Visionary Life Guide to 100% Critical and Max Damage

Note: This guide is created for level 130 life wizards and requires a pet with 2.0 (max stats) to be successful.

Life School

The Life school is a beautiful school. It’s one of the few schools that can do everything whether it’s tanking, healing, or hitting. Because of this there are many strategies that a max-level Life Wizard can choose for both PvP and PvE.

This article will focus on the 100% critical gear strategy! I will help you achieve the max amount of damage while still keeping 100% critical. This strategy is popular with Life wizards since it guarantees strong heals without giving up damage.

What You’ll Need

For the best setup, here is the gear you’ll need:

Hat: Lively Paradox Conical – 134

Boots: Lively Paradox Boots – 112

Wand: Tormentor’s Skullsplitter – 181

Ring: Lively Paradox Ring – 89 (+18 Jewel)

Athame: Dark Woman’s Dagger – (+18 and +18 Jewel)

Deck: Paradox Deck – 49

Amulet: Spirit of Darkmoor’s Jewel – 35

Robe: Ornate Light Brigade Armor – 91

Pet: A quint-critical pet – 112.32 (with life-giver and life-bringer damage talents)

Total: Damage 120% – Critical 857 (100%)
That’s a good amount of damage for running 100% critical as a Life. Here’s a breakdown of all the gear and its stats:


Possible Alternative Gear

Note that the gear listed above totals 857 critical, and you only need to reach 838 critical to get 100%. If you can’t get the perfect max critical and damage, it’s okay! There is room for other gear to replace some of the pieces above. Here are a few I recommend.
Hat: Krokopatra’s Vigor Fez
Boots: Cabalist Stompers of the First
Amulet: Jewel of the Shadow Web (Gives +45% blade)
Athame: Spirit of Darkmoor’s Thorn
Robe: Undying Malistaire’s Tunic
Deck: Rasputin’s Deck of Fortitude
Ring: Mithraya Vivid Seal
Remember, choosing one of these over the “best” gear means you lose other stats, like damage, health, power pip chance, resist, etc…

Things You Can’t Go Without

Quint-critical pet

– Tormentor’s Skullsplitter

You can’t get around these essentials. You can replace a few pieces of gear and still get 100% critical, but not these two. They’re vital to the guide (hah, puns!). Unfortunately, the only thing that will be difficult to get is these two pieces. One is from a seasonal pack while the other requires patience and hatching skill.
I hope this guide helps some fellow life wizards create the perfect gear set! Let us know what pieces you choose in the comments below!

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Death Guide to 100% Critical

This guide is for level 130 death wizards and may require a 2.0 pet

Death School

The Death school can be deadly in the arena. It’s a school that specializes in draining the enemy’s health while regaining it’s own. The death school is opposite to the life school, but their purpose is almost the same. Because they can both attack and heal at the same time, death spells deal less damage than other schools. Luckily, with the right strategy, a death wizard can become essential to any team.
This article will focus on one gear strategy in Wizard101, the 100% critical set. The greatest amount of damage that can run while still obtaining 100% critical will be in the gear guide. This strategy is popular with Death wizards because a critical drain attack will hit hard and heal at the same time.

What You’ll Need

For the best setup, here is the gear you’ll need:

Hat: Deathly Paradox Conical – 137
Boots: Deathly Paradox Boots – 114
Wand: Tormentor’s Shredder – 195
Ring: Deathly Paradox Ring – 91 (+18 Jewel)
Athame: Mercy of Shadow and Light – (+18 and +18 Jewel)
Deck: Deathly Paradox Deck – 50
Amulet: Death Seeker’s Talisman – 35
Robe: Baleful Light Brigade Armor – 100
Pet: A double-critical pet – 63.21
Total Damage 130% – Critical 839 (100%)
This is the most damage a Death wizard can have while maintaining 100% critical.

Alternative Gear

Since the Death school only needs two critical talents on a pet to reach 100%, you don’t need this exact set to reach full critical! This means you could choose gear with lower critical and higher resistance/health. All you need to do is replace the missing critical with a triple or quint-critical pet. Note that the above gear goes to 839 critical, but you need to reach 838 critical to be 100%.

Here’s some possible alternative gear to consider
Hat: Krokopatra’s Oblivion Fez
Boots: Cabalist Stompers of the Finality
Amulet: Shadow Queen’s Grace (Gives +45% blade)
Athame: Lord of Death’s Razor
Robe: Death Lord’s Cloak of Woe
Deck: Rasputin’s Wicked Hand
Ring: Ghost Dog’s Dire Loop
Remember, Using these alternatives means you lose other stats, like damage, health, power pip chance, resistance, etc.

Things You Can’t Go Without

A double-critical pet
 The Tormentor’s Shredder
Unfortunately, the Tormentor’s Shredder is a must-have for the highest damage and critical at the same time.
There are many excellent gear sets you can use as a Death wizard. This guide will help you unlock the true potential of Death school in attack. Thank you for reading it, let us know how this set up worked for you in the comments below.

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Visionary Fire 100% Critical and Max Damage Guide

This is a guide on achieving high damage and 100% critical for Fire school at Visionary, currently max level 130. It is possible for all the schools in the Spiral to attain 100% critical. However, when you boost a particular stat, you decrease others. With this critical and damage build you will sacrifice resist, pierce and power-pip chance.

Note: All pets must be 2.0 (or max stats) for this guide to be successful.

Fire School

Ah the school of fire. This is my main school and I use this build questing anywhere outside of Empyrea. With my guide, Fire school can get 157% damage and 100% critical. This is one of the highest critical builds in the game, second only to Storm. 

Advantages of the Fire School

One of the main advantages of fire school is the d.o.t.s. or, damage over-time spells. With this build, fire dots or other spells can wipe out mobs in a single turn. You will also have over 6k health with this gear set. This high health is a huge advantage over the storm school, which boasts higher damage.

What You’ll Need:

The gear you need:

Robe: Radiant Light Brigade Armor

Hat: Fiery Paradox Hat

Boots: Fiery Paradox Boots

Wand: Kapudan’s Boarding Hook

Pet: Quad critical Double damage pet

Athame: Edge of the Shadow Web (with two (2) +18 critical ruby jewels)

Ring: Fiery Paradox Ring (With one (1) +18 critical ruby jewel)

Amulet: Talisman of the Daystar

Mount: Fire Ghulture

Deck: Fiery Paradox Deck

Total Damage: 157% 
Total Critical: 839 (100%)

Gear Build



Alternative Gear for high damage and 100% critical

 This setup is the previous Max damage and 100% crit that fire could have gotten before the new Sinbad and the Iron Sultan gear. This gives you 149% critical and 100% critical. 

What you’ll need

The gear you need:

Robe: Radiant Light Brigade Armor

Hat: Fiery Paradox Hat

Boots: Fiery Paradox Boots

Wand: Jack Hallows wand

Pet: Quint damage critical pet

Athame: Edge of the Shadow Web (with two (2) +18 critical ruby jewels)

Ring: Mithraya’s Blazing Loop (With one (1) +18 critical ruby jewel)

Amulet: Talisman of the Daystar

Mount: Fire Ghulture

Deck: Fiery Paradox Deck

Total Damage: 149% 
Total Critical: 844 (100%)


Gear Guide For Fire


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Grand Tourney Arena Drops

The Grand Tourney Arena is a housing dungeon that comes with the Grand Tourney Bundle. The dungeon can be accessed through castle tours using a glitch. The drops mentioned in this guide will be for the highest tier.
There are 12 pieces of gear (3 sets; each with a hat, robe, boots, and wand) from the Hoard of the Hydra card pack that drop from this housing dungeon. There is an Energy Set, a Healing Set, and a (terrible) Offensive/Utility Set.

Offensive/Utility Set (World's Fool Set)

As I stated before, this set doesn’t really have much to offer. Aside from the wand (that will be mentioned later), each of the 3 pieces provide a decent amount of health and power pips, as well as universal accuracy, damage, and resist. They also each give a nice utility item card: Cooldown (1 Pip), Enfeeble (2 Pips), and Mana Burn (target loses 4 pips).

Regardless of what school you are or what role you play, I can only see this combination of stats being useful for a spammer or support at best.

Energy Set (Pixie's Encanta Set)

The level 100+ version of the Energy Set gives a total of +59 energy. (Hat, Robe, and Boots give 18/23/18. The wand in this set doesn’t actually give any energy bonus.)

Healing Set (Faerie Court Set)

The level 100+ Healing Set a great option if you don’t want to spend crowns to get healing gear from packs, especially for non-life wizards. The 4 pieces give a total of 56 incoming and 60 outgoing healing bonuses! With a decent ring and athame, that could easily total to 100/100 or more. In addition, it provides item card versions of Rebirth, Healing Current (2 pips), and two Guardian Spirits (Restores 20% hp).
*Note: Although the Mandolin of Evermore visually looks like it matches with the energy set, I listed it with the healing set because it has the best healing stats of all 3 wands.

The Wands from the other sets also give decent healing boosts, with similar critical block ratings and a different item card.

This dungeon also drops many snacks (including mega snacks) at a high rate. Here are some of the good snacks:

Rank 7

Rank 8 (Mega Snacks)

The gear’s drop rates are decent, and the dungeon is very easy with a full team. Good luck!

The Masteries of Wizard101

Greetings fellow wizards! In this article I will discuss the different type of masteries, where they are dropped and their usage in PvP/PvE.

What are Masteries?

Masteries are a subgroup of amulets that allow a wizard to use Power Pips with spells that are not of their own school.

This is what a mastery looks like.
This one is the Life School Amulet.

Where to Find Them

Any Level

Dropped from either Waterworks, located in Crab Alley, Wizard City, or from The Tower of The Helephant, located in Pegasus Place, Wysteria.  Both are avaliable to wizards at level 60 or higher.
It can also be bought from the Crowns shop for 9995 crowns

Level 90



Dropped by all 3 secret bosses in Aquila.
Mount Olympus – Gladiator Dimachaerus
Atlantea – Sand Squid Tentacle
Tartarus – Cronus

Level 100



Dropped by the hidden chest in the first part of Darkmoor. A gold key is required to gain access to the boss. Castle Darkmoor becomes available to wizards who reach level 100

Level 110




Dropped by Omen Stribog in the River of Frozen Tears in Polaris. A gold key is required.

Level 130




Can either be crafted from a recipe bought in Nimbus Recipe vendor Romar sells the recipe for 50,000 gold

Usage in PVE and PVP

Life: Mainly used because of the amount of healing spells it offers. Regenerate and Satyr are the most popular to save you which in battle either in PvP or PvE. 

Death: Mainly used with damage, life steal and healing spells. But its more commonly used to spam the enemies with plagues.

Myth: Mainly used to stun, using earthquake to remove all the enemies blades and shields or the use of shatter. 

Balance: Mainly used to spam Loremaster and Mana Burn in PvP, but also used when the wizard wants to be a support focused player.

Fire: Mainly used for damage over time hits (DOTs) which include Fire Elf and Burning Rampage. Also good for the Eirikur Axebreaker spell that comes from the ColdFire Dragon pet.

Ice: Mainly used for the shields that ice has to keep their damage low and you can use it to stun your enemies.

Storm: Use if you want to land high damage hits on your enemy or cast dispels.

What else are Masteries good for?

Masteries are not just used for PvP and PvE, they can also be used as part of a stitch. For example,  if you’re trying to make yourself look like a life wizard it looks cool to have the orbs flying around your wizard’s head.

To the right is an example of the Mastery Amulet stitched to a matching look.

You can use a mastery from another school to take care of some of the weaknesses that your main school has. For example, Storm wizards have low health so some Storm wizards might use a Life Mastery to get themselves out of any sticky situations. 

If you buy or farm for a Mastery Amulet, I hope this guide helps you to use it to your best advantage in game!


What are Jewels?

Jewels are items in the game that can be added–affixed–to equipment. (Athames, rings, amulets, decks, and even pets!) There are five different types of jewels–circle, triangle, square, tear, and star. Each different shape gives different boosts to stats.

Square jewels boost resistance, stun block, critical block, and incoming healing percent.

   (The square, tear, and triangle shape jewels.)

Triangle jewels boost shadow pip percent, power pip percent, accuracy, and can grant cards.

Tear jewels increase mana, health, energy, and fishing luck.

Circle jewels boost damage percent, critical chance percent, and outgoing healing percent.

Star jewels are equipped to pets, and can offer a multitude of different things; accuracy, cards, damage, resistance, and can even increase your gold obtaining rate. Star jewels can also boost your pet’s attributes. (Suffice to say, star jewels can give your wizard a handy little boost.)

(Know that jewels can boost specifics as well. A square jewel that is red will give you a boost in a fire resist. Jewels that are rainbow colored are the jewels that are universal–universal resist, universal damage, universal accuracy, etc.)


When you affix–socket–a jewel to an item, you must shatter–break–it to reopen that slot. When you shatter a jewel, the jewel will usually disappear. There are exceptions to this rule, so before you affix a jewel to a piece of equipment, double check that it is, in fact, shatter-proof.

You can carry up to a hundred jewels in your bag. They can be trashed and sold, but they cannot be auctioned. You can put jewels in a bank and the shared bank.

Obtaining Jewels

Like mostly everything in the game, jewels can be obtained be farming, buying off of vendors, or crafting. (You can even find jewels in fishing chests.) Some jewels can’t be bought, some can’t be crafted, some can’t be farmed. It’s annoying, but it’s life.

To craft jewels, you need two things: the recipe and the jewel crafting station. (Which is obtained from a quest at level 15.) All jewel recipes require three fundamental things: a type of metal, a type of gem, and a type of treasure card. What type of metal, type of gem, and what type of treasure card depends on the recipe, but that’s the blanket rule.

For example, the recipe for a random ice school jewel for levels 45-65. In the bottom left, the ingredients needed are listed. 15 sapphires, 4 bronze, and 4 ice spear treasure cards.

Farming for jewels works just as farming for any other type of equipment. Do your research before setting off. Buying jewels from a vendor is just like buying gear from a vendor.


This is a novice’s wrench.

Opening Sockets

Some items have sockets that have a lock over them. This means you must open the locked socket before you can affix anything to it. This requires an item: a wrench. Different items require different wrenches. If you don’t have the correct wrench, you can pay crowns to unlock the socket. Wrenches are traditionally dropped by bosses, but a variety of bosses drop different wrenches.

Affixing Jewels

Courtney, you say, I have the jewel I want to affix, but what do I affix it to? 

Great question, young grasshopper.

You affix jewels to gear you know you will be using. The better the jewel, the more you want to ensure that it will get used.

Just recently, I got my gear from Darkmoor. My ring, Band of the Chilling Light (dropped from Aphrodite, the gold skeleton key boss in the Graveyard) gives three sockets: a circle, a tear, and a square. Since I plan on using this equipment piece of a long time, I would choose to affix a good jewel, perhaps a universal resistance jewel, a health-boosting jewel, and a really good damage jewel.

The ring I used before I got this one was one I got in Zafaria. At level 66. I never replaced the ring because I had my best jewels affixed to it, and the rings I found later on never matched up to it.

When you’re a lower level, you switch gear a lot. When you’re level fifteen, there’s a good chance you’ll be using a different athame at thirty. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I highly recommend you do not use a level fifteen athame at level thirty. Don’t equip a rare/good jewel you just found to an athame you’ll use, perhaps, for five more levels. (This is a suggestion, not a requirement. What I’m trying to get at is to plan out how long you’re going to use a piece of equipment. It does no good to waste jewels you spent hours farming for.) 

Shattering Jewels

This is the downside. I mentioned it above, but for almost all jewels, when you affix them, to get rid of them you must shatter them. This breaks the jewel, and you can never get that jewel back. There are jewels that are shatter-proof, but there are more jewels that aren’t. Be very careful what jewels you choose to affix.


I was very fond of the +17 ice damage as well as the +32 fire resist. I also never really found a better ring, but that could have been me forgetting to double check my gear.

The process of affixing/shattering a jewel to an item


 Community Contributor Courtney PixieBreeze

Alternatives For Energy Gear

The level 120+ Snowdrifter’s Set have the best energy bonus, but what are some other options for those that don’t enjoy spending 3 million crowns on packs?

Farm Waterworks

(Crown Shop Price: 7995 Crowns)

Luska Charmspeak & Sylster Glowworm can drop this full set of level 55+ energy gear, as well as mastery amulets and Rank 9 mega snacks.

Farm Mirror Lake

(Crown Shop Price: 8995 Crowns)

This full set of level 70+ gear drops from various parts of the dungeon. The first battle (Tse-Tse Snaketail) drops the hat, the second battle (Elephant Spectral Guardian) drops the robe, and the fourth battle (Starburst Spiders) drop the boots. Additionally, this dungeon is guaranteed to drop two Rank 8 mega snacks every run.

Farm Grand Tourney Arena

(Hoard of the Hydra Pack Price: 399 each)
The Grand Tourney Arena is a housing dungeon, which can be done without a membership. The last two battles of this dungeon can drop all 3 pieces of the Pixie’s Encanta Set, originally from the Hoard of the Hydra pack.
While the level of the gear drops ranges from “Any Level” to “Level 100+” based on your level and the tier of the dungeon, it’s one of the best sets of energy gear available for all levels. The Level 50+ Set is better than the one from Waterworks, and the Level 70+ Set is better than the one from Mirror Lake.

This dungeon also drops other gear and and some nice snacks. For a complete list of drops, click here.

Farm Spiral Cup Gauntlet

The Spiral Cup Gauntlet is a housing dungeon that drops the Greenwarden’s Energetic Set, which can be acquired from the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack, but unlike the previous dungeon it only drops up to “Level 90+” gear.
If you compare the highest level energy gear from each of these dungeons, the Level 90+ Greenwarden’s Energetic Set is slightly more favorable with 1 more energy in the robe and the boots. Despite this, more people prefer to farm Grand Tourney Arena for the additional snacks and other drops.
The picture for the Level 90+ Version is currently missing.
(Wyvern’s Hoard Pack Price: 399 each)

Farm the Telegraph Boxes

(Wyvern's Hoard Pack Price: 399 each)

The 5 B.O.X.E.S Event, each of these dungeons drop the Greenwarden’s Energetic Set at a level corresponding to its world. The highest level available as a drop is the Level 80+ version of the set, which comes from the Avalon Telegraph Box

While the Spiral Cup Gauntlet does go up to Level 90+, the Telegraph Boxes allow you to use the “team up” feature which makes it easier to farm. It is known to have much higher drop rates, but it is a seasonal event that only comes a few times a year.

PvP Tournaments for Arena Tickets

(Total Cost: 900 Arena Tickets)
PvP tournaments are not the most practical option for everyone, but if you love PvP and fishing, they will be an excellent option for you. The Seafarer’s Set is the best energy gear for low-level wizards, and it gives a nice fishing luck bonus as well.

If you are a member, you can pay using gold to enter PvP Tournaments. Once you earn enough tickets, you can buy this gear from Brandon Mistborn, a vendor in Unicorn Way right outside of the Arena. Each Tournament can get you a minimum of 250 tickets, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Get a Ring & Athame that give Energy


At level 56+, Wintertusk has craftable rings and athames that give a little energy.

Recipe Vendor: Ingulf the Grower (Vestrilund)

At level 72+, you can buy rings with a similar energy bonus at the bazaar.
Bazaar Price: 10,500 gold
At level 76+, various Avalon bosses drop a ring that gives more energy and high damage.
The pictures of the other school rings are currently missing, but here are the names:
– Sir Corwin’s Ring (Myth)
– Sir Malroy’s Seal (Death)
– Nameless Ring (Balance)
– Brisk Circle of Nodor (Ice)
– Lady of the Lake’s Signet (Life)
– Deep Water Rising Ring (Storm)



At level 100+, the Gold Skeleton Key boss in Darkmoor (Aphrodite II) drops a ring, athame, and wand that give a high energy boost, Additionally, she rewards a +1 energy jewels for tear slots.

Get a Dapper Corgi Pet with Energy Talents

The pet itself gives +8 energy, and can give a maximum total of +53 energy with both energy talents and jewel.

Energy talents available:
• Energy: (Star Jewel only) +5
• Big Energy: (Star Jewel only) +10
• Huge Energy: (Star Jewel OR Pet Talent) +15
• Ultra Energy:(Star Jewel OR Pet Talent) +20
The pet talents will not stack with the same jewel. The ideal combination would be to have the “Ultra Energy” and “Huge Energy” talents with a “Big Energy” jewel, as the picture shows.

The Dapper Corgi pet is not available on the Hatchmaking Kiosk; however, the talents are easily obtained from there. For example, the Pixie Queen pet (there are 2 with the same name in the kiosk, I’m referring to the one that doesn’t give a Fairy item card) has many options on the Kiosk with both energy talents, as well as some other useful utility talents. The Unicorn pet is another great option. Once you get both of the energy talents from there, find a friend to hatch a Dapper Corgi with if you want the extra +8 energy.

As for the jewels, many bosses drop them. I got mine from farming Halfang Bristlecrown while farming for gold. He drops all 4 of the energy jewels, in addition to a vast selection of other jewels, so unless you already farm him often there are probably better options.

The Handsome Formori mobs in Dun Dara, Avalon are one of the best options because they are relatively easy to defeat, you can fight more than one at a time, and they do not drop many different types of jewels.

Know any other good ways to get some energy gear? Let me know down in the comments below, or send an email to us!

Level 5 Gear Guide

Gear choices can be a little bit confusing for a new Wizard sometimes. Here is a guide to help you understand your options and help your level 5 wizard be the best it can be.
For 585 gold your level 5 wizard can buy the helm, robe, and boots shown here from the Bazaar. You can see that the Helm gives 1% resist to all types of damage, and the robe and shoes combined will give a 2% boost to any type (or school) of damage. The athame and ring pictured here are the best commonly found choice available to finish off this set, providing your Wizard with a small health and mana boost. This set will improve your damage and resist a little bit. Enough to give you a small advantage as you quest through the first few areas of Wizard City.
In the crowns shop appearance tab, you can select and purchase individual crowns gear items. For 5,180 crowns you can purchase the set pictured below. This set is a popular choice for low level PvP as well as PvE. As you can see, you will gain a 3% accuracy boost, a 6% damage boost, and 12% resistance, all to any school. Additionally, you will start each battle or match with an extra pip and have a small chance of getting a power pip which counts for 2. This set will give you a significant, well-rounded advantage questing through all of Wizard City and into Krokotopia or set you up for victory in the Arena.
For 7500 crowns the Starter sets give any school a significant advantage that can easily carry you all the way to level 30 when you upgrade to Zeus gear. They each come with full clothing sets and a permanent mount.

For 7500 crowns the Starter sets give any school a significant damage and accuracy advantage that can easily carry you all the way to Mount Olympus when you upgrade to Zeus gear. It is not as well rounded as the previous set as it offers no universal resist, and you will have to part with that extra pip at the start of the round. In return, you get an extreme damage and accuracy boost that is likely to make you one of the most overpowered wizards in the next few worlds.  Each set includes a full clothing set and a permanent mount making it a pretty good value for wizards that want to not have to worry about gear while they quest through from here to level 30.

Opening a few packs is a fun option and can give you a small advantage gear wise if you get lucky. The Important thing when using pack gear is to use the gears that match your school for best advantage. The hat and robe seen here will give a good advantage to fire wizards, while the boots will provide support for death.
With any of these sets your Wizard will have an easier time in Wizard City and in some cases far beyond. Good gear makes every battle faster and easier, so it is worth investing the time to make your level 5 wizard the best it can be.