This article will introduce you to gardening in Wizard101. We will start with the basics a new Wizard101 gardener needs to know.

Why start Gardening?

There are a lot of reasons to start gardening in Wizard101.  The most common reason a young Wizard might garden is for pet snacks.  Pets play a very important role in your gear and stats, and to train one you’ll need snacks. Gardening is one of the best sources of Mega Snacks in the game!
Another popular reason is for reagents. You can harvest rare reagents including Amber, Blood Moss, and Springs by gardening.
Plants can also give gold and treasure cards. A well-maintained garden can supply your Wizard with constant gold!

Plant Stages


Seedling: A seedling is the plant as soon as you’ve planted it.  It won’t develop needs, and there’s not much to do but wait.


Young: The first stage of growth.  It will take longer to reach the next stage and will have needs you have to attend.


Mature: This stage takes the longest, has the most needs and requires the most work to maintain. In this stage you also start collecting rewards from your garden.


Elder:  At this final stage your plants will no longer require any tending and can be left for as long as you like.  It is here that you get the best rewards.


Wilting: This is the first stage of a dying plant and it occurs if you fail to meet a seed’s needs.  You can correct this stage by meeting the seed’s needs, but the plant will reset to the Young stage.

Dead:  This is the stage your plant will reach if you completely ignore it. It will cost 30 energy and the Revive spell to get it back if you let it reach this stage.

Soil Types

In Wizard101 we can’t plant any seed on any soil plot size. Each seed has a specific soil size. It is important to know that each size comes with an Enchanted version that some plants may need.


Small Soil

Medium Soil

Large Soil

Growing Spells






You will often find your plants needing one or more of these five things. These are growing spells, they allow your seed to grow to higher stages.
You can access better versions of these five spells at higher gardening ranks. You will meet Farley’s many cousins in other worlds of the Spiral as you level up in game. These higher ranked spells will allow you to tend many plants with the use of one spell.


Pests are just that, pests!  They’re little bugs or other annoying beings that like to come and eat away at your healthy plants. 
Taking care of your plants by killing pests is a necessity.  Wizard101 pests can range from ranks one to seven. Stronger pests need stronger spells to treat them.
Learn these spells from Farley and his cousins like the other gardening spells you have learned.

Concepts to Understand




A ‘like’ boosts your plants growth speed.
A plants likes can be many things. For example, a furniture item, another seed, and even some houses can be ‘likes’.
A ‘dislike’ decreases your plants growth speed.
These can be anything from a furniture item, another seed or a specific house.
A ‘need’ is something your plant needs to prevent it from dying.
These include water, sunlight, music, magic, pollination and pest control.

Beginners Tips

There are many little things I wish I knew when I started gardening. Knowing these will make your life easier, so let’s have a look.

House:  Some houses provide an immediate Like to plants. The current houses to offer this benefit are the Red Barn Farm and the Botanical Gardens.  


Energy:  Do not try to plant a large garden without energy gear. Large gardens drain a ton of energy, and you’re going to need all you can get.

Liked plants can be dead:  This is a weird one. A plant that you use only as another plants “Like” doesn’t need to be alive to give the “Like” benefit.

What to Start With

At Level 1 your primary goal should be to advance in gardening levels as fast as possible. This is so you can start having bigger gardens and using better seeds.
An easy to grow Level one seed that gives 3000 XP at elder is Key Lime. Key Limes also drop gold and Shocked Keys. They have easy to meet likes, such as a Water-Mole Statue and a Tropical Garden Gnome to help them grow faster. Key Limes are my first choice for any new gardener.
I hope you find this guide helpful. Now take your new found gardening knowledge into the Spiral and sow some adventure!

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