Brandon Mistborn for 5,000 Arena Tickets. Amber is a possible reward from many different packs found in the Crowns shop. You can also receive it as a rare drop by Interacting With the Dromel Merchant in Nomads Camp, Lost & Found chest in the Castaways Bungalow, and from the Wishing Well in the  Everafter Village.  Some of the gardening reward sources are Deadly Ninja Fig, King Parsley, Queen Crape Myrtle, Red Bell Pepper, Ultra King Parsley, Ultra Trumpet Vine, and White Tiger Lily. Amber is also commonly dropped by the secret bosses in Mount Olympus and Tartarus, Aquilla.

This concludes the overview of all castles that are available to craft in Wizard101. I have crafted them all and have to say, for me, the hardest was the Treetop Getaway.  They all have their own degree of difficulty, be proud of yourself for accomplishing this challenge if you manage to craft even one! Let me know in the comments which castles you have crafted or plan to craft, and what challenges you are facing!