Best Levels for PVP

Today we’ll be looking at what levels are the best for PvP for each school. Doing PvP at these levels for the specific schools will make your best chance of Arena success, as that is where they naturally perform the best.

While writing this article, I took these factors into consideration:

  • Least amount of thinking required to make effective moves
  • Hardest to counter
  • The potential to get high rank.

Exalted Fire

Fire is one of those schools that can be done well at most levels, but at a high level it’s very easy. Especially if you’re first,you can pull off so many different options for combos. I suggest you do a lot of trap stacking with spells like Fire Beetle, Brimstone, and at level 100, you get Fire from Above, which does mass damage and adds three more traps! A Shrike attack, with all these traps up, pretty much nullifies any shield and is very hard to counter. You also have King Artorius at this level which comes into play when your opponent doesn’t stun block.  

Why Exalted and not max? You don’t gain a whole lot going to max besides scion and the 4-pip shadow spells from Mirage, you lose crit percentage with similar gear, and it’s harder to rank up due to the fact that at max, you can only queue high ranked exalts or maxes around your rank, while at Exalted, you get high ranked legends and lower ranked maxes.

Exalted Ice

Ice is naturally good at PvP due to their high health buffer. At level 100, they learn Abominable Weaver. This spell is very good in that it does massive damage (950-1150 base) and leaves a -75% shield for the cost of just five pips and a shadow pip! If you’re Ice and don’t get a shadow pip, Lord of Winter also does a hefty amount of damage and Mana Burns the target! Ice school damage and pierce are pretty good along with impressive resist and health with typical gear at this level.

Legendary Storm

Storm generally isn’t a first choice in PVP, because it revolves around luck and their health is usually low. However, at Legendary, they’re very strong. A “lucky” Insane Bolt or max Wild Bolt does incredible damage at that level. An Infallible used with Queen Calypso deals massive damage, and can combo with other spells like Storm Lord or Thunderbird. I have a Legendary Storm that I got to 1400 rank with ease. If you’d like to know more on Legendary Storm PvP, read this article about it on RA  right here.

Legendary Myth

Myth performs very well in PvP, especially at lower levels with their double hits, stuns, and all the different minions. At Legendary, they have Talos, which is a powerful minion with 1,000 health. It can do a variety of things including stun,trap, and hit with useful spells like Minotaur, and Earthquake! At this level you also have the advantage of trained, Sun School enchanted Medusa. Myth has all kinds of options for getting around shields such as Shatter, Earthquake, Minotaur and Basilisk. This makes them a useful school, especially for countering defensive strategies, which is a prevalent strategy in mid level PvP.

Legendary Death

Death is a school that performs well in low level PVP due to their health draining spells and options for utility. This is especially prevalent at the Legendary level. Headless Horseman with an Infallible can do massive damage at Legendary. Put a myth mastery amulet on a Legendary Death and you’ll have Earthquake for blade-stackers and Medusa for all sorts of possible combos. I have a Legendary Death that I got to 1500 rank, and it was probably one of the most enjoyable characters to rank up. For more info on how to do Legendary Death PVP, read RA’s guide right here.

Archmage Life

Life heal spam strategies work well at any level, but Archmage is the best. The Cosmic Kris and Stellar Signet combined with Jade gear really allows you to maximize your heal boost. You get Guardian Spirit in Avalon at level 75, which is the backbone of Archmage Jade Life. At level 80, you get paired against Legendary Warlords who can’t hurt you much with all your resist and your heal boost, and higher levels who have shadow magic, but not the skills or sufficient stats to beat a jade. All your heal boost will ensure that your heals do a ton and that you’ll also come back with a lot if you do happen to die with guardian spirit up. If you want to learn how to do archmage angel life PvP, there is a guide on RA (also written by me) right here.

Legendary Balance

Balance is an overall very strong PvP school throughout all levels with all their utility and relatively high resist. This is especially true at Legendary. Loremaster is widely considered to be one of the strongest PvP spells because it does a good amount of damage while also leaving a -20% Weakness AND a -35% Black Mantle. If you use different enchants on Loremaster, the weaknesses and mantles will stack, making it hard for your opponent to deal damage. In addition, Loremaster does so much damage at that level, especially with an Infallible Aura, which gives 15% pierce and an additional 15% accuracy for 4 rounds. They have also just learned Availing Hands at level 55, which is a useful heal over time spell. It is pretty easy to get a high rank on a Legendary Balance with all these tools. It doesn’t even stop once you face people with Shadow magic! At that point, Balance can go Jade with a Life Mastery Amulet and make it against opponents 40 levels higher with Availing Hands, Spirit and Elemental diffuse for getting around dispel shields in Shrike, and weakness stack with Loremaster and individual Weaknesses.

This wraps up my favorite PvP levels in Wizard101. Do you agree with the levels I chose for each school? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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